Saturday, April 11, 2015

That Sweet Spot 3

Lorenzo was very prompt. He obviously was in dire need, Luke thought to himself.

"Remember your promise. No more texts after this."

"Yes po. No more texts."

"Don't text me. I'll text you."

"Yes, Sir" he mumbled as he took of his shirt and jeans. Luke took off all his clothes and laid down on his bed, on his belly. Lorenzo immediately got started with the Shiatsu part, the dry-pressing and kneading and the stretches. Luke liked the way he placed all his weight on his hands as he pressed the lower back. That has always been causing some problem.

As he would do this, Luke would feel Lorenzo's crotch gently brushing against his buttocks. That excited him, though there wasn't much of a bulge to feel at that point. He allowed himself to feel each and every touch and stroke. He already knew what to expect anyway in the end - the jerk-off. And he was doing this as a favor.

Yes, as a favor. He wasn't in much mood. And he really wanted to space his massages. A massage ain't exactly cheap. But if this would stop Lorenzo from insistent texting, then this is what he must do.

He wasn't falling asleep. So he decided to talk to Lorenzo during the massage.

"You know, you shouldn't be so insistent. That turns clients off."

"I'm sorry po."

"I want to refer you to my friends. But if you're going to pester them the way you do to me, I will lose my friends."

"You start out with 'How are you?', as if you are really asking how I am. When all you want to ask is if I want a massage. Insincere and misleading."

"I'm not being insincere, Sir. I am asking how you are."

"But you still end with your punchline - Massage tonight, Sir?"

"Well, just in case you might consider having one."

"Everyday? And so soon after we've had a session?"

"Sorry po."

"Anyway, keep that in mind for your other clients. No one wants 'makulit.' We have other things to do than be bothered by text messages."

"Yes, Sir."

"Besides, you promised that this is the last, ok?"

"Yes, Sir. I promise."

The massage was the same. The routine is pretty standard. The kneading is fast but firm. Soon, Luke was drifting on and off sleep. Lorenzo woke him up to turn him over.

He got the towel and wiped Luke's chest and groin area. He looked at him before proceeding to licking his nipples. The slow, wet darting tongue has not worked its wonders on his cock. Lorenzo cupped his genitals and started to massage his limp penis. The blood started to pump into his member as Lorenzo licked down to his navel, alternating light kisses, warm blows and licks.

Then the unexpected. Lorenzo started licking his now-erect cock on the shaft. Luke opened his eyes to check if this was really happening. Lorenzo had his eyes closed as he licked the length of his dick. Then Luke felt the warm, wet mouth on the head. He started sucking his cock at the head first. Before trying to swallow more of the dick. In between he would stop and wipe the saliva off the penis with the towel. He must feel icky if it gets too wet.

Luke closed his eyes and enjoyed the blowjob. He loved blowjobs. He loved the way the mouth slides along his shaft, the tighter the better. He enjoyed the vacuum of an expert mouth sucking on the head. And in between, an agile tongue swirling underneath.

Lorenzo wasn't so good. But he didn't expect him to be. He was already pleasantly surprised that he even went down on him. A thought distracted him "Hmm. Would he expect a bonus for giving head? He shouldn't. It wasn't discussed. No, I won't give him extra. A deal's a deal."

Lorenzo pulled back and was kneeling by his side, jerking off Luke's cock. He stopped and took of his boxer briefs. Luke started to play with the cock, still flaccid. That was fine for Luke. Lorenzo moved his hips closer to Luke's lips. Then he started to give him a blowjob. With some effort, the cock started to respond. And Luke felt the dick fill up his mouth to capacity. Ah yes, that grower tool of Lorenzo. He looked up to see Lorenzo with eyes closed, still giving him the hand job.

Then Lorenzo moved to the 69. Another unexpected move. Luke was careful not to gag on the now fully erect cock that could be blocking his airways.

He was always reminded of the Yin and Yang symbol when he was in this position. He even gets philosophical. The closed circle of pleasure going from his body to the other. Big head to little head. Round and round the sensation goes.

Lorenzo then straightened up and then lied down beside him. He looked at him, looked at him intently. Luke opened his eyes and met his gaze. His gentle eyes were telling him something. It was a sweet 'thank you'. He then started kissing Luke, first gently with light kisses. Then it became passionate, with their tongues twisting and turning.

Luke pulled him closer, feeling the shared intimacy beyond the transaction. Meanwhile, Lorenzo was still jacking him off. And he was getting too close to climax. He would pull Lorenzo's hand away. Lorenzo jerked himself off as he continued to kiss Luke.

He straightened up, on his knees beside Luke.

"Where do you want me to come?"

"On my chest"

Luke looked at Lorenzo furiously masturbating, eyes closed this time, with one hand on pressing his balls Luke's hand started to feel the smooth butt and thighs, before exploring his asshole. Lorenzo didn't flinch.

Without any sound, just massive convulsions of his body, Lorenzo poured thick cum on Luke's chest. He squeezed his cock before laying beside Luke to finish him off.

He dripped saliva on Luke's cock and jacked him off. He looked at his eyes. That intimacy, that tenderness passed between them again as he was masturbating him. Luke looked at him and held his body close to his body, tight. Lorenzo closed his eyes as he began kissing him, with an open mouth, a darting tongue.

In no time, Luke was squirting his man-juice all over his torso. Waves of pleasure washed over him. He opened his eyes to see where he cum went to. Lorenzo was still holding his cock as he met his gaze.

"You look like you haven't done this in a while." He smiled.

Well, maybe.

He got the towel and wiped the semen off his chest. Luke got up and asked permission to take a shower. He left him there, heart still beating fast, a towel on his torso, wet and sticky. He suddenly felt the cold air.

After a while, Lorenzo came back and put on his boxer briefs. Luke sat up.

"No more texts, ok?"

"Yes, Sir. Didn't you enjoy?"

"I did, Lorenzo. But I can't have you bothering me all the time."

"I'm sorry, Sir. I was just really needing cash."

"You're ok. Your massage is good. And you have a good package altogether. Which is why you are the only therapist I recommend."

Lorenzo just looked at him.

"But I need variety, ok? I'll text you, don't text me."

"Yes, Sir." Lorenzo finished dressing up. Luke handed him the payment as he left. Lorenzo had that look on his face, a sad, dejected look.

After a few minutes, a text message from Lorenzo.

"This is the last, Sir. Salamat for this. Big help. You're really nice. Sorry if I was too makulit. But you're really different from the rest of my clients."

Luke read the message and dismissed it as just another grateful message. At last the texts will stop. He put the phone on silent mode and went to sleep.

A final message came as he slept.

"Thanks again. You are special to me. I don't say this to other clients. Take care."


Anonymous said...

Luke was such a bitchy client anyway. Lorenzo is well rid of

Simon said...

Awh. I want more stories to read naman :) :) Cant wait for the next sequel if meron