Friday, August 19, 2016


The year and a half of being single about 6 years ago had me indulging in my masahe past time, both spas and home service. I would frequent this "legit" spa along Quezon Ave. usually after a Sunday afternoon run in UP. I call it 'legit' because that establishment explicitly bars their therapists from providing ES. And for the most part, the therapists do comply.

But still, their style of massage would always include a sensual groin or anal 'pass' or lingering touch. That would always excite me but leave me high and dry. Eventually, I encountered one who was 'creative' and courageous enough to provide an almost hand job. Sorry, I cannot describe it in words. Though still wanting, he was good looking enough for me to come back for seconds.

There was this spa near the airport, South Bay City Spa, which was also 'legit'. But their boys were a lot more 'non-compliant'. Even in common rooms, they manage to give their guests hand jobs. But if you get the exclusive treatment rooms, it becomes free-for-all.

I recall Jobert specifically. He was quite 'malambing' with a nice smile. There were even light kisses on your lips as he massaged your head. He was quite participatory, giving and receiving head to clients he likes. I liked that I felt he was attracted to me. That feeling always adds to the pleasure. And those kisses still linger in my mind.

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benedict mary ambos said...

Your words seem not vulgar but it is very suggestive of an orgasmic sense of feeling. I like how you write your article. Though it was so bitin. I want more.

The Ordinary Life of Jopet said...

i forgot to greet you a happy 50th! enjoy sir!

closet case said...

Thanks for the kind words, benedict. More to cum...

Thanks for the greet, Jopet!

Seth said...

I managed to visit Southbay only once and it was quite uneventful for me. I checked Google now and they have closed down and a different company is running the place.