Monday, January 22, 2024


We turned 11 today.  Not exactly a milestone year, right? But last year’s celebration was not exactly as we wanted it. We still spent it here in Boracay. But we both fell ill during the trip! First it was me and a very upset stomach. Then it was him feeling weak and feverish. 

I blame it on the first-day indulgence of what we miss in Boracay: Bar Lo’s 4-cheese pizza, oyster sisig, then coffee and dessert at Sunny Side. That wreaked havoc on my already-weak digestive tract! I was just in bed for 2 days. Then as I was recovering, c3 started feeling bad. And we weren’t happy with the amenities and the service of the hotel we stayed at. 

But this stay is shorter but sweeter. It was cut short since he had to fly back for work. Yet we maximized the time and had our great sunsets. We got to eat good food (Dos Mestizos, Hain at The Henry, Sunny Side, of course). And we sampled the night life of Om Bar and Rewind Bar (even if I don’t drink alcohol anymore).

11 years. Quite a feat. The relationship has evolved much, adjusting to our own life (and body) changes. I’m a lot older, nearing retirement, and now feeling so many aches and pains associated with aging. He has undergone (and continues to undergo) vision challenges. And I am happy to be here for him. 

We need to surpass 11 years, just to break the KathNiel record. LOL

Here’s to the next 11. 

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