Monday, May 17, 2021

#LF Personal MD

I grew up with my own Family MD, my dad. It would be him first to assess when I feel infirmed. Then he would eventually refer us to his specialist friends should there be a need. 

That’s the ideal situation for me. A personal/family MD who knows your medical history intimately. S/he is kept abreast with your health situation. And would be available for quick consults. And no more filling up of long patient information sheets every visit. Should there be need to refer to specialists, s/he makes recommendation and even apprises the specialist of your case.

My detailed thoughts on this…
- GP/Family Med training, willing to accept me as a patient 
- willing to review, discuss and store my health history
- male, younger than me would be ok
- clinic within my city of residence
- HMO-accreditation NOT a requirement (I propose a personal compensation arrangement).
- hospital affiliations that are accredited by most HMOs 
- tech-savvy enough (electronic health records, e-consults)
- fitness and nutrition enthusiast
- responsive and available for quick e-consults (compensation arrangement to be discussed)
- can issue medical certificates upon request 

I wonder, would this be possible? Would there be physician out there willing and able and fitting the profile? 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Buhay Pandemia: Pagkaing Halaman

Started plant-based dieting. In February, my blood chem showed elevated LDL and even uric acid. That puzzled me as I’ve been confining my meat to chicken breast 70% of the time. And I noticed how my weight has not been going down to desirable levels. 

Implementing the shift was quite easy. I have a sister and her family who have been vegan for many years now. She has done much research into it. And there are more food choices than ever before.  I also reached out to two friends for tips.  Besides, I’m plant-based only as I still eat eggs and dairy products.

Best is that I have a supportive sister (another Ate) who manages our household. She herself would do the research and order stuff online. And she instructs the cook on how to prepare. The cook has been experimenting with home-cooked meals using tofu, soy-based protein sources, mushroom-based or even textured vegetable protein. 

Some Hits: Estofado, Pochero, Adobo, Eggplant parmigiana (picture) Miss: Sweet & Sour Tofu. 

Another peculiarity: I still count calories and avoid starchy carbs. Yup, no rice, bread, noodles (or very limited). Lots of vegetables, fruits. And as I still workout heavily (another post), I have vegan-based protein supplement and I load up on Vit B, esp B12. 

3 weeks into this and I have lost 3 lbs. Still off target weight but the trajectory is encouraging. Not missing meat... yet. Despite mealtimes with the family where there is still meat on the table. 

Eager to have my blood chem next month to see how the diet has affected the values.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

I Have A Tale To Tell

Only a Madonna fan would get that reference. LOL. I finally got to tell that tale on a different medium - video this time.

Last year’s lockdown brought about the flowering of Pinoy BL (de-flowering of the public!) And there seems to be no stopping it. Until now, I still see new series coming out. Yes, perhaps not with a viewer or fanbase of GSP or Gameboys, but perhaps enough for the genre to continue till now.

Around quarter 3 last year, I became really curious about the investment needed for something like this. I reached out to my friend who happens to have his own production and streaming portal for gay-themed movies and series ( Entry costs into this are much lower now, thanks to technology advancements. He encouraged me to develop a storyline or concept. He would help me bring it to life.

In a fit of inspiration on a workday early morning, I emailed him my idea for a story. He liked it and said it had potential. Quickly he picked out a director whom I could work with. And we were suddenly chatting and discussing details!

I had to put this on hold during Ghost Month. And when that was over, I was eager to jumpstart. 

Wow. So many learnings on my virgin foray into producing an online web mini-series. Blame it on my shoestring budget and my need for micromanagement. Haha. But I was happy to be very involved, every step of the way: developing the storyline, picking out the talents, developing the script and preparing the location, etc. 

Shooting finally happened 1st week of January 2021. And not after all cast and crew had to undergo swab tests. The director was able to cram all the shooting within the limited budget-days. He was just amazing. And he brought in top-notch crew and equipment, starting with the DOP (director of photography). And through them, I learned of this wonderful original song that ultimately became OST.

Though it was a whirlwind of activity during those shooting days, I still had to pinch myself repeatedly that this was actually HAPPENING!

The series premiered on my birthday in February. A teaser came out the week before. Episode 2 broke 3rd week of March. Yes, all that was planned as the ultimate 55th birthday gift to myself. 

The passion project has opened to good feedback / reactions, I believe. (Including the OST!) And I just have to thank the Lord for willing this to happen. And blessing the wonderful cast and crew, publisher and his team for their time and talent, and even c3 and my family for being so supportive.

Episodes 1 and 2 streaming for Free over at . Just create a Free account and you are good to go. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021


I want to celebrate each milestone from the time I turned golden. @50 I had a recital in front of friends and family. Yes, I had to subject my poor guests to an hour of my singing. But they would be rewarded with food after. LOL. I chose a place that would have me singing to a sunset. Everything was carefully planned. Alas, there was heavy rain on that day. And the rainclouds obscured the sunset. Guests had no other view but me and my singing. Hahaha

A few months back, and as the pandemic restrictions eased a bit, I was planning a different celebration as I approached 55. It was supposed to be a retro dance party, thinking that by this time, people will be allowed to gather again. But around November, it seemed clear that restrictions would remain. Thankfully, I hadn’t made any major plans yet.

I celebrated @55 visiting a major investment I made back in 2017. Back then, before the Zambales property came about, I was already looking at a beach-side property with a sunset view. But I initially wanted a condo property. I was influenced by a previous boss who had a Tagaytay condo, rather than a house & lot. Ease of maintenance as a concern mainly.

I was googling “Condo by the beach”. Google answered back with this property investment in Camaya Coast. I didn’t realize that they were also selling condo properties. So a quick message that same night and I was chatting with a property consultant. 

That weekend, c3 and I were on our way for an ocular when we hit a flat tire! Was this a sign that I shouldn’t? Hahaha But I still did, anyway. I was shown this only-available unit, sea-facing. Checking the compass, it was angled properly on a hilltop. But the view would be hindered by trees. I actually requested the brokers to cut the branches before I signed off! And upon my next visit, they actually did.

Fast forward to present day. I was finally able to go back and visit the place. c3 and I stayed at the unit. And that was the view of the sunset from the balcony. Yes, the tree is fully grown. So my sunset view has been interestingly shadowed by the branches. 

It was a good milestone celebration for me.

I look back and realize that, @55, I am in a very comfortable place. I would like to think that I have enough options to be ready to retire. I have ticked off a lot of boxes in my bucket list. And I have only the Lord God to thank for it, for willing that all this happen.

I look forward to ticking off a few more. My body composition remains a (tiresome) work in progress. Travel to just a few more places. Maybe get that other degree while teaching again. 

I am working on some more real estate projects. And this is something I never planned, real estate, I mean. But I was just open to opportunities that came my way. I am glad that the projects are works-in-process. I’ll chronicle these perhaps. 

But the real gift to myself is being able to tell a tale, a story and see it come to life as a web series. I will reserve that for my next post! ;-)

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Buhay Pandemia: Bantay sa Ospital

Watching over c3 in the hospital. He is sleeping soundly now. He wasn’t feeling too well after that 3rd session of plasma exchange. He’s been in the hospital since Jan 19. He had to be confined as his vision deteriorated quite abruptly. He needed 5 days of steroids thru IV. After that, he decided to push thru with this plasma exchange. It would make him stay longer as the procedure needed about 5 sessions, with one day rest in between.

I didn’t want him to go thru this plasma exchange at this time. The procedure, though quite routine, still carried risks. Also, I didn’t want him to stay in the hospital longer. I was too scared of this new strain of COVID. I was scared for him and for myself. 

But I understand why he wanted to. He might not be able to muster the courage to go back to the hospital. And the doctor believes this is the best option available, with less risk and cost. 

It’s Day 11 in the hospital. The procedure wasn’t without some scare. He had to battle a local infection. He still has dizzy spells that make him weak. Two more sessions, 4 more days, at least.

Thank God that He brought c3 a personal assistant at this time, one who is able to stay with him throughout. But I try to visit him as much as my work schedule will allow. It doesn’t help that work has been stressful at the start of the year. 

I had a mini breakdown last Wednesday, as his fever wasn’t going away and work was going bad, and even my workout stalled. I cried a bit, feeling so helpless and frustrated. My spirit is breaking. But after that episode, I picked myself and put on my game face. 

Yeah. Roll with the punches for a while then get your grounding. One day at a time, Cee Sy.

Friday, January 22, 2021

New PR

We broke a record today. Eight years and counting. Longest surviving relationship. HAHA. C3 and I have surpassed all of our previous long relationships. And in our culture of achievement obsession, this certainly feels like one. 

In Sickness and In Health. Pandemic downscaled our plans for celebration this year. But a lingering health issue surfaced that changed all that. Never mind. We will still celebrate whether in a plush resort or in a private room in a hospital.

Cheers! *Clicks plastic cups