Monday, May 17, 2021

#LF Personal MD

I grew up with my own Family MD, my dad. It would be him first to assess when I feel infirmed. Then he would eventually refer us to his specialist friends should there be a need. 

That’s the ideal situation for me. A personal/family MD who knows your medical history intimately. S/he is kept abreast with your health situation. And would be available for quick consults. And no more filling up of long patient information sheets every visit. Should there be need to refer to specialists, s/he makes recommendation and even apprises the specialist of your case.

My detailed thoughts on this…
- GP/Family Med training, willing to accept me as a patient 
- willing to review, discuss and store my health history
- male, younger than me would be ok
- clinic within my city of residence
- HMO-accreditation NOT a requirement (I propose a personal compensation arrangement).
- hospital affiliations that are accredited by most HMOs 
- tech-savvy enough (electronic health records, e-consults)
- fitness and nutrition enthusiast
- responsive and available for quick e-consults (compensation arrangement to be discussed)
- can issue medical certificates upon request 

I wonder, would this be possible? Would there be physician out there willing and able and fitting the profile? 

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