Sunday, April 16, 2017

Typhoon Tryst 3

I didn't realize that I never posted this third and last part until I was going over my notes. This was almost three years ago. I just had to put a period to the story. CC

The wind was still howling outside. And from the 19th floor, it seemed like the Apocalypse, with the dark clouds and the heavy pounding rain. Luke glanced at his watch. It was just half past five.

He pulled back from the hug and asked Gabe: “You don’t cuddle with Freddie anymore?”

Gabe sighed heavily. “There are a lot of things we don’t do anymore.”


“We haven’t had sex for years. Though for a while, we were still intimate, save for the actual sex. But now, even that is gone.” Gabe said ruefully.

“Why don’t you start it? Why don’t you just hug him? Or kiss him?”

“We still kiss. We kiss when we leave in the morning. Or before we sleep. Hmm. I don’t know if you could call it kissing. Maybe more like beso.” He imitated the kind of kiss between the Titas of Manila. He laughed out loud. 

“But you know that it’s more of the habit, than … you know.”

“What happened? Why did the sex stop?”

“We’re both bottoms.” Luke laughed hearing this.

“Wasn’t that something you should have found out early?”

“Well the first year or two, we both tried being versa. And it was ok. But I guess, after a while, the preference still comes out.”

“Oh. But there are other things that bind you.”

“Yeah. That’s why we are still together. Freddie’s a really nice guy, very caring. We had fun times.”


‘Many things have stopped.”

Luke hugged Gabe tight. “Sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay. We still stay together because, well, it’s convenient.” But Gabe caught himself. “No, we stay together because we still love one another.” 

Luke just started at him, not knowing what to say.

“So, I guess Freddie is fine with… this?” Luke pointing to both of them.

Freddie became defensive. “Getting judgmental, aren’t we?”

“Sorry. I was just trying to… rationalize.”

“Well, it is true. I get by on this. My ‘needs’ are satisfied this way.”

“I can’t imagine being in a relationship and not being intimate, or having sex.”

“I didn’t either. But look at me now. I look at this as trade offs.”

“So you think Freddie wouldn’t mind these occasional sidelines?”

“I hope he doesn’t. I’m pretty sure he has his, too. I’ve caught him once. Or twice.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I was no saint either. But a bottom needs a top. And we got to get that from somewhere.”

“True. Why don’t you just be honest and declare it open?”

“What for?”

“So there’s no deception. No lying.”

“Wouldn’t work for us. Putting it out there, just putting that label ‘open’ totally changes the relationship.”

“Of course it does. It makes it honest.”

“But is that honesty really good for the relationship? I have thought of that. I may have even broached it once or twice. But in the end, I couldn’t push through with it.”

“Why? You’re comfortable lying to one another?”

“It’s not that”” Gabe snapped. “Jeesh. There you go again being all judgmental. Dude you just FUCKED me, okay? You are no innocent bystander here.” Gabe got up and looked for his briefs in the dark. He was pissed.

Luke reached out to touch his arm. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to judge. It’s just that it can get tiring.”

“Or it can get fun. Come on, Luke. Didn’t we have fun? I can go home now and play wifey to Freddie, all loving and sweet. And I would mean it. You now why? Because, this (pointing to both of them) is just FUCKING SEX. This doesn’t mean anything beyond FUCK, I’M COMING. Get it?” 

In the darkness, Luke could feel Gabe’s anger.  Gabe quickly pulled his shirt over. 

“Good grief. It’s almost 6. And it’s still fucking raining.” He was groping trying to tie his sneakers.

Luke had put on his briefs and slowsly walked over to Gabe.

“Hey. I’m sorry. Seriously. I didn’t mean it that way. I just talk to much.”

“You’re darn right about that.” Gabe muttered. 

Luke pulled Gabe’s face towards him and looked into his eyes. “I am sorry.”

Then he kissed him on the lips lightly. Light kisses on his lips, then his nose, then is forehead. He could feel Gabe’s tension slowly easing. He stood up and lifted Gabe up with him. He continued to kiss him, more passionately this time. Then he whispered.

“You know how sexy you look when you’re pissed? It is so fucking hot.”

Gabe had his eyes closed as Luke started to wet his ear with his tongue. Luke’s tongue was darting in an out of his ear, licking the lobe, biting a bit. Gabe started to moan.

Luke’s free hand started to rub Gabe’s crotch. It was hard again. And he felt his own cock stiffen up. He licked down Gabe’s neck. He pulled his shirt up and went stratight to his nipples. Biting and sucking and licking. All the while freeing Gabe’s cock from his undies and pants and tugging at it furiously. Then he knelt in front of him and slowly licked the tip of his cock, gently playing with the head ever so gently. He took his cock in, inch by inch, making sure to feel each vein with his lips. He almost gagged when he got to the base. But when he recovered quickyly, he was able to even let his tongue tighten up against Gabe’s fully erect cock. Then he pulled out and started sucking that cock.

Gabe had both his hands on Luke’s head, thrusting his dick all the way inside his throat. Luke’s finger made its way to the warm asshole, still wet, still hot and hairy. He thrust it inside and heard Gabe grunt with pleasure. He was sucking Gabe hard and fucking him with his finger.

He pulled out, stood up and made Gabe bend over to expose the hairy buns. He couldn’t find the lube nor the rubber anymore. He so wanted to fuck him again but the voice inside just kept saying no. He decided to just dry-mount him, gliding his stiff cock up and down the cheeks of Gabe’s butt or down the inguinal area.

“Fuck me, Luke. Put it inside.” Gabe whispered as he was jerking himself off.

“Can’t find the rubber. the lube.” 

“Fuck that, Luke. Spit and just fuck me.” Gabe said urgently. “Please!”

He spat on his cock and on Gabe’s ass hole. He thrust his cock inside him.

“Owww” Gabe let out a scream, both of pain and pleasure.

Luke pumped him hard, rode him like a bull. 

“Oh shit! Oh Shit! Fuck!” Gabe came as Luke pulled out.

Luke jerked his cock until he came, spewing more jism on Gabe’s back.

They had to recline in the sofa in exhaustion, all spent. They looked at the window and saw that it was evening now, still no electricity. Both of them panicked.

“Shit. We gotta get out of here.” Luke exclaimed as he pulled his pants up. Never mind that he didn’t wash up anymore. 

Gabe managed to wipe his back and ass of Luke’s come before putting up his pants and wearing his shirt again. 

They managed to find their wallets and keys and made their way out of the condo. Thankfully, the stairwell had windows so they managed to see where they were going as they went down.

They were silent as they waited for the jeep.

“Hungry?” Luke asked Gabe.

“Yeah. But what’s open at this time?”

“There’s a convenience store in the next corner.”

“I shouldn’t” Gabe shaked his head. “Freddie must be worried by this time.”

“Sure. Of course. Next time.” Luke mumbled.

Gabe didn’t answer. He pretended not to hear. He looked at the well-lit 7-11 as the jeep passed. It was jolt of light in the darkness. He needed that.