Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cc quickie: I fear for his life

Making the headlines in all media last week were Papa Francis' (Pope Francis) quotable quotes on the Catholic Church and homosexuality, women, and even abortion! There are ongoing analyses of the ramifications of such pronouncements. And even our dear CBCP are probably huddled together trying to make sense of it all, in the midst of their archaic positions on many issues.
I embrace him and send him all my love. But I fear for his life. Seriously. There are major, major (yes, Venus) interests that are riding on preserving the conservative status quo. And as Dan Brown-ish as this may sound, those organizations are not above anything to protect their interests.
I feel that all of this he is aware of. And it may even be some sort of suicide mission of his, if only to prove a point. Morbid? Conspiracy theory much? I hope am being just too praning.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

cc quickie: Hey Raiders! Crowdthink!

I received an email seeking some advice. Mr A is a foreigner, late 30's, who has visited the Philippines regularly for the past 5 years. He fell in love with a Pinoy and discovered how much "more fun" it is in the Republic of Filipinas. (I still feel uncomfortable with that as our official name!). Sadly, that Pinoy broke his heart. And as he has moved on, he would still love to meet, and fall in love, with a Pinoy. He is still based abroad though. But he is open to possibilities "with the right person".

What advice would you give to him on how to meet 'proper' Pinoys online? I emphasize 'proper' because Planet Romeo seems to offer up to him only Pinoys interested in some financial relationship. That was truly sad to hear.

So guys, crowdthink! What do you think?

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

cc quickie: 4 hours in a hospital room

I am playing Carediva role to my father, as he recovers from his major operation. He has been wheeled in from the recovery room 4 hours back. And I haven't left the room since.

It's difficult seeing him wince in pain, a pain he registers at the top of the scale. The anesthesia and analgesics have worn off. But I show a brave face, I brush his hair as he moves a bit in pain.

The male nurse looks cute. But protocol dictates that he wears his facemask the entire time. It makes me wonder how he really looks. And how I could get him to remove it. Yes, I am that bored.

I tried reading his book to him, my dad, I mean. LOL. But a few pages into it made me tired. Age, I suppose.

My mom will relieve me in a while. And I probably wont get to see cutie male nurse anymore. And I also wont care.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Me and Me2 Post script

C3 (partner) surprised me last weekend. He barely touched his phone the entire two nights and three days we spent together. He was sincerely apologetic for his phone behavior, after reading the blogpost. And he quickly mended his ways, making sure that his attention was focused on me the entire time. It got uncomfortable, for a while. Hahaha. I have to admit that I also felt I wanted to check my online life from time to time. But I welcomed the effort. Can't help lovin' the guy.

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cc quickie: Diet Discipline

I'm on Day 10 of the diet. I think this is the most consistent I have ever been sticking to this 1,550 cal/day regimen. I actually went back to using the diet prescribed by the Fitness First nutritionist two years ago. And though she is no longer with FF, I have asked her to monitor my intake. I send her my food intake journal, and she translates that into calories consumed. I know there is this app that does the same thing. But I have yet to download that.

It is very harrrd to stick to the diet. I do experience hunger pangs from time to time. I ingest plenty of water during those times. The trick really is to be conscious of serving sizes everytime one eats. And to limit choices of viands. All this falls apart in the face of buffet binges. Lol.

I don't feel weak. I feel lighter. Visually, I am convincing myself that some of those abs are starting to be visible again. Maybe I will be successful this time.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Me and Me2: Conversations with my conscience

CC: There he goes again.

CC2: Who? What?

Cc: He's on his phone again.

Cc2: Leave him be. Watch the movie.

Cc: He's been at it since the movie started. Just reading his social networks.

Cc2: And that's a problem because...?

Cc: Well, because we are together! This is supposed to be time spent with me.

Cc2: And you are together. Aren't you in bed together watching?

Cc: Yeah, but look at where his attention is. On his phone.

Cc2: He's just checking his messages.

Cc: For 30 minutes?

Cc2: And just being updated. Remember, this is HIS generation. They are so wired. They need to be connected 24/7.

Cc: Good grief.

Cc2: Relax. Enjoy the movie.

Cc: Ok. I'll try.

After a few days...

Cc: It's still bothering me.

Cc2: Whaaaa? Seriously, what is bothering you.

Cc: The amount of time he spends on his phone, even when we are together.

Cc2: Oh that. Again, that's his generation.

Cc: But isn't that rude?

Cc2: That generation doesn't see it that way. They consider it natural to be checking on their phones even when they're with company. But I have to admit that it isn't polite. But is he really excessively on his phone when you are together?

Cc: Not always. But a lot of times. And I found it particularly 'noying that last time. Because we were apart for days. And he said he missed me. But when we are together, he misses his phone more.

Cc2: Maybe for him, being together means doing these things together, beside each other.

Cc: I'd agree if we were talking about watching movies, or enjoying a show. Or even if we need to do work. We could do that together. But for this time, we were already trying to watch the movie together.

Cc2: Maybe the movie bores him. Or, you know how these kids are, they are multi-taskers.

Cc: Sigh. Yeah, I am just one of those tasks.

Cc2: Nothing personal, dear. They just have a lot of things happening at the same time.

Cc: Yeah, like checking out those hunks. That's what he does.

Cc2: That's not the only thing he does. He does tell you about those things he reads, right? They become topics for conversation, right?

Cc: Well, yeah. He shares them with me. He becomes my source of information.

Cc2: You see! All that has value.

Cc: But in between that, he checks up on those hunks.

Cc2: Nothing wrong with that, dear. You do that, too.

Cc: I do not! I don't follow them.

Cc2: But you enjoy looking at their pics, too. He follows them. That's his trip.

Cc: Ok. But what if one of them starts to chat with him?

Cc2: Ahhhh. You are jealous.

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: Look, those are just faces and bodies. Hahaha.

Cc: But that's how it starts. One chat.

Cc2: Because that's how you guys started, right?

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: You've got to trust him on this. He did that then because he was single. And even if those guys tried to hit on him, you have to trust him that he wouldn't flirt back.

Cc: Really? He wouldn't? Oh come on! With those bodies... Those biceps!?

Cc2: Because you would, right?

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: He's not you. Just because you can't trust yourself doesn't mean he couldn't be trusted.

Cc: Ok. Yeah, you have a point. Well, I go back to that thing about being on the phone even when you're together.

Cc2: Well, tell him.

Cc: I don't know... I think he already has this phobia of our "talks".

Cc2: haha What do you mean?

Cc: He already knows when I am about to start a conversation like that. Or I am about to scold him or something. His face contorts into this sad little puppy.

Cc2: That's so cute. But I hope he's not just mocking you.

Cc: No, he's serious. And he apologizes sincerely.

Cc2: Wow. Not often do you see guys like that.

Cc: I know, right? That's why I don't want to keep on scolding him or even telling him these things. He might just put his arms up and give up and say that he can't do anything right.

Cc2: Is he the type?

Cc: I don't know. I hope not. He says he's not.

Cc2: You've got to take his word on it.

Cc: Yeah. But during lighter times, he'll bring these things up and make light of it. And it looks like he is seriously keeping track of each and every altercation.

Cc2: And that pisses you off?

Cc: Well, just a bit. But he really is the best when we have these talks. He listens and doesn't do it again. Well except for this one.

Cc2: Which one?

Cc: This thing about being on the phone too much. I subtly alluded to it when we were on a vacation. I asked that we should have some time together when we don't check our phones at all.

Cc2: And?

Cc: And he did. He stopped checking his phone. We both did. An entire night.

Cc2: Good for you, too! So you shouldn't have any problem about telling him again. Or you should have actually told him that night when you were together. That was no-phone-check time.

Cc: Yeah. Maybe. I was hoping he was sensitive enough.

Cc2: Oh no. You shouldn't expect these things. He doesn't think like you.

Cc: Ok. Fine. I'll tell him about this thing that's been bothering me.

Cc2: Good for you. Finally. Be honest. How?

Cc: I'll blog about it.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yup. That's my new email addy. I retain the old one (closet_case07@yahoo.com.ph).

For those who want to email.

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cc quickie: In Too Deep

with MHL - I have been disappointed with the turn of events. Military training, seriously? Father incarcerating his own son? Di ba usually tinatakwil lang? LOL But as I am one to finish something I started, I cannot just stop watching MHL. I have to finish this. I have invested so much of my weeknights to just drop it, despite this weird twists of plot.

with my workouts - There are times that I just really want to quit working out and dieting. Good grief, I’m pushing 50yo. Do I really want to continue stressing myself, my body out? Sometimes, the body just pushes back. Feet hurt. Joints creak and ache. Sometimes, it’s just the mind. The mind convinces the mouth to just open up and swallow. Ahh that pastry! That chocolate! That wine! Yet I know that I am also just in too deep in this exercise shit. I really can’t stop anymore. I can slow down (and I have!). But contrary to those fleeting moments of surrender, I know I will be back on the bicycle or on the flat bench. And I will be counting calories and servings again.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Raiders,

This is a Josh Groban song I just love.  It is both hopeful and stirring.  It also expresses my gratitude to you guys for all the years you have been witnesses to my ongoing journey, crazy as it may be.



Somedays we forget
To look around us
Somedays we can't see
The joy that surrounds us
So caught up inside ourselves
We take when we should give.

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be.
And on this day we hope for
What we still can't see.
It's up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There's so much to be thankful for.

Look beyond ourselves
There's so much sorrow
It's way too late to say
I'll cry tomorrow
Each of us must find our truth
It's so long overdue

So for tonight we pray for 
What we know can be
And every day we hope for
What we still can't see
It's up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There's so much to be thankful for.

Even with our differences 
There is a place we're all connected
Each of us can find each other's light

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for 
What we still can't see
It's up to us to be the change
And even though this world needs so much more

There's so much to be thankful for

I just love singing it...


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lucas Chronicles: Joey at Dante 3

"Hello Mother!" Bati ni Lucas kay Rene.

"Uy! Nabuhay ang bangkay. Hoy! Hindi ako ang nanay mo! Ate lang ako!" Sabay halakhak ng malakas ang bakla.

"Oh anong balita?"

"Magkukuwento lang ako. Tagal na nating hindi nagkuwentuhan."

"Aba! May bagong developments! May bago bang komplikasyon sa buhay mo?" Tanong ni Rene.

"Uy! Sobra eto! Para namang tumatawag lang ako pag may problema! Di ba pwedeng nangangamusta lang?"

"Ay! Sorry naman. Na-hurt ang kapatid! Salamat naman at nangamusta ka. Ano nga ba ang bago sa iyo? Kamusta na kayo ni Joey?"

"Ok naman. Actually going strong kami. Pero.."

Sumingit si Rene. "Ayan na! Sabi ko na nga! May 'Pero'! Hahaha"

"Che! May pero kasi.. sige na nga. May isang guy..."

"Ay! Ituloy ang kwento!"

"Mamaya na. Kita tayo." At inayos nila ang kanilang pagtatagpo.

Nagkita sila sa isang coffeeshop na may masarap ring mga pasta. Gusto ni Lucas dito dahil wala sa loob ng mall ngunit nalalakad mula sa Greenbelt. At hindi marami ang nagpupunta.

"Teh, naalala mo yung kwento ko nun? Yung encounter ko sa bus nung bata?"

"Sa bus? Ahh yung bata ka pa? Yung may minolestya kang matanda? Wahaha"

"Hahaha, oo yun nga! Tagal ko nga pinantasyahan na makita ko ulit yung guy na yun."

"Oh bakit? Nakilala mo?"

"Yeah. Alam mo bang ang liit ng mundo. Kaibigan pala ni boss Claude! Imagine after how many years!"

"OH my gulay! Totoo? Oh anong pangalan?"

"Dante. Fashion designer na siya. Nagpagawa nga ng website sa amin."


"Alam mo, excited na excited ako nung inassign sa akin ni Boss yung account. Una hindi pa ako sure. Pero nung nakita ko yung nunal, yung ngiti, hindi ako nagkamali."

"Oh shit! Ano, sinabi mo na sa kanya?"

"Hahaha Pero hindi agad. Oo, at siyempre, hindi na niya maalala. Pero nung gabing iyon, we kissed."

"Puta ka! Ang landi mo talaga! Masarap? Kiss lang ba talaga?"

"Oo, no? Dalagang Pilipina. At may asawa. HAHAHA. Tapos na nga ang project pero lumalabas pa rin kami."

"Matagal na ba yan?"

"Di naman. At siyempre, di madalas. Lagi kong sinasabi kay Joey na client servicing. Haha. Pero seriously, wala pang nangyayari sa amin."

"May sakit ka ba, Lucas? Ikaw, makati pa sa higad, makakatiis na walang nangyayari? Hahaha"

"Che! Oo. Actually, ewan ko rin. He's really nice. At ang daming alam sa buhay."

"Aba, siyempre, Thunders na siya!"

"Bastos! Hahaha Hindi lang yun. Talagang matalino at well-travelled siya. Kaya enjoy kasama. I learn a lot."

"Eh kung yun ang gusto mo, de sana yung librarian na lang ang pinakasamahan mo! hahaha"

"Gaga ka talaga! So, ano, namamangka ka na naman sa dalawang ilog? o betlog? HAHAHA"

"No. Friends lang kami. Wala talagang nangyayari."

"Well, if I know, hindi mo lang siya type."

"Ganun ba yun? Di ba pwedeng taking it slow lang?"

"Kapatid, pinaglihi tayo sa gabi. Ang kati nakadikit sa ating balat. I don't think you're into him."

"But I am. Siguro hindi lang masyado sa sexual level. Pero talagang attracted ako sa kanya, sa kanyang background, sa kanyang kaalaman."

"But if nothing is happening..?"

"Well, nagki-kiss kami pag magkasama. Ganun muna. Nagtatanung siya kung kailan kami mag-sex. I told him na tumityempo lang ako kay Joey. Actually, I want to grow to love him."

"Joz kho kapatid! Talagang lagi kang naghahanap ng batong ipupukpok mo sa ulo mo, no? Eh paano si Joey?"

Tumahimik si Lucas. "Can't I love two people at the same time? Lalo na kung magkaiba naman ang love ko?"

"Ibang klase ka, kapatid! Siguro in some parallel universe. At buti kung papayag sila nag magkahati sila."

"Hindi naman ako seryoso. In-enjoy ko lang time ko with Dante. Siyempre, iba pa rin si Joey."

Ilang beses ng lagi ni Joey napapansin na ginagabi si Lucas. Ngayon na morning shift siya, kitang-kita niya kung paano ang mga kilos ng jowa. Puro client call ang dahilan. Hindi naman siya makasabat. Nag-aaway lang sila.

Ngunit maliban dun, pareho pa rin naman ang pakikitungo nila sa isa't-isa. Kung tutuusin, mas dumalas pa nga ang lambingan. Halos tuwing umaga, may nangyayari, may nagaganap. Ang sarap ng sex life niya. At pag sila ay magkasiping, wala siyang ibang naiisip. Ramdam na ramdam niya ang pagmamahal sa kanya ni Lucas. Kaya, maliban sa pag-uwi niya sa gabi, wala naman dapat siyang pagsuspetyahan.

Hanggang sa isang gabi, nagpaalam na naman si Lucas na mag-overtime. May tinatapos raw para kay Dante. May natanggap na text si Joey mula sa isang di kilalang numero.

"Is this is the number of Joey Montero?"

Nagulat siya at hindi niya agad alam kung sasagutin niya.

"Yes. Hus dis pls?"

"This is Claude, boss of Lucas. Can I call? Can you talk?"

"Yes, Sir." At biglang nagring na ang kanyang mobile.

"Hello, is this Joey?"

"Yes, po."

"Joey, this is Claude, no? Si Lucas ba nandiyan?"

"Wala, Sir. Hindi pa siya umuuwi."

"Oh, may lakad ba siya raw? I need some files with him."

"Sir, may client meeting daw siya. With Sir Dante."

"Dante? Why is he meeting Dante? That project was over weeks ago."

Nanlamig si Joey. "Ahhh. Yun lang po ang sabi niya sa akin."

"Well, that's weird. He's not answering my calls nor my texts."

"Ah. Subukan ko rin i-contact siya."

"Would you? Sige, thanks! Tell him to call me up."


Umakyat ang galit sa ulo ni Joey. Tinatawagan niya si Lucas. Hindi nga sumasagot.

"Wer u? Y not reply?"

Walang sagot pa rin. Gusto niya sanang hintaying hanggang maka-uwi upang kumprontahin si Lucas. Ngunit nakatulog na siya ng makauwi. Nagising na lang siya ng nag-aayos na si Lucas ng gamit pangtulog. At bigla siyang naupo.

"San ka galing?" Bigla niyang naalala ang inis.

"Huh? I told you, I was with a client, si Sir Dante."

"Tumawag dito ang boss mo. Hinahanap ka!"

"Ah yeah. Nakausap ko na si Boss."

"Wala na raw kayong project with Dante!" Sumisigaw na ang tono ni Joey.

"Will you please lower your voice!? Ang ingay mo!"

Tumahimik si Joey.

"Tapos na nga ang project namin with Dante. Pero mayroon siyang pinapagawang iba. Hindi software related. Kaya pinag-uusapan namin."

"Lokohin mo lelang mo."

"Mahina ang signal dun sa place na pinuntahan namin."

"Mayroon pa bang ganun ngayon? Shit! Magsisinungaling ka lang, mali-mali pa!"

"Bahala ka! I'm telling you the truth. Makatulog na nga!"

Humiga si Lucas at tinalikuran si Joey. Wala na siyang magawa. Hindi na rin siya makatulog. Hindi niya matanggap ang dahi-dahilan ni Lucas. Kailangan niyang mag-imbestiga. Kailangan niya ng ebidensya.

Kung tutuusin, di naman kasinungalingan ang sinabi ni Lucas sa kanya. Talaga namang may pinag-usapan si Dante at Lucas na trabaho. Sinundo ni Dante si Lucas sa Ministop na malapit sa opisina. Mabuti na rin na ganun at ayaw niyang mahalata ng mga taga-opisina.

Dumating ang sasakyan ang naupo siya sa likod, tabi ni Dante.

"I have something for you" bungad ni Dante, at may kinuha mula sa likod na mga damit na naka-hanger.

"Wow! Para sa akin eto?" Hindi makapaniwala si Lucas. Ilang pares din ng shirt at pantalon na nakahanger at nakabalot pa ng plastic.

"I want to see you dressed up in our clothes." Ngumiti si Dante.

"Wow. Thanks!" At hinalikan niya sa pisngi si Dante.

"Sa pisngi? Kumare?" Humirit si Dante at natawa. Niyakap ni Lucas si Dante at hinalikan. "Thanks, Dante!"

"Saan tayo pupunta?"

"Malapit lang. I want to visit the horses."


"Sa tatay ko. May mga kabayo siyang inaalagaan."

Nagulat si Lucas. Hindi niya akalaing ganun talaga kayaman si Dante. Napakasimple lang kasi kumilos. At minsan, nagcocommute pa.

"Ngayon lang kami nagka-ayos ng Dad ko. Kaya ako na ang nagprisintang tumingin sa mga horses niya. Matagal akong naglayas sa bahay. So I also know the value of hard work. I told myself I wasn't going to show up at our place until I have established myself. It finally happened, and I showed up. Nagulat sila na buhay pa ako. Hahaha"

Ibang lifestyle talaga ang na-aninag niya kay Dante. Dumating sila sa ranch na malaki, malapit lang ngunit nasa may parteng Bulacan na. Kaya mahina ang signal, mabundok na ang lugar na iyon.

Niyaya siyang maghorseback riding. Umikot sila ng ilan sandali. Tinuruan siya sumakay ng kabayo. At nang natapos na, pumunta sila sa kubong tabi ng stables. May nakahanda ng pagkain, baon pala nila. At inayos ng asawa ni Mang Selo, ang caretaker. Candlelight pa na picnic ang style. Namangha si Lucas.

Sa kuwentuhan nila nalaman ang pinag-awayan ng mag-ama: ang kanyang career. Bata pa lang, mahilig na siyang mag-sketch. At mahilig na rin siya sa fashion. Ngunit desidido ang tatay niyang pag-aralin siya ng law. Kailangan raw may magbantay sa kanilang mga property. Pinagbigyan niya sa kolehiyo. Political science ang major niya. Ngunit hindi maitago ang hilig. At siya mismo ay nabarkada na sa mga bading. Naramdaman na niya ang pag-aalab ng damdamin sa lalaki. Hanggang sa punto na nagkarelasyon na siya, sa isang macho dancer.

Nasira ang pag-aaral. At nagkaroon ng malaking away silang mag-ama. Lumayas siya at nagsarili. Pinagpatuloy ang pag-aaral sa Fashion Design. Nag-part time na apprentice para makaraos. At nag-umpisa ng magbenta ng mga designs niya. Ngunit agad niyang nakita ang potential niya sa retail. Kaya nag-ipon at nagpundar na. Lumaki ang negosyo. Binalikan niya ang pamilya kamakailan. Narinig niyang mahina na ang tatay niya. At dun, napatunayan niya na kaya niyang mag-isa. Hindi niya kailangan ang mga ari-arian.

Kaya naman hanggang ngayon, ni isang kusing ay hindi siya kumukuha sa tatay niya. Ngunit nagsabi na ang tatay na sa kanya ipapamahala ang pagmanage ng mga rentals nila. Marami pala silang paupahan. Yun ang trabahong pinag-usapan nila. Inalok ni Dante siyang maging executive assistant niya, tagapamahala ng rentals.

"Wow. Hindi ko naisip na magiging ganito. I don't know how Boss Claude will react." Sagot ni Lucas.

"Don't worry about Claude. I'll talk to him. I'm sure he'll let you go if he knew the offer."

"Very tempting, Dante. Kailangan kong pag-isipan. Hindi ba weird na..." Sumenyas siya, tinuturo silang dalawa.

"What? About having a relationship and working together? I don't have any problems with that. I'd rather entrust this to someone I love."

Napatigil si Lucas as 'love' part.

"I am falling for you, Luc. And I just want to make you happy. And I want to see you everyday. What better way than for you to help me out in the business."

"Dante, may jowa pa rin ako."

"I know. Kaya nga gusto ko, employee kita. Para madalas tayo magkita, officially."

"Dante, I'll think about it, seriously. Pero I am so flattered at grateful." Naghalikan sila sa liwanag ng kandila.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I wanted to join the Million March last Monday. Unfortunately, I was just arriving from a trip that kept me awake the entire Sunday night and Monday morning.

But previously, I wasn't sure about my stand. I had to understand the pork barrel process first, in its 'pure' beneficial form. A kind raider and twitter-friend forwarded this article from the PCIJ. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Reading through it, you would see how the legislative pork barrel "funds" are supposed to be used to benefit legislator's constituents. But because of the many various steps projects go through, the process itself is wired to be easily 'gamed' for personal gain.

Hearing some of the arguments for retention, it was also clear that the pork barrel has benefited many Filipinos. Some of them were used correctly. Students got to finish school. Some patients got some access to healthcare. Some needed roads and school buildings were built. But it seems to pale in comparison to what could have been, had there been no misuse of funds.

I was hesitating to just call for the abolition of pork barrel, knowing about the benefits it has given in the past.

However, on one Sunday came my enlightenment. Wasn't it Jesus who said previously that if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off. Better to go through life with only one left hand than to have your whole body thrown into hell. That became my answer. Surely that right hand has many uses, many benefits. Yet if that right hand causes one to sin, just cut it off.

The pork barrel has benefited. But it has been woefully abused. Hence, it must be abolished. Change the damn system.

I started to even wonder. Why the hell do legislators have access to funds to "build and sponsor"? That's not in their job description. They were elected into office to write legislation, to represent their constituents and not to build highways or sponsor scholars. That's the role of the executive branch.

My only misgiving now, though, is that removing these funds from the legistlators' hands would just put them in the hands of local government executives. And they are not saints either. But perhaps, control systems could be strengthened more easily. Since the systems would be monitoring just one branch of government, and not two.

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cc quickie: Monsters No More

I just finished the Twilight series now. Yes, THAT series. And before you give me that look, I must say that I just need to see how it ends. I need to finish something I started.

Funny now Hollywood has totally taken the fright away from childhood monsters like vampires, werewolves and zombies. They live among us. And some of them have hearts of gold. And they fall in love. And there is some scientific basis for their existence. And some of them are way hotter than human beings.

Hollywood has castrated these creatures.

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cc quickie: Blessed

This blog has been such a blessing to me. I have met wonderful people through this. Each meeting is a blessing.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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