Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lonely at the Top

This is the view from my room at the resort in Bohol. I am with my colleagues at the execom level, one of our 'teambuilding' activities. My peers and my bosses are all nice folks but i just can't bond as much because of my closet doors. I was dreading this trip, more because of the discomfort of trying to be one of the guys. Its not so bad but God, i am wishing i was with my partner and my friends. Its a great place, bohol. But i could be having so much more fun talking about the eye candy around rather than the NBA or pretty girls (their eye candy).
Worse is when they start mentioning the matandang binata na pamangkin.

On the other hand, this doesn't happen often. And it really is part of corporate life.

It helps that my subsidiary is performing well. They wouldn't want to piss me off.

It gets lonely at times like these. But these are minor trade-offs. After almost two decades, one learns to cope. One develops a rich interior life. And one's iPod becomes the best friend.

Next time raw, abroad na. I need to develop an escape plan. Tattoo that to my bod. ;-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barista Killer

My partner gave me this title. Because of my penchant for coffee, i have developed a similar interest in the cute guys serving the brew. This one was particularly attractive. Had a nice smile. Didnt mind posing for me or giving me his mobile no. Lanky with gorgeous eyes. Texted him for sometime but didn't pursue anymore. Got too busy and lazy. Haha. Last i heard he left the coffee shop and went to clothing retail. Jeans, in particular, in Makati. Oh ayan. Clue na yan.
I think this one wouldn't be pakipot. I think.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Freshly-Picked Lettuce, As In!

Romaine Lettuce, organic, was hand-picked by young, masculine, tanned hired hands while you wait. At P300/kg, its not cheap. But you'll love the true crispiness of damu-damo on your salad! Perfect for my figure! As in!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lavapalooza sa Semana Santa

A straight couple on the Marina area seems to forget that it is 3pm, Holy Thursday. On closer inspection, the PDA is justified. The guy is too good looking for his girl. So alpha female is just staking claim on her territory.
Humanag ka na p----t at ibigin mong tunay!

Men in Uniform

Spotted in Harbour Square on Holy Thursday afternoon, a group of Thai Naval Officers on a port call. They looked Pinoy (of course). Only the guard at Starbucks told us they were Thai. Some were quite good looking. All of them were so sexy in their tight gabardine pants! Haha.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More CTT stories (coming to terms): Jason

itago nating siya sa pangalang "Jason".

Jason is a young entrepreneur, into a variety of SME (small & medium enterprises). He has a partner, who is into the lifestyle business. He told me about his story while enjoying the food and ambience of Cyma.

He looks back and reminisces about his life previously. He felt so naive about the world, about the pink world then. He had two girlfriends in college. He 'blames' a gym for his coming to terms story. In his senior year, he enrolled in one of the more popular gyms of that time. He would see one of his professors in the gym, about 37yo then. Something about this professor made him curious. And eventually, Prof became a gym friend. This 'friendship' progressed in time and he started feeling 'differently' about this friendship, as opposed to his other male friends. He knew it was strange but it was 'beautifully strange'. And eventually, the Prof asked him to have dinner at his place.

The sex came so naturally, but that didnt surprise him at all. The attraction towards Prof, despite the 13year gap, was certainly not love at first sight. He eventually had a relationship with Prof, which didnt last. It turns out that Prof was a player, and continued to play while seeing Jason.

But he remains grateful to Prof for a very tender sexual awakening. Shortly thereafter, he broke up with his girlfriend and started exploring the pnk life.

He remains in the closet with his family and his business. He doesnt feel compelled to reveal anything.

Jason is still very young but speaks with a maturity beyond his age.

partner's back... SURPRISE!

Partner surprised me yesterday by arriving two days ahead of schedule. He's done this about three times previously. It seems sweet but friends tell me he wants to 'catch' me in the act. HAH! Thank God I've been on abstinence mode since the other week. But I kinda lost my cool when he told me on his way to the unit he was actually here in Manila. I got upset because I set up my schedule thinking he wouldnt be here. And when he surprises me like that, my schedule becomes all jumbled up. And I feel bad if I have to leave him to attend to activities I couldnt postpone, cancel anymore. He feels I am not happy that he arrived earlier. ayayay. But after that initial loss of composure, I quickly made it up to him.

I had difficulty sleeping beside him last night. I've gotten used to sleeping alone. But I know I can get used to sleeping beside him again. Just give me a bit more time.

I am glad he's back. Life's normalizing again with him around. And that means I have competition when using our one and only bathroom in the morning. LOL. He is leaving next week, Monday. I'd be so used to him around by then. Then I'd have to get used to NOT having him around AGAIN.

Long Distance relationships...