Monday, April 9, 2018

IJ Case: Hopemed, Cubao

Pucha. Naka-witness ako ng chupaan. LOL

I have heard of the place from about two years back. I even saw some online chatrooms (via the website manila massage) that discussed the many happenings in this place. Finally, after prodding from friends who have become regulars in the place, i decided to check it out one Sunday afternoon. But I had to make reservations early. I heard that the waiting could be hours for walk-ins.

The place was easy to find, thanks to Waze. A tiny reception area greeted me. What impressed me was the blood pressure check they did as routine. Oh di ba? Wellness talaga ang peg! They take your shoes and give you slippers. (This always makes me uneasy. I know how easy it is to get foot infecton!)

I was ushered into a small, cramp space that served as locker cum lounge. You step out of that and you already see the glass door leading to the tiny comfort room, the narrow steam room, the claustrophobic dry sauna room. Yes, everything is just squeezed into one place.

There were a few other guys there. None to make me feel horny and interested at all. So I asked that my massage be moved earlier. That took sometime to arrange. Meanwhile more patrons were coming. And as I waited by the doorway of the locker cum lounge, I actually saw this guy inside the steam room kneel in front of someone else!! I was shocked that it could happen in such a small place, a well-lit steam room at that!

I really didn’t want to see that. Luckily, my therapist was available. So I was led to a small cubicle for my “ocho ocho”. I signed up for a combination scrub and massage. My therapist was not one of the attractive ones. But that was okay. His scrub and massage was actually good. But the clincher was the deliberate way his arms would brush my penis to stimulate it. Yes, I was very stimulated. Yet, there was no offer of anything. It leaves you high and dry (well maybe dripping with pre-cum).

By the time I was finished (around 5ish), there were a lot of guys at the spa. Still, nobody worth a second look or even staying on for another round of steam or sauna. LOL.

Verdict: Therapist I got has good massage hands - strong with enough pressure and moves. The erotic stimulation I could do without, if it couldn’t lead anywhere. I don’t like the place - dark, old, cramp and not really well-maintained. I met someone who would never go back there because he was bitten by a cockroach! Yikes! But the place is packed with action. The thread online speaks volumes, I may have lucked out on someone I would find attractive. But if you scroll through the convo, it seemed that there were really hot ones who frequent the place.

I would have vowed never to return EXCEPT for that one cute therapist who was hanging around as I was lacing up my shoes. He had that naughty smile that made me rethink whether the massage may not be as ‘clean’ after all.

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