Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That Sweet Spot 2

Lorenzo's big hands were firm, and moved fast. He started with Luke's legs, pressing his calves quite speedily. It wasn't exactly the kind of massage Luke was expecting. He had always expected therapists with extra service in mind to be slow in their strokes, almost teasing, with the 'unexpected' brush against the scrotum or the rectal area. But Lorenzo seemed intent on giving a good, firm massage.

Luke suddenly felt that he did need that massage, especially on his legs and feet. He had been doing some 10 KM running lately. And even as he would sometimes feel the pain of a sore muscle being kneaded, he knew it would feel wonderful after. He smiled as he remembered the term "saruy" - a hybrid of "sarap" and "aruy".

Lorenzo seemed quite oblivious to his erogenous zones, preferring to concentrate on the muscles of his hamstrings, then the back of his thighs. Even when he was finally massaging his gluteus, Luke didn't feel eroticized by the feel of his hands. He kneaded the tight knots on Luke's back with ease. The big fingers worked their 'magic' on those "lamig" spots. He was now feeling totally relaxed. His muscles have become putty to his hands.

Lorenzo asked him to turn-over. Luke lied down on his back and looked at him. He still had that 'serious' look to him, as he poured some more oil on his palms. Meanwhile, Luke remained limp and relaxed. And even as he was already at the stomach area, just above the groin, Luke was still not feeling any 'heat'.

After doing his chest and hands, Luke knew that the massage, the 'serious' one had ended. He waited to see what would happen next.

Lorenzo got up and removed his boxers. There was another set of boxer briefs under. He got some oil and kneeled beside him. With the oiled right hand, he held Luke's limp dick gingerly and started to caress it. He paused to look at Luke before he started licking his nipples and jerking him off. From time to time, he would look up. And Luke would see him. The soft light enhanced his eyes. The serious look was gone. A tenderness passed between them.

Luke started to respond, his cock hardening to the touch. Ordinarily, the tongue on his nipples wouldn't turn him on. But somehow, that motion allowed Luke to enjoy the wet, flashing tongue.

Luke placed his hand on Lorenzo's thigh. He squeezed and started to grope for Lorenzo's cock, still inside his boxer briefs. Lorenzo stopped, took off his briefs and went back to stimulating Luke. Lorenzo's cock was still limp, obviously not turned on by what was happening. Flaccid, it was regular, nothing impressive. But Luke held on to it anyway, kneading it between his fingers. Then he felt his penis growing in his hand. And as the blood filled up the veins, the true size of the cock manifested. Lorenzo was a true grower. Luke felt more aroused at the feel of the girth and the length.

Lorenzo straightened up and moved his hips closer to Luke's face. Luke looked at him, his body, his flat belly, his smooth skin and his engorged cock. He sucked on the cock slowly, carefully. He didn't want to choke on it. And he was aware that he may not be opening his mouth wide enough. His teeth could scrape the shaft.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo continued to jerk him off, furiously pumping his rock-hard cock now. There would be times Luke had to push his hand away. He was too close to coming. He was still enjoying, feasting. But Lorenzo continued jacking him off anyway. And Luke just let go and shot his cum all over his belly.

Lorenzo pulled away and asked to go to the bathroom. Spent, Luke just pointed at the direction and closed his eyes. He reached for the tissue box at the bed side table and began cleaning himself up. Soon, Lorenzo came back, toweling off. Luke looked at him.

He wasn't actually very handsome. But he was nice-looking, tall and lanky. And he spoke with a raspy voice that enhanced his sexiness.

"Did that relax you, Sir?"

"Ah yes. Your massage is ok. So Von is actually your cousin?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good looks run in your blood. And height."

Lorenzo smiled. "Our mothers are sisters."

"Kapampangans are usually gwapo", Luke casually remarked.

"Thanks, Sir. I'll be going ahead." Luke handed him the payment on his way out.

It was a good massage. The nice, thick cock was certainly uhmm, icing on the cake. The downer: He still doesn't give blowjobs. Well, rare is the therapist who does, actually.

He decided to put his name on 'Active Duty' among his 'Therapists' list in his phonebook. Perhaps in a month or two, he'll have him again. It has become his routine to 'cycle' his therapists every two weeks.

But in just three days, Luke received a "Good morning. Kamusta?" text from Lorenzo. He thought it was a thoughtful gesture so he replied. But soon enough, the text exchange led into "when will you have another massage, Sir?" That quickly irritated Luke. He curtly replied "Not yet. I will text you when I want one."

That didn't stop Lorenzo from sending messages of "Good morning, Kamusta?" almost everyday. And though Luke stopped responding everytime, realizing that this was probably a text blast to his clients, it didn't stop him from getting more and more annoyed.

"Do not text me. I will text you when I need you." Luke sent this message once.

"But please, Sir. I really need some cash now." Lorenzo replied.


"Please, Sir. I beg of you. Besides, Sir, it's been more than a month since."

Luke thought to himself 'Wow, the guy is keeping track!' Nevertheless, Luke held his ground. "I don't want a massage now."

"I'll make it the best, Sir. Promise."

The thought of the thick cock popped into his head. And the smooth skin. And that look in his eyes. He tried to brush these off.

"No. I don't feel like having one now. Besides, you are so annoying. You keep on texting."

"Sorry, Sir. Business has been very slow. I'll be kicked out of the rented room if I don't come up with payment."

"Sorry about that. But that doesn't excuse you from being so annoying."

"Promise, Sir. I'll stop texting after this. Just give me this last chance. Please, Sir."

Those thoughts surfaced again. Well, he did just have a strenuous workout. And he does feel a knot somewhere on his nape.

"You have to stop texting. Ever."

"Yes, Sir. And I'll make it the best. Promise. Please, Sir, please."

"K. Tonight."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gay Men Project

I read about this in the newspaper. Yes, I still read the newspapers. I still like getting my news from established sources. Hehe

The gay men project is a photographer 's quest to take photos of gay men from all over the world. Kevin was in the Philippines and has actually interviewed 7 beks. One was featured already in the blog.

But aside from photos, Kevin also produces videos of the gay men he has met. I watched some of them and found them fascinating.

No, this is not your usual collection of photographs of beautiful faces and bodies. I like that a lot of them are actually regular gay men like you and me. The photos are well done. The written interviews that accompany the pictures are fine, though I felt that there could have been more insight into their lives.

I like the videos more. The stories they tell have multiple dimensions, as Kevin also captures the scenes, the details in their faces and their voices.

Kudos to Kevin for such a project. If I weren't in the closet, I wouldn't mind being a subject. LOL

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That Sweet Spot 1

"Sir, please. I need the money badly." Lorenzo texted.

He was very insistent. Luke could almost picture him, begging for 'work' for the night.

Luke was not sure he wanted a massage then. He just had one last week. He promised himself he was going to limit this indulgence to twice a month.

"I really don't need a massage right now."

"Please, Sir. I'll give you a really good time. Promise!"

He tried to remember how Lorenzo got his number. He actually texted from out of the blue two months ago.

"Hello Sir! This is Lorenzo. Maybe you would like to try my massage sometime."

Luke read the message and wondered who this guy was. Just yesterday, he was stood up by this therapist, Von, and he was still very pissed over that. Von was a referred masahista, referred by one of Luke's regulars. Luke was instantly attracted to Von, he was uncommonly handsome, tall, with a naturally sexy body, not created in the gym floor. He didn't give a great massage but he was just too darn good-looking. Luke knew he wanted to try him again after that first time. Unfortunately, after setting the visit up, Von didn't show up. He was left high and dry, and super-irritated.

It seemed weird that he would suddenly get this unsolicited massage offer from some strange number.

"Who gave you my number?" Luke asked.

"Von did, Sir."

Whaaat? Luke thought to himself. How dare him give his number away just like that.

"Sorry. I don't entertain therapists who were not referred to me."

"Ah, is that so? No problem, Sir. Thanks."

Oddly, Lorenzo seemed politely. He respected that and stopped texting. Until two weeks after.

"Hello Sir. Kamusta?"

Luke saved his number, just in case. Since he was in a better mood, he decided to reply.

"I'm ok. You?"

"Good, Sir. Maybe you would like to try my massage?"

It's been two weeks since that no-show incident. Luke was horny and quite curious about this guy.

"Hmm. You got an FB account?"

"Sure, Sir. Just search for this." Lorenzo dictated the email address.

Luke quickly searched for the FB profile and looked at the photo. Not bad-looking at all. Though there were certainly some unflattering angles.

"Did you see it, Sir?"

"Yes. I found it. How tall are you?"

"5'11" po."

"Is Von your friend?"

"He's actually my cousin, Sir. Would you like to try?"

"How much is your PF?"

"P2K Sir."

"Ahh. Too much. Beyond budget." Luke never paid more than P1,500.

"But that includes all the extra, Sir."

"I have regular therapists that give me all I need at less cost."

"Like how much, Sir?"

Bargaining time. "P1,200 max"

"Wow, Sir. That's too low."

"Well, sorry. That's all I'll pay for it." Luke was driving a hard bargain. Horny and achy as he was, he still could forego another week without a massage.

"Sir, just add a little more. Please."

That 'please' part surprised Luke. He looked at the FB profile again. He wondered how he would actually look in person.

"I'll add P200 more."

"Make it P300, Sir. Please. You won't regret it."

Horniness got the better of him and he agreed. They set the time for early evening.

Lorenzo was prompt. He walked inside the living room and Luke knew he wasn't exaggerating about the height. He is tall and lanky, broad shouldered. He had thick eyebrows on a long face.  He was better looking in person, though still not as handsome as Von.

Luke showed him the way to the bedroom. Lorenzo gamely took of his clothes and was down to his underwear, boxer briefs. Luke stripped naked and lied down on the bed. The massage started.

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Monday, March 16, 2015


I noticed how two of the most significant and beautiful teachings of Jesus he imparted to people whom I would have thought would have been persona non grata - a scribe and a Pharisee (Nicodemus).

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart... You shall love your neighbor as yourself." From Friday's gospel (Mark 12:28 - 34)

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son..." From yesterday's gospel (John 3:14 - 21)

Not all scribes and Pharisees were hypocrites. Jesus could see their hearts and know which ones were and which ones weren't. Intentions were crystal clear to him. So he knew right off, who was asking for the sake of truly understanding him. And he knew who was simply trying to ensnare him.

It is so easy for us to pass judgment on those different from us on the basis of their religious belief, gender preference, political affiliation, among other "labeling" methods. We behave differently towards them once we have 'labelled' them, even without getting to know them better.

Yet, based on these examples, Jesus did not treat people 'lump sum', based simply on labels. He talks to a Samaritan woman. He has dinner with a tax collector. He heals the servant of a centurion. And he tells a scribe "You are not far from the Kingdom of God." Because he sees their hearts, he goes beyond these labels and does not withhold love, compassion or mercy.

Since we do not have His insight into men and their hearts, Jesus instructs us not to 'judge' one another. We should not behave differently, or withhold love or compassion, on the basis of the 'label' we have put on a person: Muslim, transgender, Binay supporter.

I pray that I be granted that heart that sees beyond labels. And that I be forgiven for all the many times that I have failed.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Anong gagawin mo kung may nakahubad na lalaki/babae sa harap mo?

Ah. The typical "How LGBT are you?", methinks, as if my sexual preference is a result of not having been exposed to a naked woman (since I am gay).

But I have been asked this previously. I laughed at it. I think I answered with a question. Why would a girl be naked in front of me in the first place? They clarified with "an intention to seduce me." I got totally uncomfortable and muttered something like "nothing..."

I have had sexual intercourse with a woman. I enjoyed it, as far as being able to reach an orgasm is concerned. I was not sexually aroused by her body, by her breasts or her vagina. But my penis reacted when she started touching it, and as I mounted her.

This was way back. I don't think I could even muster an erection if it happened to me now.

Reading her response, I got the intent of the question all wrong:

Kung lalagyan ng malisya, ang inaasahang sagot sa tanong na ito ay "siyempre, susunggaban ko." May pagtingin kasi na ang mga LGBT ay hayok sa laman, walang pinapalampas at join sa lahat.

Ang caricature, ang two-dimensional, ang unfair. Choosy din naman kami.

Ohhhh. So, in my situation, it would have been a naked guy in front of me. What would I do? I admit I am a sexual person. And I get aroused by men I find attractive. So the answer would be tentative. "Ano ba ang itsura niya? With a twinkle in my eyes.

Am I reinforcing the caricature with such an answer?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Take His Name In Vain

I've wondered how one "takes the name of the Lord God in vain"? I've grown up believing that this is as simple as using God's name when cursing. OMG! Jesus Christ! - have I broken the Commandment then?

According to "in vain" - without effect or avail; to no purpose

There are many references that appear online when I googled the verse. Most of these center on the behavior of swearing. One swears to testify to the truth of one's statements. It is beyond a statement. And usually, a swear statement is uttered when listeners doubt the veracity of the statement.

I am a graduate of Harvard.

Swear statements:
I swear I am a graduate of Harvard.
I swear under oath that I am a graduate of Harvard.
I swear, on my grandmother's grave, that I graduated from Harvard.
I swear, with God as my witness, that I graduated from Harvard. (Or 'so help me God')
I swear, and may God strike me dead if it is not true, that I graduated from Harvard.

The last two statements use God. His Name becomes a testament to the truth of statement. Is this in violation of the commandment? To my opinion, it is not IF that statement is actually true, if that statement has a purpose.

It becomes "vain" if that statement is false. It has no effect or bearing because it is untrue. And this is the biggest offense or dishonor to God's name. One should not dare use His Name to claim a false statement. It is the worst insult and disregard of God. It is a profanity.

In the New Testament, Jesus 'fulfills' this and goes beyond by reiterating that one "should say yes when one means yes and no when one means no". When one is truthful and honest, there is no need for swearing.

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