Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That Sweet Spot 1

"Sir, please. I need the money badly." Lorenzo texted.

He was very insistent. Luke could almost picture him, begging for 'work' for the night.

Luke was not sure he wanted a massage then. He just had one last week. He promised himself he was going to limit this indulgence to twice a month.

"I really don't need a massage right now."

"Please, Sir. I'll give you a really good time. Promise!"

He tried to remember how Lorenzo got his number. He actually texted from out of the blue two months ago.

"Hello Sir! This is Lorenzo. Maybe you would like to try my massage sometime."

Luke read the message and wondered who this guy was. Just yesterday, he was stood up by this therapist, Von, and he was still very pissed over that. Von was a referred masahista, referred by one of Luke's regulars. Luke was instantly attracted to Von, he was uncommonly handsome, tall, with a naturally sexy body, not created in the gym floor. He didn't give a great massage but he was just too darn good-looking. Luke knew he wanted to try him again after that first time. Unfortunately, after setting the visit up, Von didn't show up. He was left high and dry, and super-irritated.

It seemed weird that he would suddenly get this unsolicited massage offer from some strange number.

"Who gave you my number?" Luke asked.

"Von did, Sir."

Whaaat? Luke thought to himself. How dare him give his number away just like that.

"Sorry. I don't entertain therapists who were not referred to me."

"Ah, is that so? No problem, Sir. Thanks."

Oddly, Lorenzo seemed politely. He respected that and stopped texting. Until two weeks after.

"Hello Sir. Kamusta?"

Luke saved his number, just in case. Since he was in a better mood, he decided to reply.

"I'm ok. You?"

"Good, Sir. Maybe you would like to try my massage?"

It's been two weeks since that no-show incident. Luke was horny and quite curious about this guy.

"Hmm. You got an FB account?"

"Sure, Sir. Just search for this." Lorenzo dictated the email address.

Luke quickly searched for the FB profile and looked at the photo. Not bad-looking at all. Though there were certainly some unflattering angles.

"Did you see it, Sir?"

"Yes. I found it. How tall are you?"

"5'11" po."

"Is Von your friend?"

"He's actually my cousin, Sir. Would you like to try?"

"How much is your PF?"

"P2K Sir."

"Ahh. Too much. Beyond budget." Luke never paid more than P1,500.

"But that includes all the extra, Sir."

"I have regular therapists that give me all I need at less cost."

"Like how much, Sir?"

Bargaining time. "P1,200 max"

"Wow, Sir. That's too low."

"Well, sorry. That's all I'll pay for it." Luke was driving a hard bargain. Horny and achy as he was, he still could forego another week without a massage.

"Sir, just add a little more. Please."

That 'please' part surprised Luke. He looked at the FB profile again. He wondered how he would actually look in person.

"I'll add P200 more."

"Make it P300, Sir. Please. You won't regret it."

Horniness got the better of him and he agreed. They set the time for early evening.

Lorenzo was prompt. He walked inside the living room and Luke knew he wasn't exaggerating about the height. He is tall and lanky, broad shouldered. He had thick eyebrows on a long face.  He was better looking in person, though still not as handsome as Von.

Luke showed him the way to the bedroom. Lorenzo gamely took of his clothes and was down to his underwear, boxer briefs. Luke stripped naked and lied down on the bed. The massage started.

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