Monday, June 25, 2007

Döner Kebab

this is actually the shawarma beef as we know it in manila. the Döner Kebab as it is actually spelled in Turkey means 'turning roast'. the beef is really tasty, even without the sauces. served by hot young turkish men makes this kebab delightful!

Malling in Dubai

Awesome how this little emirate has managed to 'create itself' out of the desert nothingness in just 30 years! It is transforming itself into the tourism hub of the Middle East, not because of its centuries-old architecture but because of its malls & 21st century lifestyle! i visited about 8 malls (and missed about 5 more), one only months since it opened.

the urban mall is an art form for these people. and with so much money, they could do anything. british architects and hong kong designers are having a ball with the creative restraints removed! so much attention to detail!

and as i mentioned in my post, the malls they build are spacious, corridors are wide. they make use of as much available sunlight. and lighting is warm white, not yellow! HA! but beyond that, malls in Dubai have consistent themes to play with. one mall had 'courts', shopping pavilions designed in certain themes (chinese, indian, persian, tunisian, etc.) and this theme is played out wall-to-wall! in the atrium of the chinese court, there's this huge Chinese junk! there's another mall, with one end looking like the Rialto of Venice and the other, the Central Station in London!

gaudy at times but hey, you marvel at the fact that they could do it. and did i mention skiing inside the mall... at the Mall of Emirates. skiing not ice skating (so megamall). complete with cable car to take skiers to the top!

and because of this, they have attracted fashion's & retailing's biggest names. some, of course, we already have. but a lot more shops we are barely aware of (or we could barely pronounce!). astronomical prices but the display windows are great...

you could set your credit card on fire...

Church-going in UAE

Heard Mass at a Catholic church in Sharjah, neighbor emirate to Dubai. I was amazed at the number of Catholic Indians attending the service, praying the Holy Rosary before the Mass.

All of them, as in all of them, were actively reciting the prayers, responding and singing! It was awesome to hear an active church. I am particularly aware of this because this is what our parish priest always dreams of for our parish here in Manila. Though there are a lot of churchgoers, participation is minimal. The commentators and the choir lord it over because the congregation is largely silent (or murmuring their prayers). You really feel the community come alive.

On the downside, the Indians retain their 'assertiveness'. They would 'insert' themselves in packed pews and would not apologize for bumping into you.

But the fervor is amazing and infectious...

Friday, June 22, 2007

fitness feast extension!

i've been to some fitness first branches in europe (paris, madrid) and had just about given up on getting as lucky in wet areas as the philippine branches. until i visited dubai!

worked out at one of 3 branches here, populated by pinoys (at the reception, the fitness instructors, etc) so i felt quite at home. (actually the entire emirate seems like a branch of the philippines! hahaha). just used the treadmill (it was 7pm). the place is almost exactly like the ones back in p.i. but with LCD flat screens as monitors instead.

funny that they even had fliers specifying proper decorum "no nudity please. dress modestly." sigh. i guess i wont be treated to a free show then.

lots of caucasians, hindu races... some really gorgeous guys buffed to the max. i felt so puny working out there.

wet floor time! steam room first. nice but kinda small. temperature perfect for siomai. hehehe. just one other afam inside, modestly covered with a towel, seemed intent on sweating. guy leaves me all alone.

enter HUGE afam, as in tall and built... about 6' with a perfect buffed bod and blond hair (looked scandinavian) with just the hand towel flimsily covering his privates as he went inside. towel doesnt cover much, considering his size and the size of his member. good grief.. huge while flaccid. he covers his member with his large hands. oh well.

that goes on as i try not to stare at him. wouldnt want to get a black-eye.

but something about the way his hands cover his member makes it suspect.

other guys come in. sven exits. (ill use this name for him. he looks like a sven) i exit soon after and go to the dry sauna. am all alone. soon, sven enters and sits diagonally across me. sits down, briefly exposing the huge member and covers it.

so i try NOT to look but again, i find myself staring at his hands... fingers are moving oh so slightly. SHIT, guy is actually caressing his member. oh no. i cant be this lucky. oh wow, he sees me staring and carefully touching myself too. sven now doesnt bother to hide massaging his member openly. oh man, oh man, oh man... this is just too much... huge afam, fantastically built, huge tool jerking in front of me!!!

soon we were both into it. but it didnt last long. too many people around. we didnt even consumate. besides, it was already too hot inside. sven leaves. and i am left there, bewildered again. too much. too much.

they serve fitness feast even in dubai.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Istanbul Greetıngs

ım kıllıng tıme, waıtıng for my flıght to dubaı. fınally got to spend a few mınutes at the ınternet cafe near my lıttle (read: cheap) hotel ın the Europe sıde of the cıty (near the really great hıstorıc monuments here).

how do ı lıke ıstanbul? let me count the ways...

ı do NOT lıke thıeves. yes, ı fell vıctım to one. wallet gone. not too sad because ı managed to put all lıcenses and cards ın another place and left just some walkıng money. but stıll got me really mad. ı thought ı was beıng careful but ıt happened too quıcklyç

ı do NOT lıke the overly solıcıtous people. sınce ı am so pınoy-lookıng, ı have TOURIST wrıtten all over my face. a lot of them just come up to you and chıt-chat, and ask ıf you need help. on my 2nd day, ı actually chatted wıth one. and he took me to thıs carpet place. 'no pressure to buy' he saıd. carpet owner ınvıted me ın and offered me turkısh apple tea (whıch ıs really good!). and goes on to talk about the dıfferent carpet varıetıes.. blah blah. ın short, a sales pıtch! sus! kept on askıng me whıch ı lıke among the ones he showed and, the clıncher - how much wıll ı pay for ıt. when ı ınsısted ı wasn't ınterested, guy goes ballıstıc! and ı argued that ı was beıng pressured to buy. and that he really resented! ı stormed out of that place! yuck!

BUT some of them are just terrıbly gorgeous. as ın super gorgeous. body buılders they are not but they have naturally broad shoulders.. some of them have creamy skın, blemısh-free wıth a natural blush. ıntense eyes and bushy eyebrows. but because of my experıence above, ı dıdnt bother to taste.

I love the hıstorıc monuments, some datıng back to the 4th century!!! as ın, nakatayo pa ın an earthquake-prone area!

theır kebabs are for real.. and very tasty even wıthout the yogurt sauce!

wıll keep you posted soon as ı get my chance...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great display!

Caught this nice display of Folded & Hung at Trinoma. These are life size photos of their ramp models from recent fashion show. These were mounted like paperdolls and set on a ramp. Ganda ng impact!

On another note, do you like Trinoma? I dont like the small shop corridors with low ceilings and yellow light. I think malls should be wide, spacious with bright lights or even sunlight. The Block at SM City best exemplifies the trend. Trinoma doesnt look Ayala-ish.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

generation gap

active or passive?
giver or receiver?

(kindly deadma the picture, wala lang akong mailagay)

this is a classic case of generation gap. i continue to be shocked when 20somethings ask me this. i never knew till now that penetration is such an integral part of the act. wow. "its like, its not consumated if there's no fucking..."

my take on evolution:

sinaunang panahon - straight "macho" guy and effeminate fag "shoke" (two syllables po). that was the only combination. if you were gay, you were supposed to run after straight guys and get off on either jerking him off or giving him head. and there's no loss of masculinity on their part. and heaven forbid if you start jerking yourself off while blowing him. rarely, he would penetrate you. kissing? hardly. i grew up with this consciousness.

generation ko - gay to gay. pangit pakinggan no? okay MSM men having sex with men. but this time, both of you are homosexual, enjoying mutual sexual satisfaction, heavy petting and kissing ending up in mutual jerk-off or blowjobs, especially the iconic "69". very western, started becoming trendy in the 80's as Coco Banana was in its twilight years. anal penetration was not rampant at all. we all had fun with fellatio.

this generation - still MSM, but with anal penetration as SOP. wow. roles more defined: TOP or BOTTOM, or VERSA (sounds like a car model).

am i complaining? hmmm. kinda. im still not THAT comfortable with anal sex, giving or receiving. i can have great sex without it. and with the AIDS still very much around, putting on rubber has become a chore.

top or bottom? me? VERSA! pero pwede bang kiss-sabay-hug na lang muna?

Istanbul Wardrobe

Friday, June 8, 2007


i am into fashion... no, not designing. just dressing up, looking good. im a metrohomosexual. hahaha.
i started really getting into it when i lost a significant amount of flab. i figured i could finally fit into those tight fitting shirts (mahig-fit baga).

everytime i travel, i plan out my wardrobe weeks in advance. first, i choose the general color scheme or palette for the trip. this depends on the season, and of course, what's hot. for my bora trip, i chose aqua blue, white, lighter shades of grey, a bit of the nautical, without the stripes. (aqua is still the hot cool color). based on this palette, i look at what i have. tops (shirts, tank tops), shorts, pants, footwear and accessories. i mix and match the top with bottom. then i shop for what i still don't have.

i enjoy shopping only when i have something in mind. the search for that perfect pair or accessory becomes a mission to be fulfilled. for the recent bora trip, i still needed: white pair of board shorts, short-sleeve collared shirt in a shade of aqua, blue & white tank tops, white flip flops, white fedora-type woven hat. i found the shorts in monna kikki (the billabong one was just too much), and the collared cotton shirt. white flip flops from crocs (not havaianas, hate them because they're too flat and stiff). i tried to look for the woven hat in top man, chocolate & tonic shops... expensive and not exactly what i wanted. i finally got the one i really wanted in bora!

for my trip to istanbul-dubai, im looking at neutral tones (greys, whites, creams) with some light colors to match (light yellow, pink, blue). i have laid my wardrobe for the next two weeks on my dining table. i check and double check before packing. i still needed grey pin-striped shorts, shirts with grey and blue accents.

a note on having a color palette: this helps a lot in having lighter luggages. when i went to beijing last year, i chose earth tones and nature colors (forest green, khaki). i had a good pair of brown leather hiking boots only. i didnt have to bring different pairs of shoes to match with different sets of apparel.

from here on, i'll be sharing some fashion tips for those who might want to know..

kikay no?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

on being d' boss

two of my direct reports have recently resigned. one of them has been with the firm for 12 years, the other 5 years. they recently sent me their bye-bye letters. and i am touched by the way they look at me as their 'best boss' ever.

honestly, i dont think of myself much of a 'boss'. though in the closet, i behave as naturally as i could. and that means some slip-ups from time to time LOL (that's another post!). seriously, though, i am proud that i have helped the firm achieve leadership in certain categories. and i've been asked quite a number of times "how do you do it?"

in the hope that some of you may actually pick up a thing or two, here are some random thoughts on leadership and management:
- you have to love developing people, seeing them grow, mature and take on more responsibility. be secure enough about your own abilities to let people shine on their own. proudly proclaim their achievements. give them credit where credit is due.
- learn to think big picture first. though situations and problems are complex, most could be reduced to a few critical variables. I have asked all my team members to give me summary first before diving into the details. Zoom out then zoom in.
- you could be a leader without the position. leadership is influencing, motivating people to achieve positive communal goals.
- if you have the position, earn the respect. don't assume that the position will automatically grant you the respect from your peers and your people. work for it. reach out, understand, listen, decide...
- follow through, always. once projects are started, follow through. implement, monitor, adjust if necessary. this is where a lot of managers fail.
- be kind but firm. compassionate but decisive.

hmmm. enough for now...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

you make me wanna...

readers, your comments make me wanna blog some more. i just wanna thank you for taking time out to write, whether you agree with me or not. ayan tuloy, dumadami na naman ang post ko. salamat po!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

prinsipyo Part 2

Case 2

i have a girl friend (note the spelling) who's based in the U.S. for the longest time, she was TNT. finally she was able to hook up with a cute american who married her and her papers are being processed as we speak. the sad note to this otherwise happy ending is the cutie american is not exactly mr perfect. let's just say he has anger management problems. (no, nothing physical but verbal) before they got married, it was getting pretty bad that she told her sisters about it. naturalmente, her sisters (settled U.S. citizens with families) were totally against the relationship. but despite that, cutie american mended his ways and went through counselling (oh di ba?). so girl friend welcomed him back and they got married.

sisters remain highly suspicious and critical of the relationship. so they have started to distance themselves from girl friend. it was their way of telling her of their disapproval. girl friend continues to reach out but gets shut out. i guess that as long as she remains married to him, they will remain cold.

different spin:

should sisters continue to stay cold and distant because they believe he is the wrong man for her?

is this a case of 'standing your ground', wanting to see someone you love correct her behavior by changing your own behavior towards her?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Katawang Pinang-Bora

This is the bod i strutted on the beach of Boracay. Nothing really fantastic actually. But it gave me a good share of gazes. Lol! What matters there is a toned bod, not necessarily very muscular. A tummy tucked in gets a nod.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

prinsipyo vs friendster

lately, i have been encountering friends and family who seem to be having some internal conflict.

Case 1:
he is a very dear friend of mine. we went to school together. intelligent, loud, witty and very entertaining. he knows my partner personally, too. i share my secrets with him, including all those that i post here. he seems to enjoy the juicy stories, the sex-capades. one time, he was honest enough to admit that he has been struggling with my "infidelity disclosures". he believes strongly in a faithful, exclusive relationship, regardless of gender. and as much as he enjoys my company and my stories, he remains 'unhappy' that i am unfaithful. and knowing my partner personally made matters worse for him.

he is careful not to 'judge' me but hasn't judgment been made already?

should he stand his ground and simply let go of our friendship? should this be a way of 'standing by his principles' and showing his disapproval of my ways?

or is there a middle ground somewhere... he remains a friend and listens and enjoys and accepts while remaining true to his principle by not practicing it himself?