Friday, June 22, 2007

fitness feast extension!

i've been to some fitness first branches in europe (paris, madrid) and had just about given up on getting as lucky in wet areas as the philippine branches. until i visited dubai!

worked out at one of 3 branches here, populated by pinoys (at the reception, the fitness instructors, etc) so i felt quite at home. (actually the entire emirate seems like a branch of the philippines! hahaha). just used the treadmill (it was 7pm). the place is almost exactly like the ones back in p.i. but with LCD flat screens as monitors instead.

funny that they even had fliers specifying proper decorum "no nudity please. dress modestly." sigh. i guess i wont be treated to a free show then.

lots of caucasians, hindu races... some really gorgeous guys buffed to the max. i felt so puny working out there.

wet floor time! steam room first. nice but kinda small. temperature perfect for siomai. hehehe. just one other afam inside, modestly covered with a towel, seemed intent on sweating. guy leaves me all alone.

enter HUGE afam, as in tall and built... about 6' with a perfect buffed bod and blond hair (looked scandinavian) with just the hand towel flimsily covering his privates as he went inside. towel doesnt cover much, considering his size and the size of his member. good grief.. huge while flaccid. he covers his member with his large hands. oh well.

that goes on as i try not to stare at him. wouldnt want to get a black-eye.

but something about the way his hands cover his member makes it suspect.

other guys come in. sven exits. (ill use this name for him. he looks like a sven) i exit soon after and go to the dry sauna. am all alone. soon, sven enters and sits diagonally across me. sits down, briefly exposing the huge member and covers it.

so i try NOT to look but again, i find myself staring at his hands... fingers are moving oh so slightly. SHIT, guy is actually caressing his member. oh no. i cant be this lucky. oh wow, he sees me staring and carefully touching myself too. sven now doesnt bother to hide massaging his member openly. oh man, oh man, oh man... this is just too much... huge afam, fantastically built, huge tool jerking in front of me!!!

soon we were both into it. but it didnt last long. too many people around. we didnt even consumate. besides, it was already too hot inside. sven leaves. and i am left there, bewildered again. too much. too much.

they serve fitness feast even in dubai.


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Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Wow. Joel McVie was right when he said your blog was interesting...

closet case said...

thanks, marcus! dont know if i could sustain the interesting part though. :) stay cool