Monday, June 25, 2007

Church-going in UAE

Heard Mass at a Catholic church in Sharjah, neighbor emirate to Dubai. I was amazed at the number of Catholic Indians attending the service, praying the Holy Rosary before the Mass.

All of them, as in all of them, were actively reciting the prayers, responding and singing! It was awesome to hear an active church. I am particularly aware of this because this is what our parish priest always dreams of for our parish here in Manila. Though there are a lot of churchgoers, participation is minimal. The commentators and the choir lord it over because the congregation is largely silent (or murmuring their prayers). You really feel the community come alive.

On the downside, the Indians retain their 'assertiveness'. They would 'insert' themselves in packed pews and would not apologize for bumping into you.

But the fervor is amazing and infectious...