Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great display!

Caught this nice display of Folded & Hung at Trinoma. These are life size photos of their ramp models from recent fashion show. These were mounted like paperdolls and set on a ramp. Ganda ng impact!

On another note, do you like Trinoma? I dont like the small shop corridors with low ceilings and yellow light. I think malls should be wide, spacious with bright lights or even sunlight. The Block at SM City best exemplifies the trend. Trinoma doesnt look Ayala-ish.


Anonymous said...

Trinoma's architecture reminds me of Glorietta's. The crowd, reminds me of Manuela's. =) Gateway Mall regulars look more sosyal than Trinoma's. (And that is saying a lot).

I like that the mall can easily be reached via MRT. This is its big advantage over SM north.

I like the 4th (?) level of Trinoma ..which will contain many high-end stores.. and the fact that there are stores in Trinoma not usually found in other malls.
(it's as if...there is a clear demarcation rule... "ang masa...first to third floor... ang mga sosyal...fourth to fifth floor" hahahahaha)

I like the "greenbelt feel" of the 5th (?) level - rows and rows of restaurants with al fresco, garden-fountain-mist-waterfall setting.

Yesterday morning, I took breakfast with my dad at Krispy Kreme in Bonifacio High Street... and in the evening, I was in Trinoma... and it makes me really, really, really wonder.... are we a rich nation pretending to be poor? what's with the mushrooming of malls, and all other developments going around?

Happy Trip C.C. Please tell Ylmaz that we are on his side...hahahaha.


joelmcvie said...

I actually like Tri Noma. I found the corridors wide enough, not too narrow. And I didn't find the ceilings too low (but then I'm shorter than you, hahaha). Instead of opening up the corridors to sunlight, Tri Noma actually made outdoor space with their rooftop garden and terraces.

Oh, and yellow light is still better for skin tone, hahaha.

Wentle said...

nice... hmm how come i didnt see you there? hahah =P kidding =)

...admiring from the sidelines...

closet case said...

greetings from istanbul!

i guess i should give trinoma a second chance!

and mcvie... not THAT yellow light... it should be warm white... :)

JOSH said...

I had myself taken photo shots frm my cell with these human boards, hehehe. (vain!)

closet case said...

cute di ba? really ingenious. so feeling ramp model ka rin, josh, when you posed with the boards...