Friday, March 7, 2014

Business Trip 4

"Oh shit! What does he want?" Jeffrey immediately straightened up and almost panicked.

Ryan didn't answer, He was already on the phone talking to his partner. He was speaking normally. That must be a good sign. Nevertheless, Jeffrey remained uneasy.

"I'm still here... Yeah... Really?... Ok. Bye." That was all that Jeff overheard. Then he turned to Jeff, as he had started to gather his things.

"What's wrong? Is he pissed?" He asked alarmed.

"Hahaha. No. Nothing like that. We are an open couple. He actually wnted me to ask you, would you like a threesome?"

“@hat? A what?"

"Don't act coy, Jeff. Come on. A threesome. Three-way."

Jeff was caugt off guard. “Ahhh.. I don’t know.”

“You should see him. He’s hot. Seriously!” Ryan grabbed his phone and went through his files.

Jeff was stil hesitating. “Do you know what time it is? I have to get up early tomorrow.” he protested.

Ryan showed him pics on his phone that made his eyes pop. Jeff wasn’t kidding at all. The guy on the pic was gorgeous. He was dark skinned and muscular. The round collar shirt he was wearing seemed ready to burst. His face was not classically handsome. But it was an over-all animalistic appeal.

Ryan saw that Jeff found the opportunity harder to resist now. He laughed.

“He really is hot in person. So, do I tell him to come over?”

Jeff’s head is reeling now. How many opportunities like this does one encounter in a lifetime? A chance to have sex with two hot guys, with no effort at all? But what if it’s all a trick? At the very least, it wouldn’t turn out as hot. Worse is if they have something sinister planned. What if it is a ploy and they would rob him and hurt him or stab him, even?

Ryan saw the concern, mixed with excitement. He leaned over and whispered “Hey, it’s not so often we invite a third party. I just know we’ll all hit it off.”

Jeff weakly protested. “But what about work tomorrow?”

“It won’t take long. And we’ll both take you back to the hotel. Alan’s got a car.”
“So that’s his name? Alan?”

“Yup. I’ll call him?”

Reluctantly, Jeff nodded. Ryan reached for his phone and called Alan.

“In about twenty minutes, he’ll be here. Meanwhile, you relax. Lie on your stomach.”


“I’ll give you a massage!”

“Oh. ok..” Jeff complied. Soon enough, he was enjoying the good massage Ryan was giving. And he even started to doze off.

“Hey, don’t sleep on me!”

After a short while, they heard the garage door open.

“Yes! He’s here.” Ryan jumped out of the bed to welcome Alan. He opened the door even before Alan had a chance to knock.

“Hey baby. I want you to meet my hot guest. Sir Jeffrey!”

Alan walked in every bit as gorgeous as his picture. Maybe even more. He is probably older than Ryan yet looked really great. Suddenly Jeff felt insecure about the way he looked.

Alan walked over and offered his hand for a shake. Jeff shook it, meekly.

“Didn’t I tell you he is hot?” Ryan looked at Jeff. Jeff could only nod in agreement.

Alan looked embarrassed at the compliment. “Can I feel more comfortable?” he politely asked Jeff.

Again, Jeff nodded mutely, still unbelieving that this was all happening. Alan took off his shirt to reveal the rippling muscles. Jeff felt his jaw drop. And when he was down to his boxers, Jeff’s knees were weak. He approached Jeff but Jeff backed off a bit.

“Uhmm can I watch you two first?” Jeff asked.

“You sure?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah. You both look so great. It would be like watching porn.” Jeff found his voice and it was betraying his excitement.

Ryan went closer to his boyfriend and kissed him. Their arms locked in a tight embrace as they eagerly frenchkissed. It looks like ‘performing’ for an audience excited them. Meanwhile, Jeff settled on the bed and just lapped it all up. His cock was getting hard effortlessly.

Ryan was now going down on Alan’s chest. That chest that just won’t quit. With huge nipples that were so ready for biting. Ryan licked and sucked those nipples as Alan groaned.

He got to the navel and pulled the boxers down to expose the throbbing brown meat. But instead of swallowing the cock, he held it and looked at Jeffrey. He teased the head while maintaining eye contact. He is obviously getting into the role. It drove Jeff crazy.

Alan couldn’t hold it anymore and shoved his cock into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan gagged but quickly recovered. He let his boyfriend facefuck him. Alan was getting into it as well, thrusting his hips as he would occasionally glance at Jeff. Jeff was slowly stroking his own cock while watching.

Alan stopped Ryan and helped him up. They kissed momentarily before looking at Jeff. Alan motioned and they both wen to the bed to approach Jeff. Alan positioned himself at Jeff’s face and started stroking his cock. Ryan quickly went down on Jeff’s cock. Jeff grabbed that cock, looked up at Alan, and saw the huge pecs. He quickly swallowed the cock which made Alan moan softly.

With his free hand, Jeff fondled Alan’s smooth bubble butt. He wet his finger and probed Alan’s asshole. Meanwhile, he felt Ryan doing exactly the same thing to his butthole. The sandwiched feeling drove him crazy and he relaxed. He felt Ryan’s finger freely slide up the hole. And he started to enjoy it. Ryan stopped, got up and went to get something in Alan’s trousers. Condoms.

Alan pulled back and sat on the bed, beside Jeff. Ryan took the condoms and gave one to Jeff as he opened one and placed it on the bedside table. He winked at Jeff.

“We’ll start. Watch us.”

Alan got on all fours. Jeff watched us Ryan rimmed Alan well, licking and even biting his ass. With Alan all relaxed, Ryan took the condom and slipped it over his still-hard cock. He slowly put his cock inside, very slowly, allowing Jeff to see his cock slide in, inch by inch. Ryan was such a performer. With the cock all inside, he started thrusting his hips, first at a slow pace, then gradually picking up the tempo. Even as Ryan was fucking him, he leaned over and started sucking on Jeff’s cock. This scene was another mind-blower for Jeff. This huge muscled man feasting on his cock, his shoulders and ripped back before him. Looking up he saw how Ryan was ramming his own cock into that big butt of his. And Ryan just looking at him, as if he was fucking him, not Alan.

“Switch places?” asked Ryan.


“Do you wanna fuck him or do you want me to fuck you?” Ryan winked.

“Oh.” Jeff looked for the condoms and grabbed one. He couldn’t resist wanting to fuck Alan, too. But this time, Alan laid on the bed, on his back. Ryan placed a couple of pillows under him to raise his butt.

“Fuck him, Jeff. Fuck him hard.”

Jeff knelt in front of Alan and just admired the scene first. He caressed his cock to make sure it was still rigid. Alan raised his legs up as Jeff guided his cock into the asshole. It slipped inside easily. Holding one leg up, Jeff started pumping his cock into Alan’s butt. The awesome power that he associated with being top came back to him. With this Adonis begging him to fuck him, he was nearing the moment.

He saw Ryan jerking himself off, watching them. And he also saw how Alan was all hard again, his own hand pumping his cock as he was being fucked. Jeff desperately tried to slow down to keep from climax.

“Shit! Shit! Can’t hold it.” cried Alan out as Jeff was still pumping him. And when he started coming, Jeff felt his asshole tighten its grip around his cock. Cum oozed out his cock. His abs undulated with spasm. He was drenched with sweat. Jeff kept on controlling his ejaculation.

“Oh fuck.” Ryan suddenly uttered. He approached Alan’s body and started squirting jism on his lover’s chest. He had his eyes closed so intensely as he was squeezing every drop from his red-headed cock.

Jeff couldn’t hold it any longer. He pulled from Alan’s butthole and quickly removed the rubber. He was deliriously moaning as he jerked and squeezed the cum out of his cock, coming all over Alan’s cock and navel. “Jesus!”

He exhaustedly laid down on the bed, beside Alan. And he noticed Ryan was on the other side. All he could hear was everyone panting. And the scent of cum and sweat hung heavily.

Ryan got up. “Sir, let’s move. We gotta get you back to the hotel.”

Jeff didn’t want to get up yet. But he was grateful that Ryan was insistent. “You go first.” Ryan signaled to him to go shower up. Alan was already snoring. “I’ll wake him up. Don’t worry.”

The trip back to the hotel was quiet. Both of them were up front as Jeff sat at the back. They dropped him off at the gate, careful that none of the guards might recognize Ryan.

“Thanks, guys. Thanks for bringing me back. Drive safely.” he waved at them as he walked up the ramp to the hotel entrance.

As he was walking towards the elevator, he received a message from Ryan.

“Hope it was good for you. I’ll miss you.”

Jeff looked at the message and smiled. He knew this was not going to be the last time he’ll see him or Alan.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who is to say?

Love is so much bigger than my limited experiences of it. Five people have taught me this precious lesson.

From one dimension, I have this two gayfriends They are both into straight guys. I have always thought that was a sure road to disappointment. By definition, these guys would always be looking for girls to love, right?

In my journey, I went through that - falling for straight guys. That was in high school. Though my boyfriends then were straight, they were the ones who pursued. I felt the first stirrings of emotional love through those relationships. But as I entered college, I felt that it wouldn't or couldn't be what love was. There can't be longterm reciprocity.

I chanced upon learning about the category 'straight-acting gays' at that time. It was still called 'macho gay'. Macho gays hook up with other macho gays. That was some sort of epiphany. I knew what I wanted to become. I knew whom I was going to love and be loved in return.

I pursued that 'path' as these friends pursued theirs. We are 'in touch' with other thru that great invention called 'Facebook'. Both these friends of mine are now in relationships with hot, gorgeous straight guys. Both relationships have lasted for more than two years and going strong. Both of them feel loved, and they love in return. And these are not financial in nature. I used to be puzzled at how these could even come to be.

But not anymore. Who is to say that theirs is not love, simply because I impose my 'logic' on them?

Another two friends are posting photos of themselves in relationships. This time, both friends are in relationships with women. I know for a fact that both have had homosexual relationships. But now, all I see are their happy posts as straight couples.

I would quickly raise an eyebrow, as I viewed their timelines. Are these cases of MHL (My Husband's Lover) yet again? Talking to one of them, I learned that his love is as genuine and real as his love for his previous male partners. I still had my eyebrow raised as he was talking. To myself, I was quickly dismissing the relationship as false, as an example of how he has given in to pressure.

But not anymore. Who is to say that theirs is not love but convenience simply because I impose my prejudices on them?

Finally, I have just watched "her". The impulsive reaction is to question the truth about his 'love' experience. With an operating system? Seriously? But the way that 'love story' played out made me think, is it really any different? Was his experience less 'real'? I would have just dismissed it then.

But not anymore.

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