Monday, January 27, 2014

Business Trip 2

“Hey!” then he stood there just looking at Jeffrey. He looked so different. He looked really great in a baseball jacket with a round-collar white shirt and jeans. “Jeffrey.” he mumbled.

“Call me Jeff, Sir.”

He regained his wits. “Call me Ryan, Jeff.”

“Yes, Sir Jeff!”

“Drop the Sir.”

“Yes, Sir!” Jeff laughed. “I can’t help it, Sir. You’ll always be our guest.”

He laughed along with him. “So you live nearby, Jeff?”

“Yes, Sir. Just over the Ateneo side of the street. You alone, Sir?”

“Yeah, I just came from… “ then he realized he was about to say ‘massage’ so he buckled.


“I mean I came from BluGrey. I like the durian coffee.”

“Ah that’s cool, Sir. I don’t like durian.”

“Whaaat?? You’re from Davao and you don’t like durian??”

“Hahaha! I always get that reaction. Sir, not everyone from Davao likes durian. I just grew tired of it, I guess.”

“Hahaha Figures.. by the way, who’s with you?”

“Some friends from school, Sir. Just catching up.”

“You better go back to them.”

Jeff glanced at them. “They’re doing ok. I can stay with you, Sir. If you’d like some company.”

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. And he stammered as he replied. “Ahmm… You sure? No, I don’t mind. I mean… Yes, I’d like that. Some company.” Suddenly he was feeling flushed.

“Let’s stay there, Sir. It wouldn’t be as noisy. Is that fine with you?”

“Sure, Jeff. Lead the way.”

Jeff walked ahead of him. And he caught sight of that magnificent butt again. He felt his heart beating faster, wondering if the stars are aligning somehow for good luck.

Jeff ordered beers for both of them. He was certainly right at ease in the environs. And also with him. On the contrary, Ryan was like ill at ease, not wondering where this was going. He glanced around, trying to figure out what to say next.

"You don't like the place, Sir?"

"Uh No! I mean, I like the place, Jeffrey. I..."

"It's safe here, Sir, if that's what you're worried about. Crime rate really is low here. The mayor's got that covered."

"So I hear. You like her?"

"Oh yeah. I mean, I can walk on the streets and not feel scared. The hotel, it's right in downtown. But I can go and walk out. No hassle."

Ryan started to feel at ease. The guy is showing some depth. Something he wouldn't expect.

"That's good. Very important. I like doing business here."

"Yes. But then again, it can get boring. Same old, same old."

Ryan smiled a bit. "Must get boring for a young guy like you."

"Sometimes, yes. That's why I am raring to go."

Ryan felt a tinge of sadness when Jeff said that. He will definitely not see him again after this.

"Where are you off to?"


"Work's waiting for you there?"

"Yes.. and no. No, not that there's work there when I get there. I'll take a chance. A friend will make sure that I get in the hotel where he's at."

"That's nice. Also quite risky."

"Yup. But I got to take some risks. I'm not getting any younger. And the pay here, well.. won't work with the growing family."

"Family? Married?"

Jeff smiled. "Nah. Family is like mom, dad, siblings. Got a brother who didn't finish college. A bum. But got his girl pregnant. You know the story."

"Wow, the good son."

"Hardly. But the only one left who could do something."

Jeff was becoming more and more interesting.

"So you won't be getting married soon? What about the girlfriend?" He was slowly, carefully trying to verify things.

"Nah. Won't be marrying in a long time. Got to much on my plate." Hmm. Jeff seemed to have ignored the 'girlfriend' blurb.

"What does the girlfriend have to say about that?" Ryan pushed it.

"No girlfriends, Sir. Just work. Better that way. Less complications." Was Jeff just trying to avoid the topic? Ryan decided to back off. Maybe the guy was just being really nice to a hotel guest.

"How about you, Sir? Where's the family?" Uh-oh. The guy just turned the tables on him. Is he going to play coy? He decided to be ready to be upfront. He had no time to beat around the bush. He's got nothing to lose. At the very least, he will be honest about himself to him.

"I'm not married." he said curtly. And from looking at the beer bottle, Ryan slowly looked up to read Jeff's face.

"Oh. That's cool, Sir. I'll probably end up like you."

He laughed. "I don't think you know what that means."

Jeff smiled. "Probably, I don't. " Pause. "Or probably I do, Sir." then a big smile crossed his face.

A lump formed in Ryan's throat. Is this guy teasing or what??? He backtracked. Suddenly unsure of himself.

"Why would you like to end up like an old bachelor?"

"You don't look old, Sir."

"Oh yes, I am old. Don't flatter me."

"I'm not. You don't look old. And I won't even bother to ask how old you are. Seriously, Sir, I don't think you are." Ryan looked at Jeff's eyes. He actually looked like he meant it. Or is the alcohol getting to him?

"I won't argue. Thank you, Jeff."

"You're welcome. So for the record, Sir. I wouldn't mind ending up like you at all. " Again, no smiles. Just honest eyes.

Ryan glanced at his watch. It's almost midnight. And he still has that last meeting tomorrow. He decided to be finally upfront.

"Ending up like me means ending up probably alone, single. Because finding a good person to love, a good man to love, is just too hard nowadays." It must be the alcohol. He said it. And he didn't buckle at all. He said it matter-of-factly, unapologetically. He didn't try to emphasize any words, not even "good man". He looked at Jeff straight in the eye as he said it.

And Jeff stared right back at him. "That's pretty hard to believe, Sir. You shouldn't have any problems in the love department."

He stared at him again. No, the guy's looking serious. And his own heart is starting to beat wildly. "Well, I do. It's been a series of dates, endless dates. And still, single."

"You've probably been setting your standards too high." Ok. The alcohol is starting to get into his head. He is actually going to engage this hot young guy in front of him to a discussion about his love life, or the lack of it.

"You don't know that."

"No, I don't, Sir. So tell me. What are you looking for in a partner?" Oh shit. This is not meaningless banter anymore. This is direct flirtation. But why? Why now? Why here?

"Jeff, it's getting late. I have a meeting tomorrow."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No, I'm not. You are probably the nicest guy I've ever met here in this place. And I only have the hotel to thank for that. But..."

"But I did make you feel uneasy. I'm sorry." Jeff looked at him, again with that straightforward stare, so honest.

"Not your fault, Jeff. I better go." Ryan was fixing his things. Jeff just looked at him, not budging.

"I don't do this to other guests, Ryan."

Ryan stopped fiddling. He was surprised to hear Jeff call him by his name. "I'm not usually like this."

Ryan looked at him. Those honest eyes couldn't tell a lie. "So why are you doing this?"

"Because I like you. Yes. I liked you when I saw you. And I know that us meeting here, well, it was not by accident."

"You believe in those things?"

"Yes. And please don't mock me for believing in them." Ryan felt guilty for saying that.

"I wasn't mocking you."

"I saw you here. Just when I couldn't stop thinking of you after talking to you earlier. I was wondering if you'd be around tomorrow, knowing you are just visiting."

Ryan was dumbfounded again. He couldn't believe this young guy could be so straightforward, so sure of himself.

"I'm risking a lot. I shouldn't be talking to guests this way. But I saw you here. And I just had to talk to you."

Ryan felt guilty. He was attracted to Jeff, too, but a very physical level. He even had those fantasies. Suddenly, this guy was so earnest with him.

"If I ask you to come back with me to the hotel, would you?"

"No. That's a definite no-no. The CCTV will catch me. I'd be out of a job."

"So this is doomed."

"There are other places. But, would you come with me?"

Ryan thought about his meeting tomorrow. But he couldn't pass this chance up. He couldn't believe his good fortune. And it is this hot kid who wants him so badly. To hell with his meeting.

"Take me to one of those."

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Year 1

c3 and I, the couple, turn one year today.

Yup. One year. It seems longer to some of our friends. Well, because we knew each other longer than that. It was a very gradual process of getting to know each other. It was a friendship that started virtually, too, having been connected through social media. From no contact to one comment the friendship went, when we 4square-checked in at the same place, a party of a common friend.

Eventually, the comments became chats. And these became more regular. He was going through something and needed a friend outside his world. That needed a transition from virtual to real.

So we met up and had wine. From online chats to SMS and an occasional meet-up for updates. Then it was my turn to go through something. He was the friend to turn to. Then that 'something' turned to 'nothing' and I became ready again to let another person in.

He came in. He entered my life as partner last year. I asked him to come inside. I remember putting multiple post-its everywhere in his condo, asking him to be mine. He was surprised to see all that. He said 'yes'.

One year. Such a baby compared to some of my friends' relationships. But my track record is spotty. So I take things one year at a time.

This year one has been wonderful, c3. We begin Year 2 on a high.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

cc quickie: Guilt

I feel guilty for feeling like I do towards some friends of mine.

I am disappointed that I did not receive any note of gratitude for the gifts I gave some friends. Not one SMS. Not one Thank you. A part of me chides me for feeling this way. So unChristian.

But another part continues to feel it anyway. And that part wants to be honest about it even to them. If and when we encounter each other, I feel I should tell them I was disappointed. So they know. I have no intention of breaking the friendship anyway.

But then again, shouldn’t I just discard the feeling and forget it? They have their reasons for forgetting. Maybe they were just too busy.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Business Trip 1

"I need a drink." Ryan thought to himself. It was a tough day. The negotiations didn't seem to be proceeding as planned. Well, as 'they' planned it. 'They' meaning Head Office. It was one of those long meetings where each point made became an argument. And unfortunately, he was alone facing the team from the other side.

He got off the cab and wandered into the hotel lobby. He was thinking if he was going to go up to his hotel room first and change or just saunter into the bar and help himself to some alcohol. The practicality of immediate alcohol gratification won him over. He went inside the dimly lounge and saw just a few guests inside. The small stage where the band, if you could call it a band, was still in darkness. Do you consider a torch singer and her back-up guitarist a band?

He was welcomed by the waitress in a long skirt but with a slit that went all the way up. And if you were a hot-blooded male, your eyes would probably be imagining whether there was underwear underneath.

But Ryan ain't no male, though he remains as hot-blooded and horny as they come. And being tired from that meeting didn't take away that libido. It may have even made it more intense. What he could do with a great massage in his room now.

"Sir? Would you like a drink now?" The fantasy was interrupted. Not rudely because the waiter asking the question was a welcome sight. He was quite tall. And the waiter's uniform did not bother to hide the broad shoulders and the chest. Now if he was just the masseur...

"Ah yeah. Could you give me the wine list?" He asked, trying to be cool and unaffected.

"Certainly, Sir." The waiter turned around and walked towards the other end of the bar to pick up the wine list. Ryan found his jaw dropping at the sight of the buns of the guy. 'Sheesh', thought to himself 'What is it about their uniforms? Is the hotel deliberately pimping the staff?' And he glanced around at the waiters and waitresses around. They were all strangely attractive and sexy. Or maybe it's just the lighting. Or lack of it.

The waiter, 'Jeffrey' as his nameplate bears, handed him the wine list and opened it up for him. "We have good Australian wine here, Sir. The Shiraz is recommendable."

"Hmm. Well, that sounds good. Give me a glass." He didn't want to bother pretending he knew anything about wine. As long as it tastes fine, and it delivers the buzz he so badly needed, it should be good. Besides, he was training himself to enjoy the pleasures of wine.

As Jeffrey left to fetch his drink, the waitress came over with a bowl of complimentary peanuts. And he debated on whether he should actually order something to eat. The TV monitors were showing either sports or CNN, with the volume turned low. He was not interested in either. He casually glanced at the other patrons. There was an older guy, trying to flirt with a waitress. And a couple who obviously came from a city tour. Perhaps on a honeymoon because they had eyes only for each other.

Jeffrey came back and served Ryan his wine. He made him taste first. Then poured more when Ryan approved. Again, Ryan didn't bother to actually taste it. It seemed okay.

"I hope you are enjoying the city, Sir. Is this your first time?" Jeffrey asked.
"Here in Davao, nah. I come here often. Always on business."

"So you've never visited the tourist spots, Sir?"

"Yes, I have. There was a trip when some friends followed and we all took time off. I love this place."

Jeffrey smiled. And he didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave. There weren't too many guests. Just too many of them waiting on tables.

"That's nice to hear, Sir. Are you from Manila?"

"Yup. You been there?"

"No. I would love to. But I've always just been here."

"Are you really from here?"

"Yes, Sir. Grew up in Matina."

Matina. That's the beach area. He used to love it there, not so much for the swimming, but for the view of the sea. But it has become cluttered lately.

"Ah yes. I know the place."

"You do? Not a lot of tourists know Matina. Just Times Beach"

"I am hardly a tourist. I wouldn't even mind settling here."

"You'd probably get bored, Sir."

"Bored? Why? You've got malls, bars and restos."

"Yes, Sir, but Davao City is really small, even if it has a huge land area."

Impressive, Ryan thought. The boy knew his geography. Well, some of it.

"I like it here. Just a few miles up, you got a huge mountain, and springs and forests. Then a few miles down, you have the beach. What else would you look for?"

"That's true, Sir. But if you are from Manila, it might bore you eventually... Would you want another glass?"

Ryan didn't realize he had already downed the glass and as they were chatting. He found Jeffrey hot and charming. And he was actually giddy that he was spending time chatting with him.

"Sure. Thanks."

Yes, he is horny now. Horny for Jeffrey. And he has no idea how to get from this point to getting into the boy's pants. Was he going to be bolder? Could he afford to be? He realized he only had two more days left.

Jeffrey returned with the bottle and poured him some more wine. But he was accompanied by a waitress this time. Ryan was puzzled.

"Sir, this is Ina. She'll take care of you for the rest of the night. I'm ending my shift."

'Damn! I haven't had the chance to get his number!!' Ryan cursed his fate. He smiled at Ina dryly. "Hello Ina. Could you get me the menu?" He suddenly felt hungry. With Jeffrey leaving, he might as well just grab something to eat.

He would have wanted to say goodbye, at least. But Jeffrey never came back. So he busied himself with his dinner. And soon enough, the 'band' had their first set. That was enough of a diversion till he started to feel the buzz, about four glasses later. And he was surprised it was just 10 minutes short of 9pm.

The horniness was still there. He decided to take a chance on the massage places around town. He was referred to one, quite near the hotel. So he had the concierge hail him a cab to take him there. "Amaranthus" was the name of the place. Exotic sounding for a rundown 'spa', if you could call it that.

A big guy greeted him at the makeshift counter. He looked around at the bamboo furniture and realized how dingy the place actually looked. But when he turned his attention to the receptionist, the guy was actually easy on the eyes. And he was more surprised to realize that he was going to be his therapist.

Small cubicles with plywood walls. A tiny cot and a plastic stool beside it. He was thankful for the buzz that made him easily forget where he was. And the massage was pleasant. Soon enough, the big hands of the therapist was carefully kneading his hind legs, making their way up his crack. 'Ahhhh' the signal for the extra service.

And when he turned over, he looked at the guy again. He kind of reminds him of Taylor Lautner, and the thought excited him. But as soon as he started fantasizing, the hotness level dropped when the guy whispered in his ear, negotiating for the extra service fee.

'Another negotiation?' he thought to himself. He was not in the mood for another one. So he nodded as the price was suggested. And quickly, those big hands started massaging his cock, not gently, almost hurriedly. 'Ugh' he thought to himself, and even wondered whether he would even get an erection.

Then the situation turned comical. Big guy stood up and murmured "Sir, does this turn you on?" He began dancing like a macho dancer, trying to make his stomach wave, with the customary hand up, bicep curled. "Good grief!' Ryan thought. "Just continue the massage, please." He mentioned exasperatedly.

Embarrassed, big guy got back to holding his still-limp cock, and started licking his nipples. That finally got some reaction from him. And soon enough, he was squirting on his belly.

The rolled tissue paper beside him was put to good use quickly. Big guy was also being nice and chatty as he was cleaning him up. And he gave him his mobile number. "Sir, I do home service, too."

He was out of the place fast. The massage and the release did him some good. But somehow, he was still up for some coffee. He hailed a cab that took him to the popular coffee shop, BluGre quite a distance from his hotel, in Matiina Town Square.

The coffee place was at the end of strip mini-mall. And as one approached the area, the music became louder and louder. It turned out to be beside an open-air hang-out place for the locals. He caught the smell the beer and smoke as he entered the coffee place. There was quite a crowd, even inside BluGre. But he found himself a small spot to settle and to enjoy his cup of durian-flavored cappuccino, the specialty.

He particularly loved durian, a taste he deliberately acquired quite a while back in one of the visits. Alone, he went to the stands selling the fruit and forced himself to enjoy the fruit. He really didn't have a deep aversion to the smell anyway. So eating the fruit wasn't much a chore. He actually immediately loved the sweetness, the tartness of the fleshy fruit. The taste was finally acquired.

Ryan walked out of the coffee shop and ambled into the chill place beside it. The energy level was rising with the band level shouting the words to the faster-paced songs. The crowd was enjoying it. And as he looked around, he saw much eye candy, young good-looking hunks with their girlfriends and/or barkadas. 'Ahhh, how I love Davao', Ryan thought to himself and smiled.

"Sir, you're here!" This was the greeting accompanied by a tap on the shoulder. He looked around and faced Jeffrey, his waiter at the bar earlier, his reason-for-horniness, the one who got away... almost.

"Hey!" was all he could say.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Gay Films over Two Weekends

We recently watched some gay-themed movies. It's been a while since I have. I didn't know what to watch. I usually just type "best gay movies" on Google and check out the lists sites and people generate. Anyway, I came across three. c3 and I watched over the holidays.

Under One Roof (2002)

I start out with the one that had partner and I watching with "WTF?" all over our faces. It's East meets West, which is nothing new. In a gay romcom, which is nothing new again. But put in really bad acting from everyone, and frontal nudity from characters you would rather NOT see naked and you have a really bad picture. Sadly, they could have chosen better-looking Asians. (One of them, we suspect, is even Pinoy.) So guys, skip this one.

You Should Meet My Son (2010)

This movie I read about when a friend posted on FB a couple of years back. It was just a trailer, but it was an interesting trailer. The movie doesn't disappoint in the entertainment part. Doting mother and dowdy aunt look for a suitable partner for gay son. The premise is cute. The direction is cute. One of the actors is cute (and hunky). And they acted fine, well overly in some cases. There is a plot twist somewhere just to remove the predictability. And it works. We enjoyed this one.

Weekend (2011)

This British film is like gay Before Sunrise-Sunset-Midnight. It's a lot of conversation in a span of a weekend (of course). And just like other conversation-heavy movies, you can get tired. And even more for this movie because of the heavy accents. But still, superb acting from the central characters. And I love the camera angles and scenes. The central character grows on you. Partner and I started to develop a crush on him midway. At the end, we were Googling his name. Hihihi

I love this movie. It more than made up for the first one.

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