Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Gay Films over Two Weekends

We recently watched some gay-themed movies. It's been a while since I have. I didn't know what to watch. I usually just type "best gay movies" on Google and check out the lists sites and people generate. Anyway, I came across three. c3 and I watched over the holidays.

Under One Roof (2002)

I start out with the one that had partner and I watching with "WTF?" all over our faces. It's East meets West, which is nothing new. In a gay romcom, which is nothing new again. But put in really bad acting from everyone, and frontal nudity from characters you would rather NOT see naked and you have a really bad picture. Sadly, they could have chosen better-looking Asians. (One of them, we suspect, is even Pinoy.) So guys, skip this one.

You Should Meet My Son (2010)

This movie I read about when a friend posted on FB a couple of years back. It was just a trailer, but it was an interesting trailer. The movie doesn't disappoint in the entertainment part. Doting mother and dowdy aunt look for a suitable partner for gay son. The premise is cute. The direction is cute. One of the actors is cute (and hunky). And they acted fine, well overly in some cases. There is a plot twist somewhere just to remove the predictability. And it works. We enjoyed this one.

Weekend (2011)

This British film is like gay Before Sunrise-Sunset-Midnight. It's a lot of conversation in a span of a weekend (of course). And just like other conversation-heavy movies, you can get tired. And even more for this movie because of the heavy accents. But still, superb acting from the central characters. And I love the camera angles and scenes. The central character grows on you. Partner and I started to develop a crush on him midway. At the end, we were Googling his name. Hihihi

I love this movie. It more than made up for the first one.

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somelostboy said...

Weekend is the best!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Christopher and his Kind? Also Yossi and Jagger.

Jon Jerome said...

weekend? hmmm, i wasn't able to understand the story of that. though sexy scenes HAHAHHA

try "shelter". :O and "testosterone"

Kai Santorino said...

Keep the Lights On was also pretty good. I love Shelter. Love love.

Thanks for the Reco! Downloading Weekend now

Anonymous said...

Weekend is a moving film. I think i watched it twice over at Netflix. The last scenes were particularly heartbreaking... I also watched recently an Italian movie entitled Mine Vaganti (Loose Cannons). Quite funny and light to watch on a lazy off day :-)