Sunday, May 27, 2018

MMJ11: American Massage Story 2

I only access the site ( when I am in the US. As you could read from my previous re-post, my first time to try a masseur in the US wasn`t exactly a great experience. But I`ve been in the US for 3 weeks and I was getting any, if you know what I mean. And I know you do. I tried Grindr but I remain too scared of horror stories (the hookup from hell who steals or even murders!) so I chose to stay away from any meet ups.

I felt more comfortable with paid services, with reviews and ratings. So I started looking through the list. With all the white beefy options available, I still gravitated towards someone young, even short of stature, with lean muscle. He turns out to be Latino. Best part was that his place was a few blocks away from my hotel in Hell`s Kitchen area.

That`s another peculiarity about freelance massage therapists here. Some of them have their own place. Clients can easily book a massage (without the hassle of booking Sogo or Eurotel types hehehe). My first time in Boston was with a therapist who had his own hotel room for `in-service` sessions.

I read the reviews, looked at his photos and knew he was ok. He was actually part of a 4-hands offer. I`m guessing he`s the bf . But I went for the 2 hands.

I was outside his building a few minutes early. There were even school children in front, probably waiting for their ride home! (Ang mga bata!) I waited patiently. The building door opens and out comes someone who looked vaguely familiar. He even smiled on his way out. I remembered eventually that he was the other 2 hands! Hehe

Shortly after, I was buzzed in and found my way to his small studio type apartment, suddenly converted in to a massage room. At the middle of the living cum dining area was the portable massage table. The TV had a beach scene as wallpaper. The scent of incense was in the air. And lights were dimmed.

David was certainly as advertised: cute, young Latino. He ushered me in and even gave me free bottled water. I stripped to naked. That took time as I had layers of winter clothes. His cat was staring me as I did this. (He must have seen so many shapes and sizes).

I laid facedown on the massage table as he stripped to his jockstrap. We had some chitchat about where I am from. But he quickly quieted down as he began his strokes. The massage was good and relaxing but a bit too light for my taste. I have certainly had better. But seeing his cute face and lean body and bubble butt (yes) more than made up for the mediocre massage.

It was very erotic as he let me feel him up. And he seemed `substantial`where it counts. So that was really ok for me. But really, the smooth bubble ass and hole was the best. As much as I would have wanted to help myself to that, I knew I was going to pay a hefty price. So I just alllowed him work me up using his excellent hand strokes.

Soon after, I got to my geyser rush and it was over. It seemed to short. I wanted to be inside him. I wanted more body contact, maybe even kissing. But I didn`t push it this time. Perhaps on my next trip. :-)

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