Saturday, February 23, 2019

Almost 53

In a few days I turn 53yo, 7 yrs away from retirement. My hair has its share of grays. I had never felt the need to color it. The wrinkles show, too, especially around the eyes. I embrace them.

But what I don’t embrace is a body that will just allow adipose tissue to grow and take over. I continue to fight the urge to stop working out, to stop eating right. Vain as it seems, I don’t think I would get off that fitness bus.

7 years remaining in my corporate life. I continue to be challenged under the new management. I just have to make sure I leave the company in good hands, functioning perfectly. I want the new owners to say “that was a smart investment.” So I toil double-time, knowing I have just a few years left.

I’ve had the privilege of having some disposable income invested in a few asset acquisitions. I hope these become productive assets that will give good returns. The equity investments are not faring as well. But I should have a longer horizon for that. The real estate ones are a mixed bag. But these should appreciate over time.

I’m a few steps away from finally acquiring a dream property - beachfront facing the sunset. This is Retirement planning ultimately. Even as I am doing the due diligence, I decided to “try it out for size” this weekend. C3 and I stayed at a nearby modest resort. But we hung out at the property late afternoon to see the sunset for ourselves.

It was just breathtaking. The feeling was so sublime as we sat there, looking at this perfect orb of a sun, slowly dip into the sea. We even had our wine glasses in hand to cheer the moment.

I have started to sketch how that beach house will look. I will be using container vans for it, to be both chic and environmentally conscious (and practical, too!).

Aside from that, still on my bucket list would be to earn a PhD. But I don’t know if I’ll still be up for it by retirement time. I may not be up to the task. I know it will be a lot of hard work. Why do I still want that? Well, the shallow reason is the “doctor” in the degree. My Tatay has always wanted me to be a doctor. I didn’t turn out to be a medical doctor like him. So maybe this would be the next best thing.

But beyond that, I feel that maybe I can still contribute to the body of knowledge in Filipino or Asian marketing and management. Maybe I can uncover some insight that would be truly helpful to the discipline. Or maybe not.

Sure, there are still lots of places I haven’t been to. But I wouldn’t say these are on the top of the list. Some nice to dos, yes. There’s Greece and perhaps, Egypt. Maybe Brazil and Iceland (Aurora Borealis).

So that’s what turning 53 is like for me. Still pushing where I can. But embracing some others, too. And looking at the bucket list seriously and starting to make some dreams happen.

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