Sunday, March 5, 2017

10 years ago

I started this blog exactly 10 years ago.

March 5 marks that day. Tenth anniversary. That is cause for celebration.

Blogging used to be a big thing. That is why I got into the bandwagon. But now, only those who actually make a living out of it have stayed on as bloggers. Most have moved on to FB, the place for everything and anything.

I do have my FB profile, two actually. I post occasionally. But mostly, I read and lurk. I can't seem to cross-over to using my FB as my blog. That is hardly the closet I imagined it to be, with my photos all up there. And I prefer to keep posts short. I think my FB friends would be bored with my long and lengthy posts, and my fiction. From time to time, I do post my blogposts there for some of the raiders have become FB friends, too.

This blog has been an outlet for all sorts of stuff swirling in my head. For the most part, I think those of the (hyper)sexual nature have become the most popular. hahaha. Then there's the emotional rollercoaster that is my relationship life. Funny it used to called 'emo'. Now it is called 'hugot'. That's what 10 years could do to the lexicon. Eventually, I indulged my pa-creative self with the Lucas chronicles. I would call that my 'alter' life. And when the creative juices dried up, it became quite spiritual. Now that's a range of topics.

The people who inspired me to blog, mgg, gibbs and mcvie, got lobster tony, bakla ako and me to join them as Fabcasters. That added dimension of sound made all of us more real to a lot of raiders. The format also allowed for richer insights of 6 gay guys with diverse backgrounds, not to mention those of the Peanut Gallery and other guests.

In the ten years of the blog, I have met up with many, many raiders. That is what I am most thankful for. We made that leap from virtual to real, either through coffee or alcohol. Some here in Manila but also in other cities as well (Davao, Singapore, Dubai, New York). With no exception, all of you were really nice and interesting. Thanks for reaching out and for wanting to meet up. And for some of you, for wanting to mate. LOL. Kidding aside. I love that this blog widened my horizons much further than I can imagine.

Finally, I also met my current partner, c3 through this blog. That is the biggest blessing of all. Despite having read all the weirdness and lewdness that I have put here, he managed to accept me and love me.

From time to time, I have wanted to shutter this space. I thought I should put a dot to all this. But I never got around to, even as the numbers of visits have dwindled. Ultimately, the blog fulfills this role in my life as my diary. So even if I end up being the only one reading my posts, it would still be worth my while.