Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Shemitah

It started with family discussions over dinner regarding end-of-days predictions on September, specifically September 23. Again, people online have been sharing news from different sources. Asteroid crash, stock market crash, another 911, etc. etc. We've all heard it before. And it was on the news again. One of those struck my fancy - those related to Shemitah.

I won't go into the details. Just click the link to get to the long video where this techpreneur explains it. Shemitah Exposed

Of course, none of the predictions came to pass. But somehow, the concept made an impact on me, on gullible me. LOL (I actually pulled out some of my dollars and changed this to local currency, right as the rate started going south.)

Every seven years, there is a period of cleansing, when life as one knows it, needs to be re-ordered, re-balanced. It is so biblical. The seventh batch of seven years, the change is even more profound. That's 49 years total. That is exactly my age right now. So I am particularly reflective on this personal Shemitah.

Before I turn 5 decades early next year, I have started to do some re-ordering. I decided to end my service at the parish. I will stop my teaching sideline, something I have been doing for... yes, you guessed it, 7 years. The biggest change will happen with work. That is something beyond my control, and yet it will happen this year, too. So neatly woven, don't you think?

But I have also resolved to maintain certain things in my life, like working out and trying to be fit and healthy. That is here to stay, even if I will never achieve the hotbod... ever. The pursuit of the ideal is enough for me to keep it going, on and on.

My practice of the Catholic Faith is another one. Even as I left parish service, I feel that I would be end up still being 'of service' through a different ministry.

My service to my family, my parents is both a responsibility and a privilege. I am honored to be the only one among the siblings left here in 'Pinas to take care of them. Funny that recently, I got invited to be ninong at not just one but two weddings of young men whose moms I just know casually or professionally. They approached me, requesting to be a ninong to their sons because they loved that I take care of my folks (as I post on my FB). Hahaha

It will not be 'business as usual' when I turn gold next year. I still don't know what form my life would take after 2016. But oddly, I am excited and at peace with it.

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