Sunday, April 28, 2013

Smash-ed with Glee

I enjoy catching up with fave series, shows I've started to appreciate because of my previous partner. I'm never one to be always watching as each episode rolled out. I'd usually wait for a few to have aired before I watch. So I am always a few episodes late.

I couldn't help but notice how divergent Glee and Smash have become, despite sharing the same musical format when they started. And I appreciate both, in different ways.

Glee has 'adult-erated', meaning the content is certainly not for kids and teens anymore. The show has deliberately widened its target, as some of the former high school students are now college kids. And they have started to really be so 'adult' in their stories. I was surprised to watch that episode, after the Mr. Schuster's failed wedding reception, where the kids "coupled" and shacked up in hotel rooms for the night. Then hot hunk Brody turns out to be a gigolo.

But something that Glee never fails to do is to be relevant. I have just finished the episode incorporating "shooting" inside the campus. And previously, the show has been at the forefront of hot issues like bullying. I salute Glee for always taking a stand on these matters.

Having said that, the 'innocence' and charm of the first season of Glee has been lost along the way, a consequence of growing up, just like all the leads. I would be amazed at the music, and their varied covers of songs old and new. Now, I watch the show to keep abreast with the stories more, and less for the music. And I am guessing they have lost viewership along these lines, too.

Now Smash has always been more 'adult', more mature in its theme. And because of that, I used to struggle with the 'break into song' template they share with Glee. They did a lot of covers on the first season, but because the show revolves around a musical, they have more original songs than Glee. The show's storyline has always been a very good premise for me. Hence, I have always been more keen on watching the show to see how the story would develop. Who doesn't enjoy a cat fight? hihihi

But this second season has seen them doing less covers and ever more original songs, as they now feature not just one but two musicals-in-process. And because of that, they have a reason to use very different musical genres, still within the "Broadway musical" context. I am personally blown away by the music this time around.

However, I find this development a bit too abrupt, story-wise. I have this sneaking feeling that the producers have been doing tons of research on audience feedback. So they decided, quite suddenly, to take the show in this direction, right at Episode One, Season Two. I suddenly saw so many new characters, replacing old ones, all being introduced in the first episode. I found that quite jarring.

But having settled in, i am truly enjoying the twists and turns of this show, so much more telenovela-ish than Glee. I love how central the gay characters are in the story. Hurrah for Tom Levitt! hihihi But what I find lacking here are more drool-worthy male characters. hehe

So all in all, I am still enjoying Glee and Smash but for different reasons now. The reasons have switched, actually. I love the new music and production numbers in Smash as I have become more intrigued with the storyline evolution of Glee.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Joby and Will 2

Joby never thought he was the type to get into affairs. Yeah, he has his share of admirers, people who don't think twice about expressing their attraction, their interest and their intention. He enjoys the attention and flirts back some of the time. But to get into an actual affair? Nope, not him. He just doesn't feel the need to carry it through. He still manages to have his regular supply of sex courtesy of his partner.

"Regular supply of sex" He caught himself thinking this way and found it quite odd of him. Has sex become "regular" between them? Well, it certainly has changed from the way it was before. Gone was the experimentation, the long, drawn out foreplay and even some of the toys they have used. The thought made him giggle. But sex was still good. And regular. Hmmm. There it is again. "Regular"

But the one thing that hasn't changed is the way Will still gets jealous. Despite his numerous reassurances, Will just makes everyone who flirts his way Public Enemy no. 1. He used to find it sweet and romantic, even. But now, it just annoys him that he has changed his lifestyle so much just to minimize the jealous rage.

It's practically just him and Will everyday. As in every day. They even work close to each other so they are able to have lunches together. Weekends have been reduced to movies, household chores, and occasional bowling with the group Will approves of. And the dinners with the core group, including their roommate. He enjoys that, because of the breath of fresh air, by way of other people.

And lately, @doc2be has been giving him a nice diversion from it all. Well, he actually has a real name, Benedict. Sounds like such a saintly name. And he refuses a nickname, especially the one associated with the male organ. They have made the jump from pure online to mobile phone communication. And the texts have been coming more... regularly.

"Hey dude. Done with lunch?"

"Yup. good lunch. sandwich only. sticking to my diet."

"Good for you. Ate too much. Med school makes me fat."

"LOL. Blame it on the studies. Maybe you need it. Your brain does."

"Lame excuse for the way I've been binging."

"So no other lives outside school?"

"Wish I did. All this gets sickening."

"You should give yourself a break."

"All I need is a good drink. Maybe some cuddling, too"

"Cuddling is great. I can cuddle all day."

"Me, too. I could cuddle all day. And rim, too."

"What the??"

"Kidding, dude. Just making you laugh."

"I could help with the cuddle part. Not the rimming. Lol"

"You don't like rimming?"

"Not really much into it."

"But you enjoy taking it? receiving it?"

"Hmmm I haven't encountered a truly pleasurable rimming experience yet."

"You should try my tongue. Ooops. I didn't mean it that way. Or may be I did. LOL"

"Ok! This might get too hot to handle so early in the day! Haha"

"Ikr? ok. enough for now. have a good day."

Exchanges like these Joby had started to look forward to. Very subtle. Very witty. With enough flirting to keep the conversation interesting. And guilt-free. They have not talked about finally meeting up. Or would they care to? Well, he was curious about how he looks in person. But they havent started to talk to each other. He wondered how he sounds, at the very least.

He went home that night feeling hornier than usual. The incident in the steam room earlier stimulated him. He had never indulged in any horseplay inside the gym. He found it too risky. The worse nightmare of expulsion and public humiliation is too scary for him. Though a few times have really tried his resolve. And this last one almost had. him over the brink.

He got home to a picture of Will already in bed, in his lounge clothes. He looked at his boyfriend and realized how sexy he still was. You would immediate notice the massive shoulders and the big guns. And in that sitting position, you couldn't see the belly under the covers. Will was concentrated on that ebook on his iPad. He barely acknowledged Joby's entrance.

Nevertheless, the horniness in him stirred. Joby approached Will stealthily from the side, and tried to kiss the Will's biceps.

"Hmmm." was all the Will uttered.

Joby went straight to the crotch, under the covers. And he was working on the limp cock from the boxers.

"Babe, don't."

Joby still kept at it, though it was feeling really tiresome.

"Jobe, not tonight." Will didn't sound irritated but he was firm. Joby got out of the covers. And just stared at the wall in front. He got up and went to the living room. He went to the boxes of old DVD’s to look for some porn stashed somewhere. Not finding any, he opened his laptop and searched for some streaming porn.

The FB private message window signaled a notification. He opened it and saw a message from Benedict.

“Good eve. Hope all is well. Saw your fb profile active.”

“Hey. I’m okay.” a lie. “Just surfing.” Truth is that the porn site is still loading the video. And it seemed to be taking forever.

“Ok. Your partner around?”

“Yeah, in the bedroom. Feeling frigid. LOL”

“Oooh someone ain’t getting any action tonight.”

“Don’t rub it in. He’s probably too tired.”

“And you are online looking for porn to jerk off to.”

“LOL are you some kind of mind reader? hahaha”

“I knew it. I’m watching some myself. A break from all that reading! haha”

“Really? What are you into?”

“Sean Cody guys turn me on.”

“Yeah, buff and supposedly straight.”

“Only some of them. I like that they don’t have that big production look.”


“I mean, it’s like raw. No background music. Something like that.”

“What turns you on?”

“Haha I like pecs and big bubble butts.”

“Hahaha I like big butts, too. I like strong shoulders.”

“So what are you watching now?”

“Just these two guys getting it on. One has this huge dick.”

“That turning you on?”


“Getting hard?”


“Want some company jerking off?”

“Wait, I’ll check if the bf is asleep.”

He walked inside and saw Will snoring peacefully. He immediately went back to living room.

“Can I call? We can go low tech and do phone sex.”

“Sure. Call now. My dick is raging hard.” that was half-truth. He wasn’t turned much yet. But he had start to stroke his cock through his shorts.

The phone rang shortly after.

“Hello Joby?”

“Hey Benedict. Finally. I hear your voice.” and it sounded good with the first line.

Laughter. “Yeah finally. Is it safe to talk?”

“Yeah. Bf is in dreamland.”

“Safe to jerk-off? Hahaha”

“Haha you wanna do this?”

“Why not? I’m game. I’m horny. And I’ve been thinking about you.”

“You have?” Joby feigned surprise. He had been thinking of him, too.”

“Yeah, trying to picture you in your boxers.”


“And the way I will be playing with your nips with my tongue.”

Joby started to get really hard. He had never done phone sex before. But suddenly he is just getting into it.

“Bite it. I see you biting it. I like that.” He closed his eyes and started to picture staring at Benedict on his chest. He started to stroke his cock more vigorously.

“Yeah, I’m biting your nips, Jobe. And I’m going down to your navel, leaving this trace of saliva on your pubes.”

Joby’s pumping got harder. “Yeah... then...”

“I yank your shorts and tease your cock with my tongue. I flick my tongue on the head.”

“Ahh.” His breathing becomes quick. And he notices that in Benedict’s voice, too.

“Dude, I pull you up and kiss you. And I grab that cock of yours and give it good squeeze.”

“Go for it.”

“I go down on my knees and suck that juicy cock. And I wet my finger with my saliva and insert it up your asshole.”

“Oh. Yeah. Up my crack, Dude.” He heard a rhythmic thumping, a sign of furious pumping.

“We do the 69, Jobe. I suck your cock while you suck mine.”

“Yeah. That’s hot. Shit.”

“It’s like I’m sucking my own cock. Feeling your hot wet mouth on my cock as I feel your thick dick inside mine.”

Some moments of heavy breathing from both of them.

“Dude, I’m near.”

“Getting there. Oh shit. Yeah. almost...”

“Yeah, me, too. I’m fucking coming... shit. shit.”

He heard Benedict moan loudly even as he started to come. He suppressed any sound, afraid of waking up Will. But he saw his come squirt all over his belly. Thick juicy cum.

“Hey... thanks for this. I needed this.”

“Don’t mention it, Dude. I’m here to please. haha”

“Catch you next time. Bye.”

And he hung up the phone. He saw the mess he made and went to the kitchen area to get some paper towels.

Phone sex. He couldn’t imagine he’d be doing that. He didn’t think it would turn him on. But hell, it did. And yes, he couldn’t help but picture Benedict going down on him, based on the hot pictures he has on his profile page.

When all finished cleaning up, he went back to the bedroom. He took his place and went under the covers. But he couldn’t sleep immediately. He thought of Benedict. He thought of his bf beside him.

Phone sex doesn’t count as being unfaithful, does it?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lucas Chronicles: Roommate 9

May tatlong linggo ng nakakaraan, wala pa ring trabaho si Lucas. Maraming mga interview na pinatulan. May ilang exam na rin na kinuha. Wala pa ring balita. Nauubos na ang kanyang savings, ang kanyang pisi.

"Bro, anong balita na?" natanong ng pahapyaw ni Joey isang umaga.

Hindi sumagot agad si Lucas. "Bro, wala pa. Wala pa rin." Madiin ang pagkabigkas.

"Ah ok. Ok lang yun, Bro."

"Hindi ok yun, Joey. Shit, Bro. Wala na akong savings. Nasaid na. Anong ok ang pinagsasabi mo?"

"Bro, cool lang! Wag mo akong awayin."

"Hayaan mo, Joey! Aalis na ako. Babalik na ako sa nanay ko. Wala ka ng pasanin!"

"Luc, hindi kita inaaway! Hindi mo ako kalaban!"

"I know what you want. Magbabayad ako. Utang ko yun. Hindi ko nakakalimutan!"

"Bro. Hindi kita sinisingil! Kung gusto mong mag-stay indefinitely ok lang yun! Wag mong ibuhos sa akin problema mo!"

"Akala ko kaibigan kita. Pare-pareho lang kayo!"

"You're crazy, Bro!"

"Makaalis na nga!" At biglang lumayas si Lucas, binagsak ang pinto palabas.

"Fuck you!" yun na lang ang sigaw ni Joey. Sus, ano ba ang nakita ko sa gagong yun!, yun ang naglaro sa utak ni Joey. Galit na galit na rin siya. Wala naman siyang masamang ibig sabihin, over-reaction naman etong si Lucas. Nasira tuloy ang umaga niya dahil dun.

Ngunit nung hapon, tingin pa rin siya ng tingin sa cellphone niya. Naghihintay siya ng text mula kay Lucas. Hindi siya mapakali. Hindi niya malaman kung anong binabalak ni Lucas ngayon.

Nagtext siya. "bro. sori bout wat hapend.”

Matagal bago sumagot si Lucas. “sori rin. d ko n alam gawin ko.”

“m hir 4 u.”

“hiya n ko.”

“i nid 2 go.”

“bro, d nmn kelangn.”

“usap l8r.”


Nakahinga si Joey. Sa lahat ng ayaw niya ay ang may kaaway. Lalong na si Lucas. At napaisip siya kung anong mangyayari kay Lucas na wala pa ring trabaho. Sa totoo, mahirapan talaga siya kung aakuhin niya ang bayad sa kwarto. Mauubos ang savings niya. Ngunit paano niya matutulungan si Lucas?

Maaga siyang umuwi. Akala niya mauunahan niya si Lucas. Ngunit nadatnan niya si Lucas, nag-aayos ng gamit. Mukhang nag-uumpisa ng magligpit at magbalot.

“O bro, akala ko pag-uusapan natin?” tanong ni Joey, tumaas ng konti ang tinig dahil sa nakitang pagaalsa-balutan.

“Hey, Joey. Ang aga mo.”

“Oo, di ba mag-uusap tayo? Gagawa tayo ng paraan?”

Kalmado na si Lucas. “Joey, I need to go. Wala na akong ibabayad sa iyo.”

“Saan ka pupunta?”

“Sa nanay ko. Dun muna ako.”

“Kelan ka aalis?”

“Tomorrow. Pabigat na ako sa iyo.”

“Kaya pa naman. I mean, siguro naman, makakahanap ka na rin ng work soon.”

“Mahirap umasa sa wala, bro.”

Bumagsak ang mukha ni Joey. Nilapitan siya ni Lucas at tinabihan sa kama.

“Magkikita pa naman tayo. Baka dun ako sa Pampanga makahanap ng work. Di naman malayo mula dito. Luluwas pa rin ako.”

Bigla na lang may gumigilid ng luha sa mga mata ni Joey.

“Bro, I... I’ve gotten so used to you.”

“Ako rin, Joey. Alam mo yan.”

“Sana may magagawa ako.”

Napabuntong-hininga si Lucas. “Hindi mo problema ‘to, bro. It’s my problem.”

“Problema ko na rin kasi..” lumabas na lang ng lahat ng luha ni Joey.

“Bro.. “ habang hinihimas ni Lucas ang likod niya.

“Bro, mahal kita.” at humagulgol si Joey ng husto.

Niyakap siya ng mahigpit ni Lucas. “Bro, alam ko. Pero...”

“Alam ko, Luc. Di mo ako type. Alam ko naman ang liga mo.”

“Bro, don’t say that. It’s not that.” Bumitaw si Joey sa yakap ni Lucas at hinarap siya. Pinunasan ang luha. Tumingin sa mga mata ni Lucas.

“Ok lang, Luc. Naitindihan ko. Kaso di ko mapigilan. Mahal na kita. I’m stupid for falling for you.”

“Sakit mo naman magsalita.”

“That’s not what I mean. Ang ibig kong sabihin, I know it’s hopeless kaso...”

“it’s not hopeless.” Biglang sagot ni Lucas.

Nabigla si Joey sa sagot. “Huh. Ano sabi mo?”

“Joey, hindi ka mahirap matutunan mahalin.”

Hindi alam ni Joey kung maiinsulto siya sa sinabi ni Lucas.

“I mean... look, Joey. Mabait ka. Maalaga. Masayang kasama...”

Biglang siningit ni Joey “But still you don’t like me, di ba?”

“it’s not that I don’t like you. I ...”

“Cut the bs, Luc. alam ko naman ang inisip mo. “

“Joey, I don’t deserve you. Sasaktan lang kita.” biglang yumuko si Lucas.

“Fuck, bro. Don’t give me that line.”

“It’s true. Lagi naman nagkakaleche-leche ang mga relasyon ko. You don’t deserve that.”

“Who are you to tell me what I deserve? Don’t play games with me, bro."

"Joey, shut up." at hinalikan ni Lucas si Joey sa labi ng matindi.

Hindi kaagad pumasok sa utak ni Joey ang nangyayari, na eto siya, hinahalikan ni Lucas ng tunay. Lasing ba siya?

Lumayo si Joey, bumitaw at tinignan si Lucas.

"Lasing ka ba? Is this a joke?" tanong ng isang taong di makapaniwala.

"Hindi ako lasing. Ano ka ba, Joey? Hindi ba pwedeng mahalin na rin kita?"

Hindi agad nakasagot si Joey. "Tapos iiwan mo ako? Bro, ano eto?"

"Joey, hindi ko sinasabing tayo na. Hindi pwede dahil magulo pa buhay ko. Wala akong trabaho."

Hindi pa rin makapaniwala si Joey. "Hahalikan mo ako tapos aalis ka rin? Ang lupit mo!"

"Stop thinking too much. Hindi ko sinadya. Ang alam ko lang ang nararamdam ko for you. But I also know I can't be yours muna. Not now."

Hindi na napigilan ni Joey ang sarili at biglang niyakap niya si Lucas ng mahigpit.

"Bro, we can make this work. Come on. Kakayanin ko."

Tinignan ni Lucas sa mga mata si Joey at hinalikan ang labi. "Joey, you are so special to me." At muling hinalikan ng matindi.

Hindi na rin lumaban si Joey at binigay na ang lahat ng nararamdaman sa halik na yun. Hiniga na niya si Lucas at pinatungan niya. Ang kanyang nag-aalab na damdamin na ang siyang nagdikta ng mga sumusunod na pangyayari.

Tinignan niya muli si Lucas. Tinignan kung nandiyan na nga siya, sa ilalim. Tinignan niya ang mukha na kanyang inibig. Dahan-dahan niyang hinalikan ang nuo, ang pisngi, ang labi. Nakapikit si Lucas. Tinanggal niya ang shirt, at hindi naman nagprotesta si Lucas.

Dumampi ang labi niya sa leeg. Unti-unting dinalaan patungo sa utong sa kaliwa. Naramdaman niya ang matigas na ari ni Lucas sa kanyang dibdib. Diniinan niya ang pagpatong. Tinuloy ang pagdila at pagsipsip sa utong. Kinakagat-kagat niya. Napa-ungol ng bahagya si Lucas.

Tinanggal na rin niya ang shirt niya. At bumaba na ang dila niya sa may pusod ni Lucas, ang pusod na may buhok na palago. Umigtad si Lucas. Nakiliti. Inalis na rin niya ang belt at hinugot pababa ang pantalon. Tigas na tigas na ang titi ni Lucas. Dinalaan niya mula sa brief na puti. Nakita niyang basa na ang dulo nito. May pre-cum na. At sinisip niya. Humalinghing si Lucas.

Nag-alis na rin siya ng pantalon. At tinuloy niya sa may hita ang pagdila at paghalik. May konting buhok pa rin sa hita si Lucas na nakakaliti rin sa pisngi ni Joey. Habang bumababa siya patungong tuhod, ang kanang kamay naman niya ay nandun sa nota ni Joey, pinipisil.

Dumating si Joey sa paa. At nagulat si Lucas ng sinisip ni Joey ang hinlalaki. Nag-react ang Lucas. Napatingin sa kanya. Ngunit hinayaan lang niyang i-suck ang big toe. Mukhang nasarapan rin.

Nilapit niya ang nota niya kay Lucas. Umahon ng kaunti. Sinalubong ng labi ni Lucas ang ulong malaki. At inumpisahan niyang tsupain. Nakita niyang hirap si Lucas sa laki ng nota niya. Ngunit tuloy pa rin. Nag-eenjoy. Nakapikit.

At siya rin naman ay super turned on na sa nakikita at nararamdaman: ang kanyang matagal ng sinisintang si Lucas, sarap na sarap na dindilaan at sinisipsip ang kanyang nota.

Dumapa na siya uli upang makapag-69 sila. Naramdaman niyang nag-gag paminsan-minsan si Lucas kaya side-by-side na ang posisyon nila upang hindi niya idiin ang pagpump. Siya mismo ay nag-enjoy sa pakiramdam ng nota ni Lucas sa bibig niya. Parang akmang-akma ang laki, ang hugis. At ramdam na ramdam niya ang katigasan. Na mas lalo naman niyang sinisipsip.

Pinatabi na siya ni Lucas. "Lapit na ako." ang bulong sa kanya. Sabay na silang nagdyakol. Naghahalikan ng matindi. Ang mga labi kinakagat, dinidilaan, sinisipsip. Ang mga nagtutukaang dila naman, pumupulupot. sa isa't-isa hanggang palapit na ang kasukdulan ng kaligayahan.

Naunang nag-cum si Lucas. Malayo ang talsik. Mga ilang sandali, siya na rin ang nag-cum, at halos mayanig ang buong kalamnan niya sa sarap, sa tindi.

Namahinga sila sa tabi ng isa't-isa. Yumakap si Joey at binulungan niya si Lucas.

"I love you"

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