Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's almost 9am on the Leap Year Date. Some friends actually thought I was born today. Which would have been really nice because that makes it so special. (thought some find it sad!) But I was born on a non-Leap Year so it would have been impossible. LOL

I checked in at this hotel to avail of my free nights. Yes, I am a sucker for freebies and rewards. Marketeers love me for it. I remember judiciously saving my BPI credit card & debit card transaction receipts to avail of the Jollibee promos. And when I enrolled in the Bistro Group and the Dome membership cards, I consciously patronized the establishments to maximize value. I guess it's my middle class upbringing. hehe.

But in marketing, I would always caution students from implementing promotions. I emphasize the promotions, despite the short term sales lift, should be evaluated on the basis of maintaining customer loyalty and improving regular purchase behavior. The end goal of a sales promotion would have been achieved if the customer ends up buying more even AFTER the promotion. Oops. I digress.

Birthday morning started with breakfast with my parents at Dome, using my "buy one take one" coupon, after hearing Mass. (Good grief, that is one convoluted compound sentence.) I like Dome, and not just because of the freebie. It's value for money full-range cafe, with free wifi. The long black (coffee) is consistent. The interiors do need some updating, though.

Then it was off to meet PC for lunch. He cooked his uber-sarap Chicken Tinola, reminiscent of the first times we were seeing each other. I was sick then and he prepared and sent me this Tinola. He has his secret ingredients that make th is thick and flavorful.

From there, we went to Marriott Hotel at Newport. Checking in was such a breeze. And when we got to the room, I received a call greeting me Happy Birthday (as per their records). And the complimentary cake was coming. i'm impressed.

Needing my caffeine fix, we hung out at the Cafe where a cute hunky waiter greeted us. Yeah, nice bod. Ok face, with a great sincere smile and dimples. hehehe PC and I were having fun conjuring flirty scenes with him.

We checked out the gym and the pool. Then it was a stroll to the high-end mall area where PC saw his beloved Montblanc fountain pen ink!

By 830pm, we were feasting on their buffet. We agreed that it had a pretty good selection, at the level of Circles or Heat. Or maybe a little less. But it was really good for the price (P1,650/). The nice server got wind of my brithday celebration and brought in another complimentary cake. Love ko na ang Marriott.

Then we turned in for the night.

Ill be working out in a while. Chose to forego the breakfast buffet. I just fie-days worth of calories during supper. Ill do cardio then swim. The day is gorgeous, bright and sunny!

Post birthday is still as bright and sunny as yesterday.

Monday, February 27, 2012


As I may recall, this is the term when friends visit a person about to celebrate his birthday on the eve of the date. Usually a surprise visit. (It sounds weird, though. Too close to the term "assault". hehe)

It was so sweet of PC to do the Asalto earlier. A short, meaningful visit to greet me before everyone else does.

My own assault on myself will come via some ruminations.

I'm closing in on the Golden age. And yet I feel I am in the prime of life. My PT took a reading earlier. And I was so happy with the results. I'm down to 16.4% Body Fat, from 18.6% a month earlier. I have burned 3 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. This is a personal best, ever! Better than the time I was under nutrition monitoring.

The diet I have followed, though not as religiously. The main difference is my cardio workout. I have been closely monitoring my heart rate, getting it up to 90% and above of the target heart rate for my age (around 145 - 160bpm). I maintain that for at least 20 minutes, sometimes more. This consciousness is key to making cardio workouts work for me. So it's not even the endless running. Because somehow, our bodies can get very used to the running pace and adjust. Keeping the stress level up and varied will keep the body in a burn mode.

I still have flab in the ab section. That is part of age, a loss of skin elasticity. I think that will stay there for good (hence, no abs shots this time!) But I'm still challenging myself to go for 15% Body Fat. Yeah, I'm crazy that way.

I have started to get birthday greetings from family and friends. And an oft-repeated term is 'blessed'. But before that, I have also come to realize that I will never be super-wealthy. I'm comfortable. I'm able to provide. I think my future state is taken cared of. But I won't ever be 'rich'. No mansions. No European luxury cars. No regular foreign trips in first class or even business class. A lot of luxury brands will remain beyond my reach. And this time, I'm not going to be challenging myself to aspire for more. I've made it this far. And because of that, I truly feel blessed.

But the best blessing of all is the love of family and friends. Though this sounds really cheesy, it really is true. I cannot ask for anything more.

So I assault myself with gratitude. A grateful heart for all that I've been through. It has been a happy and wonderful 46 years.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

the ecu 4

I had trouble sleeping. This is hardly surprising since the bed and the environs are strange. And my room was quite near the nurses station, so I could hear the banter. They seemed to be coaxing some old patient to eat across the room "Nanay, kaya yan." Over and over again.

I was also afraid of falling from the single bed. I didnt put up the side barriers. I was also conscious of my bowel and bladder activity. I couldn't urinate because I need a full bladder for my lower abdominal ultra sound test. The nurses also took my vital signs at 5am. No wonder people get even more sick once inside the hospital.

By 7am, my bland breakfast came and I still couldn't touch it. I could only eat after my blood extraction and the upper abdominal ultra sound. And that happened only by 830am. I wasn't too hungry nor too thirsty. So that was good (and surprising).

I was wheeled into the Ultra Sound area. (Yes, wheelchair. SOP for patients. Even if I finished that treadmill test. LOL Being on a wheelchair felt funny. You feel helpless. Yet you like the ride. Uy, Mamang Porter, may isa pang naka-wheelchair. I-race natin! Wheee!)

This unsightly photo is of my abdomen exposed. The technician (lady) placed tissue all over. The gel she placed on the instrument is darn cold. It gave me quite a shock. I thought this would be as long and as unpleasant as yesterday's 2D doppler thingie. But it wasn't. And we were done quite fast.

Then I was taken to the Pulmonary function testing area. This is the only test I "failed". I was having difficulty executing the super-mega deep inhale then exhale till the last ounce of breath step. I wasn't making the "75"level. Meaning my smaller airways didn't seem to function as well. She even had to give me a bronchodilator dose. I think this is my asthma coming back to life.

Yes, I was born with asthma. My mom, who never had asthma in her life, developed asthma while she was carrying me. That gave my Dad the idea that I was going to be a boy. I had terrible bouts in childhood, and right up to college.

It became less and less pronounced as I started working and working out regularly. I thought it had disappeared completely. But I think age has a way of resurrecting my old nemesis.

The urologist was out of the country so I didn't get my digital rectal examination. Darn. hahaha. After the pulmo test, I just had to wait for my discharge slip. By 12 noon, I was officially free to go. The total cost of P25K shouldered by the HMO. The funny thing, I still wasn't able to move my bowels properly. I managed to move out some "stuff" while in the hospital and quickly gave that to the nurse. After 30 minutes, the Laboratory gave me another container. My initial sample was "contaminated" with a mosquito. What the hell?!?

They allowed me to belatedly submit a new sample. And I was able to do this in the comfort of my own bathroom. No shyness there. Lol

A lot of executives I know do not avail of this benefit. And usually, the reason is the bliss in ignorance. Not knowing. if anything ails them comforts them. This is such a sad attitude because early detection is the primary tool in keeping healthy and fighting disease.

I'll get my formal results next week.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the ecu 3

Hooray! I completed yet again the Cardio Stress test! All 7 stages, 21 minutes total! The difficulty level is progressive from 1 to 7. It starts out at 3kph at a 3% incline then goes all the way to 8.8kph (which is really not too fast) but at a 20+% incline. Each stage is 3 minutes. I remember there was a time I didn't complete this. But I did finish it last year. And I finished it again. The doctor and the operators were saying they have never witnessed a patient complete the test. So I got challenged! hanggang dito, competitive ako! And at the last stage, I was really about to give back. They were actually cheering for me to finish it. So I did what I had to do! hahaha My heart rate went up to 180bpm which is like 115% of maximum heart rate. The doctor wasn't worried because my rate remained very stable. And my blood pressure was at 150/80! Feeling athlete! So I give myself a pat on the back for this. I don't think I'll be able to do it anymore next year. It took a lot out of me. They still need to read that loooong chart of my heart. And that comes after a few days. I also had a 2D echo, which is basically an ultrasound of your heart. I had that before the treadmill. That was tiring on a different level. I had to maintain a certain position lying down (on my side) for like 30 minutes. I was wondering when that would end. The male attendant who administered the ecg machine had an ok body. young and lean. But the face, well, need to be Belofied. LOL. As he lifted my tank top to install the ecg points: "Sir saan niyo nakuha yung katawan niyo?" "Huh?" "Sa workout ba yan, Sir? Oh sa trabaho niyo?" I smiled. "Work out lang yan" Obviously, mr attendant knows how to admire. :) The chest xray followed. And those are my lungs on the monitor.
You've got to hand it to technology. Results are just instantaneous. It's 10pm. And I've been on a fast for two hours. A total no-water, no-food fast till tomorrow morning. I'm already thirsty. Hay. And to think I tried to load myself with water before 8pm cut-off. This is one challenge. The other challenge is the stool sample. Ugggh! I hate this part. They give you this little plastic container to put your stool sample in. They actually require just small portion (about 1/4 teaspoon). They tell you this because some patients get a cup-full of shit. YUCK! Bad part is, im suddenly shit-shy. Hehe. My bowels don't seem to want to move. Hay. Maybe tomorrow. I'm left with the abdominal ultrasound (which needs to be with a truly empty stomach AND a full bladder!) and the blood extraction. Then I'm done. I hope this finishes early.

the ecu 2

I arrived at five minutes before the appointed time (12nn). And I was greeted by this entourage of people from the HMO, the Wellness department of the Hospital. Yes, I got the 'executive treatment'. I was done in 15 minutes, fully admitted into the hospital.

I am briefed of the tests to be undergone. Typical of males my age would include cardio, pulmo, gastro, complete blood chem (which does not include HIV) and the prostate exam or PSA. I have never done that before, a check up of the health of the prostate, knowing that due to hormonal changes, older men are prone to have prostate problems. Some of these lead to prostate cancer (yikes). Supposedly, the test includes a digital rectal exam (DRE), and that means the doctor inserts his fingers up my a-hole to probe the prostate. This is starting to sound erotic, I know. But it is all clinical. And I don't know how the doctor looks. LOL. So I'll tell you what happens.

The view from the roof. That's a golf course on the foreground.

I'll do my cardio stress test in about an hour. They'll make me run on a treadmill and measure my heart rate and blood pressure. I'll feel like some kind of super athlete being tested and monitored. They usually don't expect patients to finish the entire 20 minutes of the test. They halt the process once there are some warning signs of heart effort. So let's see if this 40+yo body could still do it. But I just did 10K yesterday. Hmmmmm.

I just had late lunch of fried (!) tilapia, tasteless broth and veggies. Well there was a piece of cake, a 1" cube of it. I don't think I could have my caffeine fix just yet.

The monastic room:

I've been visited by three doctors, two residents and a fellow. All male. All average looking. LOL. Routine medical history-taking and a stethoscope for my breathing. They are all so used to seeing patients with complaints. So they look surprised that I am here for a routine check-up.

Some thoughtful gifts from the HMO:

I'm waiting for my 'escorts' to the treadmill test area.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the ecu 1

Tomorrow, I'm doing my annual executive check-up. In early 2000's, I used to do tihs very regularly. Then somehow, I stopped in 2006. I just got back to it last year. And I got really great results (for my age). I'll find out if I was able to sustain this level of health (not just fitness) since last year.

I'm spending overnight there. It is my first time in this hospital. I used to do it at another one nearer my office in Quezon City. So, I'll get to compare services. And see if MVPangilinan's capital infusion has improved hospital standards.

Previously, too, my executive secretary cum fag hag would accompany me overnight. And that was always such comfort. Somebody would be there to assist me and keep me company during the waiting time in between tests. Well, this time she won't be able to make it. I'm doing this all alone (pc couldn't either). And I'm preparing myself by having all my gadgets and books on hand. I just might be able to finish that darn Lost Season 3 finally! hehe

I think I'll catalog this journey. My way of sharing the experience to you young ones out there, too young to think about such things.

So good night for now. I'll keep you all posted.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

post script: frustrations

Thanks for the comments, dear raiders. Truly appreciate the candor. Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

But you know what, I'll continue pushing it. I'm wired that way. I know it may seem crazy. But I really am like that. I don't believe in limitations, even if I whine about them a lot. I know it's crazy to aspire for a great body at my age, but heck, I still aim for it. And despite the odds, I managed to slim down and get a few abs out. And even as I have ballooned over the holidays, I'm back on track, proud to have lost 1.6% body fat in a month.

I stretch myself. That's the only way for me to grow. Yes, I get frustrated. But ultimately, I go back to it. So that is how it's going to be with my voice lessons. As long as I don't hurt my vocal chords, I'll keep on pushing it.

Don't worry, I won't stupidly perform any of those numbers in front of the audience. Well, not anytime soon. LOL. But the great thing about aiming for the moon and stars is that even if you don't get them, you'll end up in some high mountain anyway. Practicing singing those notes makes me more confident singing the medium-effort ones. Hence, I get to sing them more effectively.

So forgive me for bothering you with that post. Yes, I was whining. I was like this wounded kid, hurt by the caring words of a father. I'm good now. And even if I am left with only one person believing I could do it, I still wouldn't give up. Besides, I am really singing for me, and not for anybody else.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been taking voice lessons for 9 months, I think. I'd like to think I have improved tremendously since the start. I have slowly 'unlearned' bad habits and have started to be more natural as I sing the high notes.

I have performed in front of an audience (office mates) for a few times. They have commented positively. And they encourage me to sing more. Teacher tells me to grab every opportunity to sing for people. Because that's the only way I could learn. Yet I remain shy. I can't 'volunteer' myself to 'entertain.' I still feel unworthy.

I'd like to think that my first pieces are quite challenging - Nella Fantasia, Con Te Partiro, Be My Love, O Sole Mio. But lately, I have been trying to push myself to reach higher and higher notes.

Teacher encourages me (at least I think he does). He tells me that I can actually reach those notes, that it seems to be not outside my range. So he practices me, coaches me on how to properly 'support' the voice as it aims high.

So I have taken to learning Nessun Dorma, Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) - Bocelli's version. Yet I struggle. So much effort. I fail to reach the notes or sustain them. Pumipiyok ako. Teacher tells me it is only because I don't support properly. And besides, those are really difficult pieces. It takes much to learn to sing properly.

Over supper, my dad commented "Isn't your Teacher pushing you too much? Couldn't he hear you can't reach the notes?" He said it sincerely, with concern. Yet the words stung me. They are still ringing in my ears.

"Dad, I have to. That's the only way I could learn. I need to keep on stretching my limits."

Hijo, pumipiyok ka na. Ouch.

Am I really crazy trying to push myself where I cannot go anymore? Is it trying to squeeze blood from a turnip?

I reason that when I was starting, I was also having difficulty reaching the notes of my first pieces. Yet now, I can confidently sing them. Isn't it really just a matter of time and practice on my part? Or should I really just give up on those and stick to the 'safe songs'?


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

club scene

its almost 12mn and im still out. im at a club. well. a drinking place. with hiphop music. straight primarily. except for guests of the celebrant like me. haha

i am a bit too old for this. ok. not a bit. haha. but im enjoying being in a club like this again.

i miss the dancing. the moving and grooving to the music. but i cant talk. i have a gag order on myself. i can't talk here without straining my vocal chords. nuthin left to do but move to the beat.

its getting really crowded. the buzz from the wine aint coming. im sober. but im good. pc seems to be ok. so im enjoying the scene again.

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ang O party 4

Nakawala rin siya sa mga galamay ni Jomay. Ngunit di niya pa rin lubos maisip na nagawa niya eto kay Jomay. Si Ate Jomay. Ang kanyang kalandian. Ang kasama niya sa pagtili pag may gwapong daraan. At ang pinagsisihan niya, pagtapos siyang tsupain ni Jomay ay napagtsupa rin eto sa kanya. Masuka-suka siya. Ngunit di niya matanggihan. Bigla siyang nawalan ng amats nung sinabi ni Jomay "Tsupain mo naman ako", na may halos panglilimos sa tinig.

Lumigid siya. Napansin niyang marami ng tao. Kaso, parang ordinaryong party lang. Ang mga bading ay nagkukuwentuhan lamang. May iilan lang na naghahalikan. Sa mga silid lang nagaganap ang sex.

"Eto na ba ang O party? Sus. Walang pinag-iba sa Bed man lang." inisip ni Lucas.

Bumalik siya sa komedor para kumuha ng inumin. Napansin niya si tisoy na nandun na naman. Nakipagkwentuhan siya habang umiinom ng Red Horse. Aba, may sinabi ang tisoy. Magaling makipag-usap.

"Well, I don't know if I should be talking about personal things here.", wika ni tisoy. "it is an O party. And O parties are best if there is least information available."

"Really? Hindi naman siguro. And parang di nga O party. People are just talking." palaban naman niyang in-Ingles ang kanyang sagot. "So what do you do?" tanong niya kay tisoy.

"I teach. Sa college." pangiting sinagot ni tisoy.

Biglang tumaas pa ang pogi points ni tisoy. Kaya pala may laman ang kukote. Isang guro. Matalino siguro.

"And you?"

"Employed. Sales ako. Pero hayaan mo, di kita bebentahan." sagot ni Luc.

Natawa si tisoy. "Eh kung gusto kong magpa-convince? Kaya mo ba?" mapanuksong tanong ni tisoy. At sinundan pa. "I'd really like to know how well you sell. How well do you persuade your clients? Try me." Umasta si tisoy, sumandal sa mesa. Nilagay ang kamay sa tabi. Para bagang nang-aakit, bukang-buka. Natuyuan ng laway si Luc. Na-utal.

Eto na eto. Type niya si tisoy. Di man kagandahan ang katawan, matipuno pa rin. May dating. May yabang na gusto niya. At nanghahamon. Nilapitan niya. Tumapat siya.

"Alam kong magaling ako magbenta. Masaya ang mga clients ko." sagot niya. Laban kung laban. Unti-unti siyang lumapit kay tisoy. Tinitigan ng mabuti. "Pag nakausap ko na ang client, tuloy-tuloy. Walang urungan. Lahat gagawin ko para lang mapaligaya ang clients ko." sabay tinignan ang crotch ni tisoy. Mukhang natutuwa na rin sa pinag-uusapan.

"Let me find out." sagot ni tisoy at bigla siyang hinila palapit. Hinalikan siya ng matindi. Naramdaman niya ang init ng labi, ang dila na basang-basa. Niyakap siya ng mahigpit. Parang may kuryenteng tumakbo mula kay tisoy papunta sa kanyang kalamnan.

Humigpit ang yakap nila sa isa't-isa. Humaba ng humaba ang mga halik. Binulungan siya ni tisoy. "Let's get out of here."

"Huh? I'm sorry. I can't. May kasama akong pumunta dito. I have to accompany him home."

"I'm sure he can manage by himself." sagot ni tisoy, habang kinuha ang kamay ni Lucas at pinatong sa kanyang crotch. Nadama niya ang laki, ang haba at ang tigas ng kanyang ari. Siya mismo ay nalibugan. Ngunit umiral ang responsibilidad sa kaibigan.

"Oh wow. I'd love to. Kaso, di kaya. Koreano siya." pinagsisihan niya kung bakit sinama pa niya si Kim.

"Sure. no problem." sabay hinalikan siya ni tisoy muli.

"Here's my number. Call me." at inabot sa kanya ang calling card.

Bumitaw sila sa isa't-isa. Naramdaman niya ang paghihinayang. At inunahan na niya ang pagpaalam.

"I'll look for my friend. I'll call you." at pumunta siya sa living room. Kung saan niya natagpuan si Kim, nakahiga na sa sofa, tulog.

"Hey, are you ok, Kim?" ginising niya at tinanong.

Naalimpungatan pa ngunit bigla na ring tumayo. "Hi Luc. Sure. Yeah. I got tired. Hahaha"

"Haha did you enjoy your first O party?" tanong niya kay Kim.

"Oh yes! Sarap! hahaha we were inside the room. So many bodies. Sarap-sarap." at kitang kita sa ngiti ni Kim ang pakiramdam niya.

"Good" sagot ni Luc habang palabas sila ng condo.

Madali silang nakakuha ng taxi paglabas. Alas tres na rin ng umaga. Inisip niya si tisoy. Inisip niya kung tatawagan niya pa. Baka iba na ang ihip ng hangin pag umaga na. At siguradong naghanap na ng paparausan yun dun. Yung papayag na sumama sa kanya sa motel.

Tinignan niya si Kim. Masayang nagmamasid sa tanawin ng ganung oras ng umaga. May mga tao pa sa labas. Nakakagulat na pati bata, nasa kalye pa. Mabilis ang takbo ng taxi. Malamig ang simoy ng hangin. Parang nahihimasmasan siya sa sarap ng nararamdaman niya.

Ang first O party niya. Parang hindi naman. Pero ok na rin. Feel na feel niya ang pakiramdam ng makipaglandian sa iba't-ibang lalaki. Ang sarap maging single.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

360 degree trainers

I'm not referring to the new workout 'craze'. Though that deserves a post, too.

I'm talking about personal trainers who are supposedly offering services beyond your fitness. Yes, those services. This may sound naive kf me but hearing news about it shocked me. Because it seemed to be quite rampant. I have heard of isolated cases. There was even one trainer i would hire on a per session basis with a reputation like that. But we never got to be personal AND intimate.

Is this just plain economics?

Sources have overheard transactions ranging from P1.5k to P15k (ano siya? artista?!?! The trick, it seems, is to be referred by a co-trainer. And to be extremely discrete. Only clients with long-term 'relationships' with their trainers would be 'offered'.

I told a friend about it. Ano? Ngayon mo lang nalaman yan? Tagal na, no?. Wow. where was this news when I was single. LOL. Di naman ako interesado. Mga Laila Dee ang mga yan.. I guess they would appeal to a certain market.

Talk about taking your fitness training to an all new level.

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quickie: deprivation

this dessert plate has been calling to me for the past two hours.

and i have been ignoring it. dessert deprivation is killing me. softly.

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Lost or How To Extend The Life Of A TV Series

Im on Season Three. And I'm watching it amazed at how suddenly, new characters begin showing up. You have a potentially huge cast, of castaways. So you start out focusing on one group, your main characters. And as you make them interact with one another, you have the opportunity to play up their past lives.

It becomes so Freudian as their past explains the kind of choices they are making now. Or their stupidity. So you always get this "Ah, that's why" kind of feeling. The funny thing, too, is that you realize that their past lives interconnect. In this big, big world of 7 billion people, these people, who randomly chose to take that flight, have lives that have been intersecting and interconnecting. More "Ah... that's why"

Then because you have all these survivors, even as you kill off some characters, you start introducing new ones, usually gorgeous new ones to replace the gorgeous dead ones. Then you have new lives to play with, and new past lives to relive. And some of these people go from sideline to frontline.

So this could go on and on, potentially. Unlike your usual telenovela which focuses on the same cast of characters till death or a happy ending.

This thought is potentially unnerving. A series with no end. I'm already tired thinking about it. But thanks to hindsight, I know now that it ends after 3 more seasons. Whew.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentine's dates

I was such a slut yesterday. I had two dates for valentine's day.

It was an ok day at work. I felt I was able to catch up on back log. I had an early meeting that turned out well.

I brought gym gear though I was hesitating. Monday night, my right knee was hurting. I'm not sure what brought it on. It felt fine after my Sunday run. It started to hurt a bit during my Monday gym time. Then it hurt quite bad as I slept Monday evening. It was gone when I woke up. But I feared that if I worked it out, it might come back.

Then Paul texted. And told me about the promo ongoing at the Spa. 30% off till 6pm. Hmm. That isn't such a bad deal, considering I really had nothing to do after work. So I confirmed my date with Paul, the therapist.

Paul is my suki therapist at that spa. I won't deny that I like the way he looks (may dating Yul Servo. pareho kami ng type ni Papa P? hihihi). But I really like the way he massages, long and languorous strokes. I like that there is restrain as he presses and glides along the bigger muscle groups. He takes his time to complete one stroke. I like that better than the 'fast and furious' type. I guess I'm the 'moderate-only' client, one who prefers to relax with a massage rather than be 'fixed up' with a hard, driving stroke aimed at releasing all that lamig. (I've always been curious about the scientific basis for muscular lamig.)

So I went for two hours of that. A long date with Paul. And it even ended with complimentary wine, cheese and crackers! (It turned out to be their anniversary.)

I went home and had dinner with my folks. And we watched Modern Family downloads after.

Before bed time, I had another date. This time it was with Ryan Reynolds. I finally watched Green Lantern. (Yeah, I'm such a loser for watching this sooo late.) This guy has to be at the top of my list for hotness. I like that he is not THAT good looking but he has this uber-gorgeous body. And that he does comedy. Best combination. I was thrilled at the body exposure in the film, which made me feel that it was pandering to the pink audience all too consciously! And that part where he was demonstrating to his geek pal his identity change, as he was wearing sweat pants and sando! I swear there was a bulge there!

So that was one hot second date for the night!

But the day ended talking to the real valentine's date: my prince charming. :) He actually surprised me Monday evening by dropping by and bringing me chocolate cake. Which he told me to consume despite my diet restrictions!

So that's what love is: Eating fudgy mega-rich chocolate cake loaded with 1,000,0000 calories.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Oc-oc savors his mini accomplishments: of tasks completed, goals achieved, activities conducted!

The annual tasks are the most easily forgotten: paying taxes, insurances, doing medical check-ups. They get buried in the day-to-day or even month-to-month (paying utilities, credit card bills). So I pay special attention to these tasks, careful not to procrastinate despite the long leadtimes.

I just finished paying amelyar or real property taxes at both San Juan and Quezon City halls. Both were such pleasant experiences. Because I paid much earlier than the April deadline. I even have a prompt payment discount at QC. I accomplished both quickly. QC was quite impressive, with its electronic priority number, airconditioned 'lounges' (that's the label on the door!) and efficient staff.

Earlier, I was able to schedule my annual medical check-up for next week. I have prioritized this and set time for it. All insurances have been paid, except for the cars that have to wait for registration schedule.

So what helped me be this "accomplished"? The Reminders app built in the iPhone/iPad was my support system. I love the feeling of being able to tick off as 'done' the things I've put on the list.

Mini-wins that set me on a nice productive mood.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

love yourself cafe 2, more musings

Migs organized another TLY cafe last saturday. The total number of registered participants (good grief! it sounds like a seminar!) ballooned to 72 pax. I don't know how many people eventually attended. I guess about 50?

It didnt seem more at 6pm, which is call time. Well, traffic was bad with Bourne Identity shooting somewhere, and the Araneta Ave. construction and somewhere very close, the PBB thingie.

But people started trickling in. And we when we eventually wrapped up by 830pm (?), we had a sizeable crowd.

There were a few old faces, which is not a surprise considering how some really enjoyed the first one. But it was refreshing to see fresh faces, faces eager to express themselves and be part of a community.

We had a good group. Let me do a mental rollcall. Yes, we were eight. One of the smaller groups. I won't divulge anymore about them, less I give their identities away. But I had as much fun as the first TLY cafe. There was an eagerness to share stories. And I'm thinking that this is one of the main attractions of TLY cafe. Some of them talk about being in straight barkadas, with few gay friends to chat with. I hope that somehow, the people managed to start a connection. And take it from there.

Most were single. But none felt the pressing need to be in a relationship. Singlehood was giving them the chance to just explore. And TLY cafe was one of those in the list.

Migs required them to get at least six phone numbers. That was a nice touch. It broke down barriers and allowed the people to seek out and get phone nos. And from the looks of it, I think they will keep in touch (and start touching! LOL)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

the diet plan

I went through 36 weeks of nutrition counselling to achieve my bodyfat goals then. I finished around June last year. And when it ended, I achieved the objectives I set out. I was pretty happy with myself.

I relaxed during the 2nd semester of 2011. And at the start of 2012, I continue to pay for the slack. I gained fat mass again. The fat percentage ballooned again. Sigh.

So I dug up my records with Ms Dietitian. Instead of re-enrolling in nutrition counselling, I am trying to follow through with this diet plan she made for me. This is equivalent to 1,750 calories a day. And if I burn about 2,000 - 2,500 calories daily, you can imagine the caloric deficit that will be created!

I've been on it for two weeks now. To constantly remind me, I even used this pic as my wallpaper on both iPad and iPhone. This allows easy access for reference. And because of that, I have gotten pretty good at sticking to the plan (methinks).

I'm sharing this with you, just in case you might want to try it out yourself. If you want to know more (like serving sizes, etc.) write a comment so I can post the details. Good luck to us!

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withdrawal pains

Its been a few days since I decided to be scarce in the social networks. I still read from time to time. But I have stopped myself from posting and tweeting. I went through some withdrawal pains. hehe. There were times I would think of a tweet I'd like to put out there. But I hold my thoughts till the need passes. I've become such a junkie! hahaha

But I think I'm past the stage. Though I would still reply to private messages, I do not feel compelled to just post or tweet. And I have started to read less and less, too. Because honestly, I used to read a lot trying to anticipate a comment or reply. With nothing to comment on or reply to from me, there was less need to read.

The other part of reading shoutouts and tweets is getting updates on online crushes. Ugh. that sounds so juvenile! But I have to admit, I have a few. And as much as I have kilig moments when they reply to my tweets or reference me. I have to admit that this 'stalkerish' behavior was not going to go anywhere.

So, this withdrawal will also be good for me as I wean myself away from my crushes. Sorry guys. I need to do this. LOL

I'm starting to get back to a more 'real', as opposed to 'virtual' life. Less time just idly reading. And more of catching up with movies and tv shows and hopefully reading.

I'm rediscovering real life now that the withdrawal pains have passed.

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New Year Resolutions. i made a few. Usual stuff related to keeping the figure trim. And some better habits like reading the Gospel daily.

I started monitoring the commitments made using the desk calendar. A dot on the upper left for each day I did ab work. Then one on the lower left for reading the Gospel of the day.

Unfortunately, those memory devices still failed to develop the habit in me. I fared better with the Gospel readings. But the ab work? Ayayay. Just couldn't do them consistently.

And my latest failure - the failure to post daily during birth month. Ugh. I missed a day.

I really wanted to post yesterday but nothing would come out of my head.

Zilch. A bloggers block.

So that was a monumental #fail for me.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

regimented life

this song is such a gay anthem, for a certain age range of fags. I was trying to recall how old I was when this became popular. And thanks to the internet i dont have to think too much. It was first released in 1977 and then again in 1982. And that spans my high school years!

I think this became an anthem because it is a harlot's song! hahaha (pc loves using the old-world term!) To be more precise, it is a romantic harlot's song. Check out the lyrics:

Hey lady, you, lady, cursin' at your life
You're a discontented mother and a regimented wife
I've no doubt you dream about the things you never do
But I wish someone had a talk to me like I wanna talk to you
Ooh I've been to Georgia and California, oh, anywhere I could run
Took the hand of a preacherman and we made love in the sun
But I ran out of places and friendly faces because I had to be free

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me

Please lady, please, lady, don't just walk away
'Cause I have this need to tell you why I'm all alone today
I can see so much of me still living in your eyes
Won't you share a part of a weary heart that has lived a million lies
Oh I've been to Nice and the isle of Greece
Where I sipped champagne on a yacht
I moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo and showed 'em what I've got
I've been undressed by kings and I've seen some things
That a woman ain't s'posed to see

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me

Hey, you know what paradise is? It's a lie
A fantasy we create about people and places as we'd like them to be
But you know what truth is?
It's that little baby you're holding, and it's that man you fought with this morning
The same one you're going to make love with tonight. That's truth, that's love

Sometimes I've been to cryin' for unborn children
That might have made me complete
But I, I took the sweet life and never knew I'd be bitter from the sweet
I spent my life exploring the subtle whoring that cost too much to be free

Hey lady, I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me

Oh di ba? Don't you just love the part "I've been undressed by kings and I've seen some things that a woman aint supposed to see?". Hahaha. My mind would always conjure that particular image of Diana Ross in Mahogany. With her back to the camera, this richi wealthy patron of hers disrobes her from her sequined long gown, exposing her full naked back. And he starts kissing her nape, while she looks away, disgusted at herself.m Hahaha

Fast forward to CC life. No, I never had a preacherman. Never been to Georgia. Never been to Nice. Never been undressed by a king, or anyone remotely close to blue blood royalty. So which part resonates with me now?

You're a disconcerted mother and a regimented wife.

Actually even then, I would wonder about "regimented". It seemed alien to me. I associated the term with the military. Of course, in time, l got to know the context of this and realized where dear Charlene was coming from. But this is where I differ from her. I love the regimented life I have now. I love the order of things, the predictability. Even though I do have some streaks of wildness and spontaneity, I still go back to the settled, comfortable ways.

With my busy schedules now, with meetings all over the place, there are a few items on my schedule that remain 'regimented' and almost sacred:

- my Saturdays with pc
- my Friday mass service schedule
- my MWF evening gym training
- my Sunday run
- of course work falls in there somewhere.hehe

but what i would still like to incude would be:
- a day for watching movies
- one for reading books
- one for reading Time and other magazines
- one for watching TV/ series

then and some more activities...
- voice lessons
- swimming for fitness
- blogging
- joy driving

So you see, Ms Charlene, regimented is not so bad. Even for an ex Harlot. :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

being less accessible

In the past almost five years I have been blogging, I have gone from relative anonymity to multiple accessibility. And I blame this infantile need to be recognized and popular. As CC, I am in fb, twitter, foursquare, instagram, path. So accessible. So out of the closet.

Nothing ever remains hidden forever, I rationalize. Yet with every step I take outside the closet, The dread that all this will come to light grows. It's like this perpetual tug of war between recognition and identity protection, with recognition winning.

In twitter, I am left as the most visible of the Fabcasters. I guess even in all the other platforms.

Perhaps it is time to be less accessible.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ang O party 3

Parang natulala si Lucas sa nakita niya. Tatlong taong nakikipagsex sa harap niya ng walang pakundangan. Hubo't hubad. Tinignan niya si Kim. At nakita niyang nanlalaki ang kanyang maliiliit na mata sa tanawin.

Natauhan siya. At bigla niyang pinansin ang mga detalye. Mukha silang mga bangag. Sabagay, kailangan siguro bangag ka para makipagsex ng ganyan. Di rin naman sila kagandahan, mukha o katawan. May mga bilbil. Yung isa, may porma ang katawan. Nagwo-work out. At mukhang siya ang pumupusisyon na magpa-bottom.

Maganda ang kwarto ni Jomay. Sa bedside table nakapatong ang isang bowl ng condom. Isang abot lang, proteksyon agad. Walang rason para maging unsafe.

"Hey, Luc, are we going to join?" tanong ni Kim.

"Aah, hmm... you go ahead, Kim. Join them, ill get a drink first." at iniwan na niya si Kim na nagtatanggal ng salawal.

Paglabas niya sa living room area, marami ng tao. Marami na ang nag-iinuman. Aba, may magaganda. Mukhang yun ang hihintayin niyang makasama sa sex. Hinanap niya ang bar. Si tisoy ang nagaalok ng mga drinks.

"Anong gusto mo? May beer, vodka at 7-up." alok ni tisoy.

"Beer lang, Red Horse kung mayroon." sagot niyang medyo nahihiya pa rin. Inabot sa kanya ang beer, ngumiti. Inisp niyang libutin muna ang buong condo. Mukhang maraming mga silid at singit-singit na lugar. Paano kaya magiging orgy eto?

Pumasok sa isang kwarto. May mga umaariba na. May apat na ang naglalabu-labo. Pero hindi sila hubad. Nakababa lang ang mga pantalon, walang shirt o nakabukas lamang ang mga polo shirts. Nag-eenjoy sila. Naglakas loob si Lucas nung nakita niya na kasama dun yung isang type niya kanina. Lumapit siya at nakihawak, nakipisil. Dumiretso siya dun sa type niya, at hinawakan ang matipunong dibdib. Pinisil niya ang mga utong habang nakikipaghalikan eto sa isa. Naramdaman naman niyang may mga kamay ng isang binubuksan ang zipper niya. Mukhang nahiihirapan kaya tinulungan niya. Pumasok ang kamay sa loob ng pantalon niya at hinaplos ang kanyang ari. Pinisil. Naramdaman niyang mabilis siyang tinigasan.

Dinilaan niya ang mga nipples ni gwapo. Biglang siyang na pa-ungol nung kinagat niya sa gigil. Napatingin si gwapo kay Lucas. At siya naman ang hinalikan. Naglaro ang kanilang mga dila habang pareho silang bino-blowjob. Napahalinghing siya sa galing ng tsumutsupa sa kanya. Mayroon ring nasa likod naman niyang kinakagat ang kanyang batok at tainga. Nararamdaman niyang tumatayo ang kanyang balahibo.

Bumibitaw sa paghalik si gwapo. At bumaba at lumuhod. Kinuha ang titi niyang matigas at sinubo. Nabaliw siya sa ganda ng tanawin. Pagkagwapo-gwapong guy ang sumusubo sa kanyang etits, at nakapikit pa. Pucha, ang sarap! Ang kamay naman niya ay napunta sa panibagong katabi, na malaki ang ari. Di niya napigilan na hawakan at salsalin ang titi. Dalawang kamay ang haba. Mataba pa. Hindi na lang niya tinignan ang istura. Baka maiba ang pakiramdam.

Ganun dapat sa orgy party.. Go lang ng go. Wag maginarte. Wag masyadong pihikan.

Tumayo si gwapo at nagsara ng zipper. Lumabas ng kwarto. Napansin niyang iba na ang "cast of characters" sa loob ng silid. Di na niya masyadong type. Nag-ayos na rin siya at lumabas ng kwarto.

Napadaan siya ng kusina ng bigla siyang hinila ni Jomay. Lasing na ang bakla. At bigla siyang hinalikan at tinabi sa refrigerator. Nagulat siya sa pangyayari. Si Jomay? si Ate Jomay? Gusto niya sanang pumiglas, kaso nahiya siya. Eto ang may ari ng bahay. Pumikit na lamang siya at hinayaan ang paghahalikan.

Ang tagal ng oras.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Can Friendships Be Made... cont'd

The general sense I get is that of agreement with the premise. People do believe that friendships can be made online.

I still struggle with the idea. And I think it is an issue of trust.

During snail mail days, writing letters was quite effortful. Writing long hand or typewriting could be tiring. And then you had to buy stamps, go to the post office, etc. Chances are, you'd have to be very purposive with your letters. And if a friendship is what you want, you'd probably be honest about yourself, about who you really are. And as recipient of mail from a pen pal, you would most likely trust the truth and veracity of the letter, of the identity of the letter writer.

But in the age of the Internet, when all the inconveniences and time delays have been almost wiped out, it is now all too easy to find 'pen pals'. All the social networking sites serve "new friendships" on a silver platter. And with that convenience comes the ease of being someone you are not. Slipping on a new persona, and projecting that online had made me skeptical of online friendships. God knows I have been a victim of that.

Before meeting Mr Ripley, I was as trusting of online friendships. I assumed that I was far removed from the world of deception. The people I would interact with are genuine and true, even if I just met them online. I saw no reason for them not to be honest about who they really are. And then I got victimized. Burned. Scorched. I was so foolish, so trusting.

i continue to meet a lot of new 'acquaintances' online. But unless I meet them in person, I cannot consider that friendship as real. Forgive me but I will continue to doubt who you are. But that will not stop me from continuing to talk or chat with you in cyberspace. If you are interesting and entertaining, I will look forward to chatting with you. If that online correspondence somehow sustains itself, and there is a desire to eventually meet in person, then the chances of us becoming real friends greatly increases.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy the banter and the story-telling, without having to put the "friendship" label just yet.

Hectic Sunday

This first Sunday of February was quite hectic. On top of the monthly lectors' meeting, and my Sunday run and massage, I was meeting up with two friends, one for lunch and another for dinner. Both of them are new friends, having met them in the last two to three years. 

One is Pinoy, whom I met through blogging. The other is from Taipei, referred to me by a mutual friend when I visited a couple of years back. 

I'm honored that they continue to keep in touch with me though sparingly, because of everybody's busy lives. And I am guilty as well. 

But when they do want to meet up to keep each other up to speed, I prioritize those meetings. Because they are genuinely nice people. And they are both eye candy, too. LOL. 

So much has transpired in their lives. New work, new jobs. And their circumstances have improved much. Im proud to call them my friends. 

As hectic as the day might have been, I retire to bed tonight happy. I love renewing bonds of friendship. 

I say a little prayer for both of them: Grant them a safe flight going back to their homes. Continue to enlighten them and enrich their lives with love, peacw and happiness. 

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

ang O party 2

"Shit. Mala-late ako." Nasa party pa ng opisina si Lucas. Nagkakasayahan pa. Halos katatapos pa lang kumain. Tuloy ang karaoke sa isang tabi. Si Lita, nagpupumilit na bumirit ala Regine. Kaso, labas na ang litid sa taas ng nota ng kanta. "Shine. Shine" pilit pa ring inaabot.

Nasa Malabon ang party niya. Nasa Malate ang party ni Jomay. Malayu-layo ang destinasyon. Ok lang naman, basta masabing nakapunta sa isang O party. Di na niya napapansin na sumasayaw sa harap ang lesbiyanang si Joey. Napatingin siya dahil sa malakas na hiyawan. Si Joey talaga, hindi mo naiisiping babae. Lalaking-lalaki ang asta. Daig pa siya. Sa porma, sa pananalita. Ni boobs di mo maaninag. Kaya siguro mataba siya, para mukhang bilbil lang ang boobs niya. Natawa siya sa sarili.

Di siya makakaalis hanggang di natatapos ang exchange gift. Hay. Ang bagal ng takbo ng party. Kung pwede lang tanggalin ang plug ng karaoke na yan. Basag na rin ang eardrums niya.

Lumapit si Anna sa kanya.

"Hoy, ano ka ba? parang aligaga ka diyan!" banggit ni Anna.

"Ay, sorry naman. May iniisip lang."

"Sa Christmas party, may iniisip ka pa? Ano ba yan? Tara, sayaw tayo!" at bigla siyang hinugot ni Anna papunta sa gitna.

Kung di ka lang boss, inisip niya sa sarili. Kaya napasayaw si Lucas, pangiti-ngiti pa. Ngunit ang utak niya ay nasa kabagalan ng relo.

"Exchange gift na!" sigaw ni Butch.

Kinuha niya ang regalo niya sa lamesa. Tinignan niya ang pagkabalot. Maganda ang disenyo! kakaiba. Proud siya na gawa niya yun. Ngunit bigla siyang nailang nung nakita niya ang regalo ng iba. Simpleng-simple ang pagkabalot. Nahiya siya na pang-display ang pagka-wrap niya sa regalo niya. Baklang-bakla.

Nagbigayan ng gifts habang nakapalibot silang lahat. Sabay-sabay ang pagbukas. Ang regalo niya ay anim na baso mula sa SM. Ano nga ba ang aakalain niyang regalo sa kanya, sa halagang P400? Pero siyempre, nakadikit ang ngiti. At mabilis niyang pinasok sa bag.

"Magpapaaalam na ako. May isa pa akong Christmas party", pabulong na sinabi ni Lucas kay Chin-chin, ang girlfriend ni Butch.

"Ah talaga? Nabusog ka ba? Sige, ingat ka! Alam mo na bang palabas?" tanong ni Chin-chin.

"Oo naman. At may dumadaang tricycle sa kanto niyo, di ba?

"Oh basta ingat at Merry Christmas, Luc" sabay beso sa kanya.

Alas otso na ng gabi nung nakasakay siya ng taxi. Ang hirap kumuha dun sa Malabon. Madalang ang daan. Halos murahin na niya ang isang taxing dumaan na hindi man siya pinasakay. Mabuti na lang at sa kabilang kanto, may bumaba ng taxi. Dali-dali niyang sinakyan. Walang imik ang driver.

"Kuya, sa Malate tayo. Mag-Avenida na tayo tuloy-tuloy hanggang Maynila."

Sana umabot siya sa usapan nila ni Kim na 9pm sa may 7-11 sa Vito Cruz. Kawawa naman yun kung maghintay. Di pa naman sanay sa Maynila yun.

Koreano kasi si Kim pero may tatlong taon na rin sa Pilipinas. Nakilala niya si Kim sa Mister Piggy's. Ang cute ng Koreano. At nakakaintindi na ng Tagalog. Maraming may gustong mag-uwi kay Kim nung gabing yun. Pero sila ng kanyang ex ang nagwagi. Sila ang nakatikim ng kimchi. Mula nun, naging kaibigan niya si Kim sa landian. Parang hayuk na hayok sa laman. Supot naman. Natawa naman siya habang umaarangkada ang taxing sinakyan niya.

Sumakay si Kim sa taxi pagkita sa kanya. Nakasuot lang ng tshirt at jeans si Kim. Pero cute pa rin. Tiyak na pagpipiyestahan siya mamaya! At hindi siya mapapahiya kay Jomay.

"Im sorry Im late! The party took so long", paumanhin niya kay Kim.

"It's ok, Luc. No problem!" sabay ngiti ni Kim.

Dumating sila sa condo ni Jomay, halos mag-alas diyes na rin. Nagdoor bell. Ang bumukas sa pinto ay isang tisoyin na lalaki, malalim ang boses. Inglisero pa.

"Are you here for the party?" tanong ni tisoy.

"Yes, ahmm. we are guests of Jomay." sagot ni Lucas.

Pinapasok sila sa loob ng condo. Ang dilim. Ngunit makikita mo ang koleksyon ni Jomay ng mga antique. Para ngang nakakatakot. Ngunit isa lang ang napansin niya. Bukod kay Tisoy, sila lang ang tao sa sala. Tama ba ang pinuntahan namin?

Lumabas si Jomay mula sa kwarto, tinawag ni tisoy. "Hola chika de patatas!" sigaw na pagbati ni Jomay.

"Jomay, this is Kim. He's Korean." sabay shake hands. At mapapansin mong natutuwa si Jomay sa itsura ni KIm.

"Come, come. Maaga kayo pero may aksyon na dito!" pumasok si Jomay sa kwarto niya.

Pagpasok nila, nakita nilang may tatlong lalaki ng nasa kama, nakahubad, Naghahalikan ang dalawa, habang ang pangatlo naman ay nakayakap sa likod.

Nagulat si Lucas sa nakita niya. Tinignan sila ng mga nasa kama.

"Join us. Take your clothes off" sabi ng isa.

Nagtinginan sila ni Kim.

"Ill leave you muna ha?" pangiting nagpaalam si Jomay, sinara ang pinto paglabas.

Sasabak na ba sila?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Can Friendships be made with 1's and 0's?

Can one truly establish a "friendship" online?  What constitutes "friendship"?  How important is physical presence to sustain a friendship?

I recall the long-term friendship of Julia Child and Avis de Voto as mentioned in the movie "Julie & Julia." That friendship started as a two-year correspondence, long-hand snail mail!  And the way Julia talked about her, you'd think they were bff from childhood!

In this age, we can have 1,000 facebook "friends", hundreds of twitter "followers", etc., etc.  A lot of them, I imagine, we have never met personally. Yet for some of them, we can actually interact on a daily basis!  Much much more frequently than our real friends and family!  We react to each other's highs and lows, with an assumed genuine concern and interest.  We greet each other birthdays and share memes.  

Can true friendships come out of these?   If such interactions never get past the electronic level, can we call them true friendships?

What do you think?

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

ang O party 1

Malungkot na masarap ang pakiramdam. Kaka-break pa lang nila Lucas at Conrad. May 5 taon rin silang magkasama. Kahit siya ang nikapag-break kay Conrad, umiiyak rin siya pag-naalala niya ang pinagsamahan. At yung gabing nakipag-break siya. Ang hagulgol ni Conrad ng buong gabi. Tinibayan lang niya ang kanyang pusong nadudurog sa bawat hikbi ni Conrad.

May tatlong buwan na rin ang nagdaan. Tatlong buwan ng kalayaan. Ngayon pa lang niya ulit mae-enjoy ang pagiging single. Pero hindi rin laging kasiyahan. Di naman siya laging may date. Di naman siya laging may booking. Kaya minsan, malungkot rin ang gabi.

Tinawagan siya ng isang kaibigan.

"Luc, may O party ako sa Sabado. Punta ka."

"O party? Ano yun?"

"Sus, taga saan lupalop ka ba ng Pilipinas?? Orgy party! Hahaha"

"Ay, exciting! Orgy talaga?"

Biglang napag-isip si Lucas. Kaya niya ba ang isang orgy? Pumasok sa isip niya ang mga porn na pinapanuod niya. Labu-labo ang mga katawan, ang mga titi. ang chupaan at uringan. Pero lahat, magaganda at magaganda ang katawan. Bigla siyang na-insecure.

"Oh ano, punta ka? Piling-pili ang in-invite ko dito." Napangiti siya nung binanggit eto ng kanyang kaibigan.

"Mga 8pm dito sa condo sa Malate. Magdala ka rin ng isang kabarkadang game. Bawal ang pangit at maarte! Dapat maganda ha?!"

Na-excite si Lucas. Ibang klase! Ibang level na eto!

Naririnig na niya ang ganitong mga party. Alam niyang exclusive. Sinasala ang mga pupunta. May ilan siyang kakilalang nakakapunta sa ganung mga parties. Minsan lang nga, may E (ecstacy) at iba pang drugs. Mayroon pa nga gina-gangbang. Pinipilahan para i-fuck. Hanggang umaga ang sex.

Iniisip pa lang niya, tinitigasan na siya. Minsan nga raw, may mga saksakan ng gwapo. Mga artista pa! Paano kaya kung matapat siya sa isang artista? Wow, sarap siguro nun. At nangarap na siya ng tuluyan.

Ang tagal naman ng Sabado.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

at least a post a day

It's my birthmonth.  I should honor that by writing a post a day.  On anything.  I want to see 29 or more posts for February 2012.  Because I need a goal to work on.  Some won't be as nice or as relevant.  Kebs!. A post a day at least.

So I start today.  Tonight, with a slight buzz from the wine I am drinking.  
It's really good Aussie white.  

I am in Cebu now.  I just finished my dinner of cocktail food at the lounge.  This should be my dinner.  I can't waste all that hardwork earlier at Fitness in Ayala.  Stop eating, CC.

Fitness at 3pm had very few people working out, expectedly.  But not without eye candy.  You just have to love Cebu.  Someone is always hot somewhere.  I was able to do my weights routine.  Which is unusual since I have become quite dependent on my personal trainor in ff in qc.  When I am away, I usually just do a cardio routine.  I'm glad I was able to squeeze a weights workout today.

I enjoyed the cocktails and pica-pica at the Executive Lounge.  i like that they do vary the menu.  Never the same thing.  Why can't Philippine Airlines do the same with that Mabuhay Lounge?  A little variability, please? Not the usual sandwiches and lugao and bananas.  Please naman!

i have some time off tonight from my 'ceremonial duties' at work.  Free time.  But I really have nowhere to go.  I don't feel like exploring Cebu on my own. Though Ayala Center is just a hop, skip away, what else is new there?

So I am done with dinner.  And the 2nd glass of wine is emply.  So this post ends.  Post 1, Feb. 1.

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