Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the ecu 2

I arrived at five minutes before the appointed time (12nn). And I was greeted by this entourage of people from the HMO, the Wellness department of the Hospital. Yes, I got the 'executive treatment'. I was done in 15 minutes, fully admitted into the hospital.

I am briefed of the tests to be undergone. Typical of males my age would include cardio, pulmo, gastro, complete blood chem (which does not include HIV) and the prostate exam or PSA. I have never done that before, a check up of the health of the prostate, knowing that due to hormonal changes, older men are prone to have prostate problems. Some of these lead to prostate cancer (yikes). Supposedly, the test includes a digital rectal exam (DRE), and that means the doctor inserts his fingers up my a-hole to probe the prostate. This is starting to sound erotic, I know. But it is all clinical. And I don't know how the doctor looks. LOL. So I'll tell you what happens.

The view from the roof. That's a golf course on the foreground.

I'll do my cardio stress test in about an hour. They'll make me run on a treadmill and measure my heart rate and blood pressure. I'll feel like some kind of super athlete being tested and monitored. They usually don't expect patients to finish the entire 20 minutes of the test. They halt the process once there are some warning signs of heart effort. So let's see if this 40+yo body could still do it. But I just did 10K yesterday. Hmmmmm.

I just had late lunch of fried (!) tilapia, tasteless broth and veggies. Well there was a piece of cake, a 1" cube of it. I don't think I could have my caffeine fix just yet.

The monastic room:

I've been visited by three doctors, two residents and a fellow. All male. All average looking. LOL. Routine medical history-taking and a stethoscope for my breathing. They are all so used to seeing patients with complaints. So they look surprised that I am here for a routine check-up.

Some thoughtful gifts from the HMO:

I'm waiting for my 'escorts' to the treadmill test area.


Multiphils said...

You might have overlooked the card on the fruit bowl. It might need some blurring. :)

tazo said...

intellibear! <3