Thursday, February 16, 2012

360 degree trainers

I'm not referring to the new workout 'craze'. Though that deserves a post, too.

I'm talking about personal trainers who are supposedly offering services beyond your fitness. Yes, those services. This may sound naive kf me but hearing news about it shocked me. Because it seemed to be quite rampant. I have heard of isolated cases. There was even one trainer i would hire on a per session basis with a reputation like that. But we never got to be personal AND intimate.

Is this just plain economics?

Sources have overheard transactions ranging from P1.5k to P15k (ano siya? artista?!?! The trick, it seems, is to be referred by a co-trainer. And to be extremely discrete. Only clients with long-term 'relationships' with their trainers would be 'offered'.

I told a friend about it. Ano? Ngayon mo lang nalaman yan? Tagal na, no?. Wow. where was this news when I was single. LOL. Di naman ako interesado. Mga Laila Dee ang mga yan.. I guess they would appeal to a certain market.

Talk about taking your fitness training to an all new level.

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Justin C. said...

Is that true? Madami pa naman akong college friends na naging trainers. hmmm. I wonder kung nag-offer na sila ng 'services' nila...

Ano ang Laila Dee?

Tony said...

not all are laila de lima. :P

and it's not only trainers these days. Recently a lot of varsity athletes and 'models' have been getting in touch with me asking if i could *ahem* help out or know of anyone who can.

It's either life is hard these days or partying hard is expensive, whatever their reasons are it is pure economics.

Ronnie said...

Intriguing and interesting as well LOL.

Tony was right, I also hear models and college athletes are asking to be 'booked', Leeeerks!

the green breaker said...

With masahistas everywhere, this is not a shock (though this is the first time that I've heard of this). Leverage.

I'd be surprised though if food chain crews would do this.