Monday, February 13, 2012

love yourself cafe 2, more musings

Migs organized another TLY cafe last saturday. The total number of registered participants (good grief! it sounds like a seminar!) ballooned to 72 pax. I don't know how many people eventually attended. I guess about 50?

It didnt seem more at 6pm, which is call time. Well, traffic was bad with Bourne Identity shooting somewhere, and the Araneta Ave. construction and somewhere very close, the PBB thingie.

But people started trickling in. And we when we eventually wrapped up by 830pm (?), we had a sizeable crowd.

There were a few old faces, which is not a surprise considering how some really enjoyed the first one. But it was refreshing to see fresh faces, faces eager to express themselves and be part of a community.

We had a good group. Let me do a mental rollcall. Yes, we were eight. One of the smaller groups. I won't divulge anymore about them, less I give their identities away. But I had as much fun as the first TLY cafe. There was an eagerness to share stories. And I'm thinking that this is one of the main attractions of TLY cafe. Some of them talk about being in straight barkadas, with few gay friends to chat with. I hope that somehow, the people managed to start a connection. And take it from there.

Most were single. But none felt the pressing need to be in a relationship. Singlehood was giving them the chance to just explore. And TLY cafe was one of those in the list.

Migs required them to get at least six phone numbers. That was a nice touch. It broke down barriers and allowed the people to seek out and get phone nos. And from the looks of it, I think they will keep in touch (and start touching! LOL)

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Victor Saudad said...

the TLY not a coffee shop one can just walk in, isn't it?

closet case said...

hello. nope. its really an event held in different venues, with no coffee served. LOL. bakit nga ba cafe???