Sunday, February 12, 2012

withdrawal pains

Its been a few days since I decided to be scarce in the social networks. I still read from time to time. But I have stopped myself from posting and tweeting. I went through some withdrawal pains. hehe. There were times I would think of a tweet I'd like to put out there. But I hold my thoughts till the need passes. I've become such a junkie! hahaha

But I think I'm past the stage. Though I would still reply to private messages, I do not feel compelled to just post or tweet. And I have started to read less and less, too. Because honestly, I used to read a lot trying to anticipate a comment or reply. With nothing to comment on or reply to from me, there was less need to read.

The other part of reading shoutouts and tweets is getting updates on online crushes. Ugh. that sounds so juvenile! But I have to admit, I have a few. And as much as I have kilig moments when they reply to my tweets or reference me. I have to admit that this 'stalkerish' behavior was not going to go anywhere.

So, this withdrawal will also be good for me as I wean myself away from my crushes. Sorry guys. I need to do this. LOL

I'm starting to get back to a more 'real', as opposed to 'virtual' life. Less time just idly reading. And more of catching up with movies and tv shows and hopefully reading.

I'm rediscovering real life now that the withdrawal pains have passed.

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