Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lost or How To Extend The Life Of A TV Series

Im on Season Three. And I'm watching it amazed at how suddenly, new characters begin showing up. You have a potentially huge cast, of castaways. So you start out focusing on one group, your main characters. And as you make them interact with one another, you have the opportunity to play up their past lives.

It becomes so Freudian as their past explains the kind of choices they are making now. Or their stupidity. So you always get this "Ah, that's why" kind of feeling. The funny thing, too, is that you realize that their past lives interconnect. In this big, big world of 7 billion people, these people, who randomly chose to take that flight, have lives that have been intersecting and interconnecting. More "Ah... that's why"

Then because you have all these survivors, even as you kill off some characters, you start introducing new ones, usually gorgeous new ones to replace the gorgeous dead ones. Then you have new lives to play with, and new past lives to relive. And some of these people go from sideline to frontline.

So this could go on and on, potentially. Unlike your usual telenovela which focuses on the same cast of characters till death or a happy ending.

This thought is potentially unnerving. A series with no end. I'm already tired thinking about it. But thanks to hindsight, I know now that it ends after 3 more seasons. Whew.

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Anonymous said...

I miss the Island. I was genuinely hooked on LOST. In any case, It gets so much better season 4 onwards. I was in tears at the series finale.hahaha.