Saturday, February 18, 2012

club scene

its almost 12mn and im still out. im at a club. well. a drinking place. with hiphop music. straight primarily. except for guests of the celebrant like me. haha

i am a bit too old for this. ok. not a bit. haha. but im enjoying being in a club like this again.

i miss the dancing. the moving and grooving to the music. but i cant talk. i have a gag order on myself. i can't talk here without straining my vocal chords. nuthin left to do but move to the beat.

its getting really crowded. the buzz from the wine aint coming. im sober. but im good. pc seems to be ok. so im enjoying the scene again.

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the green breaker said...

clubbing with the hubby is fine! you not in Twitter anymore, CC?

Mac Callister said...

which club is this? ok naman yan you're with the bf! release yourself!haha