Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's almost 9am on the Leap Year Date. Some friends actually thought I was born today. Which would have been really nice because that makes it so special. (thought some find it sad!) But I was born on a non-Leap Year so it would have been impossible. LOL

I checked in at this hotel to avail of my free nights. Yes, I am a sucker for freebies and rewards. Marketeers love me for it. I remember judiciously saving my BPI credit card & debit card transaction receipts to avail of the Jollibee promos. And when I enrolled in the Bistro Group and the Dome membership cards, I consciously patronized the establishments to maximize value. I guess it's my middle class upbringing. hehe.

But in marketing, I would always caution students from implementing promotions. I emphasize the promotions, despite the short term sales lift, should be evaluated on the basis of maintaining customer loyalty and improving regular purchase behavior. The end goal of a sales promotion would have been achieved if the customer ends up buying more even AFTER the promotion. Oops. I digress.

Birthday morning started with breakfast with my parents at Dome, using my "buy one take one" coupon, after hearing Mass. (Good grief, that is one convoluted compound sentence.) I like Dome, and not just because of the freebie. It's value for money full-range cafe, with free wifi. The long black (coffee) is consistent. The interiors do need some updating, though.

Then it was off to meet PC for lunch. He cooked his uber-sarap Chicken Tinola, reminiscent of the first times we were seeing each other. I was sick then and he prepared and sent me this Tinola. He has his secret ingredients that make th is thick and flavorful.

From there, we went to Marriott Hotel at Newport. Checking in was such a breeze. And when we got to the room, I received a call greeting me Happy Birthday (as per their records). And the complimentary cake was coming. i'm impressed.

Needing my caffeine fix, we hung out at the Cafe where a cute hunky waiter greeted us. Yeah, nice bod. Ok face, with a great sincere smile and dimples. hehehe PC and I were having fun conjuring flirty scenes with him.

We checked out the gym and the pool. Then it was a stroll to the high-end mall area where PC saw his beloved Montblanc fountain pen ink!

By 830pm, we were feasting on their buffet. We agreed that it had a pretty good selection, at the level of Circles or Heat. Or maybe a little less. But it was really good for the price (P1,650/). The nice server got wind of my brithday celebration and brought in another complimentary cake. Love ko na ang Marriott.

Then we turned in for the night.

Ill be working out in a while. Chose to forego the breakfast buffet. I just fie-days worth of calories during supper. Ill do cardio then swim. The day is gorgeous, bright and sunny!

Post birthday is still as bright and sunny as yesterday.


Marky Boy said...

Happy birthday. お誕生日 おめでとうございます。

Justin said...

Belated HBD!