Sunday, February 12, 2012


New Year Resolutions. i made a few. Usual stuff related to keeping the figure trim. And some better habits like reading the Gospel daily.

I started monitoring the commitments made using the desk calendar. A dot on the upper left for each day I did ab work. Then one on the lower left for reading the Gospel of the day.

Unfortunately, those memory devices still failed to develop the habit in me. I fared better with the Gospel readings. But the ab work? Ayayay. Just couldn't do them consistently.

And my latest failure - the failure to post daily during birth month. Ugh. I missed a day.

I really wanted to post yesterday but nothing would come out of my head.

Zilch. A bloggers block.

So that was a monumental #fail for me.

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The Tame Lion said...

No worries, inspirations may come when you least expect it. ;)