Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Oc-oc savors his mini accomplishments: of tasks completed, goals achieved, activities conducted!

The annual tasks are the most easily forgotten: paying taxes, insurances, doing medical check-ups. They get buried in the day-to-day or even month-to-month (paying utilities, credit card bills). So I pay special attention to these tasks, careful not to procrastinate despite the long leadtimes.

I just finished paying amelyar or real property taxes at both San Juan and Quezon City halls. Both were such pleasant experiences. Because I paid much earlier than the April deadline. I even have a prompt payment discount at QC. I accomplished both quickly. QC was quite impressive, with its electronic priority number, airconditioned 'lounges' (that's the label on the door!) and efficient staff.

Earlier, I was able to schedule my annual medical check-up for next week. I have prioritized this and set time for it. All insurances have been paid, except for the cars that have to wait for registration schedule.

So what helped me be this "accomplished"? The Reminders app built in the iPhone/iPad was my support system. I love the feeling of being able to tick off as 'done' the things I've put on the list.

Mini-wins that set me on a nice productive mood.

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