Wednesday, February 1, 2012

at least a post a day

It's my birthmonth.  I should honor that by writing a post a day.  On anything.  I want to see 29 or more posts for February 2012.  Because I need a goal to work on.  Some won't be as nice or as relevant.  Kebs!. A post a day at least.

So I start today.  Tonight, with a slight buzz from the wine I am drinking.  
It's really good Aussie white.  

I am in Cebu now.  I just finished my dinner of cocktail food at the lounge.  This should be my dinner.  I can't waste all that hardwork earlier at Fitness in Ayala.  Stop eating, CC.

Fitness at 3pm had very few people working out, expectedly.  But not without eye candy.  You just have to love Cebu.  Someone is always hot somewhere.  I was able to do my weights routine.  Which is unusual since I have become quite dependent on my personal trainor in ff in qc.  When I am away, I usually just do a cardio routine.  I'm glad I was able to squeeze a weights workout today.

I enjoyed the cocktails and pica-pica at the Executive Lounge.  i like that they do vary the menu.  Never the same thing.  Why can't Philippine Airlines do the same with that Mabuhay Lounge?  A little variability, please? Not the usual sandwiches and lugao and bananas.  Please naman!

i have some time off tonight from my 'ceremonial duties' at work.  Free time.  But I really have nowhere to go.  I don't feel like exploring Cebu on my own. Though Ayala Center is just a hop, skip away, what else is new there?

So I am done with dinner.  And the 2nd glass of wine is emply.  So this post ends.  Post 1, Feb. 1.

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Anonymous said...

party na sa mango! hihih...

Justin C. said...

happy birthday month :D

closet case said...

thanks, @justin! it must be one whole happy month!