Monday, February 20, 2012

post script: frustrations

Thanks for the comments, dear raiders. Truly appreciate the candor. Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

But you know what, I'll continue pushing it. I'm wired that way. I know it may seem crazy. But I really am like that. I don't believe in limitations, even if I whine about them a lot. I know it's crazy to aspire for a great body at my age, but heck, I still aim for it. And despite the odds, I managed to slim down and get a few abs out. And even as I have ballooned over the holidays, I'm back on track, proud to have lost 1.6% body fat in a month.

I stretch myself. That's the only way for me to grow. Yes, I get frustrated. But ultimately, I go back to it. So that is how it's going to be with my voice lessons. As long as I don't hurt my vocal chords, I'll keep on pushing it.

Don't worry, I won't stupidly perform any of those numbers in front of the audience. Well, not anytime soon. LOL. But the great thing about aiming for the moon and stars is that even if you don't get them, you'll end up in some high mountain anyway. Practicing singing those notes makes me more confident singing the medium-effort ones. Hence, I get to sing them more effectively.

So forgive me for bothering you with that post. Yes, I was whining. I was like this wounded kid, hurt by the caring words of a father. I'm good now. And even if I am left with only one person believing I could do it, I still wouldn't give up. Besides, I am really singing for me, and not for anybody else.

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Ipe Wacka-Wacka said...

that's ok . more stretch for fun.

chink said...

your next piece should be 'Defying Gravity'... pwede kang magka relate sa song na yun...or you can turn green trying, naughty me...gora ka lang teh!!!