Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentine's dates

I was such a slut yesterday. I had two dates for valentine's day.

It was an ok day at work. I felt I was able to catch up on back log. I had an early meeting that turned out well.

I brought gym gear though I was hesitating. Monday night, my right knee was hurting. I'm not sure what brought it on. It felt fine after my Sunday run. It started to hurt a bit during my Monday gym time. Then it hurt quite bad as I slept Monday evening. It was gone when I woke up. But I feared that if I worked it out, it might come back.

Then Paul texted. And told me about the promo ongoing at the Spa. 30% off till 6pm. Hmm. That isn't such a bad deal, considering I really had nothing to do after work. So I confirmed my date with Paul, the therapist.

Paul is my suki therapist at that spa. I won't deny that I like the way he looks (may dating Yul Servo. pareho kami ng type ni Papa P? hihihi). But I really like the way he massages, long and languorous strokes. I like that there is restrain as he presses and glides along the bigger muscle groups. He takes his time to complete one stroke. I like that better than the 'fast and furious' type. I guess I'm the 'moderate-only' client, one who prefers to relax with a massage rather than be 'fixed up' with a hard, driving stroke aimed at releasing all that lamig. (I've always been curious about the scientific basis for muscular lamig.)

So I went for two hours of that. A long date with Paul. And it even ended with complimentary wine, cheese and crackers! (It turned out to be their anniversary.)

I went home and had dinner with my folks. And we watched Modern Family downloads after.

Before bed time, I had another date. This time it was with Ryan Reynolds. I finally watched Green Lantern. (Yeah, I'm such a loser for watching this sooo late.) This guy has to be at the top of my list for hotness. I like that he is not THAT good looking but he has this uber-gorgeous body. And that he does comedy. Best combination. I was thrilled at the body exposure in the film, which made me feel that it was pandering to the pink audience all too consciously! And that part where he was demonstrating to his geek pal his identity change, as he was wearing sweat pants and sando! I swear there was a bulge there!

So that was one hot second date for the night!

But the day ended talking to the real valentine's date: my prince charming. :) He actually surprised me Monday evening by dropping by and bringing me chocolate cake. Which he told me to consume despite my diet restrictions!

So that's what love is: Eating fudgy mega-rich chocolate cake loaded with 1,000,0000 calories.

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luke lacson said...

you are lucky that you have pc in your life and pc also is lucky as well. both of you actually. reading small details of your time with pc is sweet and romantic. cant help but feel envious. haha anyway good luck with pc.

be good now.

carpe diem!