Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the AE

Luke was staring blankly at the monitor. He had just finished scrolling through his FB and Twitter timelines. He noticed he had some notifications on Linkedin.

He hardly opens Linkedin. He's not looking for another job. He is not filling up any vacancies either. (Plus he's not sure how effective this platform is for recruitment) The few times he does is just to approve requests to be linked. Sure, he could use the network. But he had been getting spam in the inbox from real estate agents. That's what he gets for approving requests based on a cute profile pic. LOL

So here was another one. Cute pic. Cute half-smile. And he looked familiar. One of the guys at the gym, perhaps? He quickly added him to view more details. But this is Linkedin, so all he sees are cv-data. An ad agency account executive. At least the guy's not in real estate. Nor insurance. So he might not be selling anything. He added him up and closed the app. Just another 'contact'.

A few hours later, he saw an mailbox notification from Linkedin. Curious, he opened it and saw a message from "account executive from Makati".

"Hello. I hope you are having a good day."

He replied. "Hello there. Thanks. Hope you are, too."

And that started a message thread.

"Very busy but it's all good. You?"

He was surprised at how casual and 'friendly' this was going. Geesh. This is Linkedin, not Grindr or even Twitter. But that didn't stop him from responding.

"So-so. Not as stressed."

Then Luke got bolder. "You look familiar."

"Really? Did we date before?"

WTF?? Did he really mention 'date' in a professional social media network?

"No. Definitely not. I would remember if I had gone out with you."

"But where would we have met?"

"I think I see you at the gym. You go to Fitness?"

"Nope. Gold's here."

Huh? He swore he sees him at Fitness.

"Never been to Fitness?"

"I have, once or twice. As a guest. But I really work out at Gold's."

"Oh. Okay. I might have mistaken you for someone else. Sorry."

"No biggie."

"Ok. Have a good day."

"You, too."

And that ended that thread. Luke found it puzzling that this guy would immediately assume he was into guys, in Linkedin! He didn't even have much gay friends in that network. He found it actually quite audacious of him.

A few days later, he saw a new message from Sonny, AE from Makati.

"You know Stan? the copywriter?"

"Yeah. Why? Is he a mutual friend?"

"Yes. I think I may have known you through him. In one of the parties."

Luke thought hard. He never recalled meeting anybody remotely like Sonny in any of Stan's parties.

"I'd remember if I did. But maybe, we did. Are you still in touch with Stan?"

"No. We had some falling out."

"Oh okay. Sorry to hear that."

He was getting to think this was pointless until.

"Coffee sometime?"

This has got to be a first: using Linkedin to ask for a date.

"Sure." He still wanted to make it sound professional. "Let's talk about your career potential."

"Thanks. I need that." And Sonny gave his mobile number.

The exchanges over texts changed in character.

"Are you sure we haven't dated?" Sonny texted.

"Yes, I am. I would have remembered. Why?"

"You'd be the type I'd date."

"I'm flattered."

"Are you dating anyone?"

"Yes, actively dating. But not committed to anyone in particular."

"Not interested in relationships?"

"No. Not at the moment." Luke felt he needed to be upfront about this.

"Ok. That's cool."

"Are you looking for a relationship?"

"It's been a while."

"And is that the reason why you sent me that message over at Linkedin?"

"Was I the one who first sent a message? Wasn't that you?"

Luke became pissed. "Look, I don't send messages over at Linkedin. So it was you."

"LOL I'm just teasing. Yes. I thought I liked what I saw."

"You got some balls doing that in Linkedin, kiddo. That's a professional network."

"I know. I took a chance. Besides, I think I've seen you before. So I knew what I was getting into."

"Fine. But it was still one hell of a chance you took."

"Anyway, when do we have coffee?"

"Tuesday. I'll be in Makati. Name the Starbucks nearest your office."

So it was set. Admittedly, Luke was excited, of course, based on one profile pic in Linkedin. He figured that people would be less inclined to be 'photoshopped and filtered' on Linkedin, since it is used for business. So he was betting that the photo matched the real thing.

Luke was 10 minutes early for the date. No, the coffee chat. Luckily, he got a nice seat with a view of all those walking inside the shop. He was drinking his Americano when Sonny walked in. He knew right away. Yup, the photo matched the real thing. The only difference, Sonny was wearing glasses.

Yup, he liked what he saw. Sonny was tall and fair. Muscular even. He had that school boy look, with the glasses and the barong that was excitingly tight at the biceps. Yes, the kid's got the bod. He was wondering why he seemed to be having problems getting a boyfriend.

The initial conversation was light. It centered around work, their common friends, working out. Then, Luke asked "I don't get it why you are single. Choosy much?"

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Please do. It is."

"I just find it hard to look for a guy who'll fit the bill."

"So you are choosy."

"Shouldn't I or shouldn't one be?"

"Well, yeah."

"So what's your excuse for being single?"

"Been there. Not rushing into anything that will just turn either ugly or boring in the end."

"Whoa. So cynical."

Luke laughed. "Well, been through a lot. I just want to have fun."

Sonny suddenly looked away.

"Ok, we've had our coffee. We are obviously looking for two different thinks, Sonny. I guess this means goodbye."

Sonny looked at him. "I haven't been fucked in a while."

Luke suddenly sat up. "I can help with that!" Then he quickly followed it up "But only that, okay?"

"Ok." Sonny conceded. Horniness trumps romance. "When?"

"No time like now. I can take the half-day off."

Sonny paused a bit. "Fine. I'm still on client call. But I don't have a place."

"Follow me." Luke got up and started walking out. Sonny quickly followed.

"Wait up. Let me cover my tracks." And he made a few calls to fix his schedule.

They kept on walking till they got to the gym.

"Wait! That's the gym!" Sonny protested.

"Dead hour, kid. We got the place to ourselves."

"Are you sure?" He was getting nervous.

"Trust me."

Luke walked in and greeted the receptionist. "Need to use the bathroom. Emergency, you know?" He winks at her. "Something I ate. Can I bring him in? He wants to see the gym" He pointed to Sonny.

"Oh, but the sales guys are out. No one can entertain him."

"Don't worry about that. He'll just have a look around as I take care of business. I'll borrow towels, thank you."

Luke is obviously very at home at the gym, Sonny thinks to himself. But still, his heart was pounding like crazy.

They went straight to the locker room.

"Shouldn't I look around, like I am, you know, inquiring?" He asked.

"They wouldn't even notice you. Besides, this is not going to take long."

True enough, there was hardly any other people inside the gym and the locker area. Just a locker attendant and an elderly Caucasian dressing up.

"Let's stuff our clothes here." Luke opened a locker and quickly undressed. "Hurry."

Sonny undressed. Luke saw the nice, trim abs with the Adonis belt prominent. He wetted his lips.

"Follow me. Been here before?"

Sonny shook his head, tied his towel tight and followed.

They crossed the row of showers to get to the dark dry sauna room.

"Hey, are you sure about this?" Sonny was super nervous.

Luke entered the room without even answering. True enough, the room was also empty.

When Sonny's eyes got accustomed to the darkness, he saw Luke sitting on the bench, with the towel just draping over his thighs. "Sit here."

Sonny obeyed. Luke quickly unloosened Sonny's towel and proceeded to grope his crotch, all the while looking at the door and its glass window. He was surprised to feel Sonny's cock all hard so soon. Decent size, he thought. Then he started to jerk himself off.

Sonny was just stiff, in all ways, as Luke was holding both their cocks. Soon, he let go and gave in. He grabbed Luke's face to kiss him. Luke was surprised yet he still opened his lips, but never letting his gaze off the door. Then he pulled away. "Wait. The attendant."

Sonny sat up straight and looked at the window. They saw the attendant looking at the shower stalls before reaching the sauna room. He opened the door and peered inside.

"Hello Sirs. Is it hot enough?"

They hardly noticed the heat before. They only realized they were now profusely sweating. "Yeah, it's fine." The attendant closed the door and walked away.

Luke waited for a while before grabbing Sonny's hand and putting it on his cock. He was still hard. Sonny tried to pull away.

"Come on! He won't be coming back!"

Sonny began stroking the cock as Luke let go of a moan. Then he started pushing Sonny's head towards his dick. Sonny was trying to fight it but he couldn't resist the cock anyway. Yes, it's been a while.

Sonny awkwardly sucked on the meat. He gagged as Luke pushed his face down on the tool. Luke was obviously really into it. He let go of the head and started probing down Sonny's ass. His fingers found the butt hole and was massaging it hard.

He then pulled Sonny away from his cock and stood up. "Stay here. I'll come back." He left as suddenly. Sonny saw him walk towards the locker area. After a minute, he saw him again on the aisle. He signaled from the outside for Sonny to come out and join him inside one of the shower stalls.

Sonny emerged and slowly walked to the cubicle. They were still the only people inside. He heard the shower turn on at the only stall with the curtain drawn. "Luke?" He whispered.

Luke opened the curtain and pulled him in. Then he pushed him to the wall and started kissing him wildly. He embraced him tightly. And his hand squeezed and spanked his butt. Then he turned him around and positioned to fuck him.

"Wait. Rubber!" pleaded Sonny. "Don't worry. I got it." Luke fumbled with the sachet, having a hard time tearing it open. "Hurry"

Finally, he put the rubber on and squeezed some body wash over his cock. He lowered Sonny's hips to get the entry right. "Slowly!" Sonny whispered. But Luke quickly pushed his cock in.

"Fuck!" Sonny shouted. "Easy!"

"Shhh! Shut up!" Luke whispered in his ear.

"You want this, right?"

"Yes." Luke started pumping. Sonny bit his lip to keep from shouting. It was getting painful. Body wash was washing off too quickly. "Please hurry." He didn't bother to jerk off. He was limp. He just wanted Luke to finish off.

With a few more thrusts, Luke finally came. And he withdrew his cock and pulled the condom off.

Then they heard the shout. "Hey! You can't do that here!"

It was the attendant, who was suddenly trying to pry open the curtains. Luke struggled to prevent him from drawing it. "Ok. Ok. Just shut up." He looked at Sonny. He was pale and horrified. He motioned for him to stay put. Luke put on the towel and stepped out of the shower and closed the curtain after him.

"That can get you expelled, Sir!" The attendant was still there. He didn't seem angry.

Luke pulled him towards the locker. "Look, what do you want? Just keep quiet, ok, boss?"

The attendant shook his head. "You shouldn't be doing that here, Sir."

"I know, I know." Luke got to the locker and pulled out some cash, a P500 bill. "Here, just keep quiet, please."

The attendant looked at the money. "I don't need that, Sir. Just don't do that here. Tell your friend to get dressed, Sir." Luke looked behind and saw that Sonny was already behind him.

Sonny kept on muttering. "Are we going to be apprehended?"

"Shut up and just dress up. I'm taking care of this."

Sonny nodded and quickly dressed up. Luke turned his attention to the attendant. "Take this, please. Or you want more?"

"No Sir." The attendant walked away just as Sonny was already dressed
Without saying a word, he left Luke in the locker. Still in his towel, Luke sat down on the bench alone. His pulse was still racing. He suddenly felt weak and tired. He checked on the attendant. He was still there, but now busy with mopping the floor. It looked like he was not going to tell on him.

He dressed up. He looked at his cellphone for messages from Sonny. None. He walked up to the attendant. "Thank you."

The attendant nodded without looking at him. He walked out to the gym area and left the gym. He looked at his cellphone again. Still no message from Sonny. He didn't bother to send him one either. This encounter is best left as is. A close call. Too close. He just got lucky with the attendant this time. Is this his punishment for turning Linkedin into Grindr?

He heaved a final sigh and walked to his car.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Open Fabcast 1

With all FabC's in relationships, there was the inevitable question: is the relationship open?

* * * * * * START OF CODE BELOW * * * * *

* * * * * * END OF CODE * * * * *

Music credits:
"Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It" by Stars
"The Game Is On" (from the soundtrack of BBC's Sherlock, season 1) by David Arnold & Michael Price
"Nobody's Perfect" by Madonna

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

From Hotel to Hospital

Just when I was getting really into the regimen - the diet, the running, the daily abs workout for 2 months, I get sick. Really sick.

I had a nice Holy Week staycation. Checked-in at Solaire and got a room with a fantastic view of the bay. The weather cooperated to give me two wonderful sunsets, Good Friday and Black Saturday.

The drawback was checking-in. Solaire's staycation promo attracted so many locals. It took me till 5pm to finally get a room. Thankfully, the Front Desk Officer offered me free massage at their spa while waiting. So that eased the inconvenience a bit.

I didn't want to travel by land, air or sea for Holy Week. I knew terminals and highways would be clogged. I just wanted some alone time with my sunset, my book and my wine.

I finished "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Greene. Yes, it is depressing in one way. But I also found it redeeming. Love is love, no matter how much or how little time you have. I am looking forward to the movie adaptation, though based on the trailer, the guy doesn't seem to be as hot as the book makes him out to be.

I got to swim a bit, before the kids and their nannies started coming. Then I got to do my run from Solaire to the Manila Film Center and back. That was at 430pm so it was just HOT and HUMID. I barely made it back. But the scenery was just worth it.

Then I settled in front of the huge windows and just watched the sun set. I had my fave piano music playing, and of course, my bottle of cabernet. I was just transfixed until dusk finally settled all around.

Easter Sunday was spent with c3 (partner) and family. I ate pan-seared tuna for lunch. And until late Sunday night, I was still fine.

When I was all alone, trying to get some sleep that night, I started to feel the indigestion. My stomach kept grumbling. Then I was having heartburn. I barely slept.

Monday morning I was already feeling weak and feverish. I dragged my body to work. But after just an hour in the office, I gave up. I went home to rest. My stomach was still having a mix of grumbling, acid, spasm. And I was constipated and bloated. I couldn't eat at all. All appetite just left. I became weaker.

Tuesday morning became diarrhea day. I knew I had to consult a doctor already. What was supposedly just an outpatient visit became hospital confinement. I was stuck with IV to quickly rehydrate me. I stayed there overnight. I was discharged midday Wednesday, when the doctor felt I was strong enough. She blamed the tuna ("It's always the seafood.") for this 'gastroenteritis' that I experienced.

I am still not 100%. I think my stomach is still irritable. Bowel movement is not normal yet. But at least I am out of the hospital, and off that IV. That just hampered everything.

So after all that 'healthy and fit lifestyle', I feel I am back to square one. I was hoping that bout would have trimmed some flab but no! Sigh. It's still there. I lost muscle mass. And that made me look thin and frail.

The aging body.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

CC: C-mana C-anta

Time flies so fast these days. Were we not just having our foreheads brushed with ash recently? It is now Palm Sunday. Five weeks have passed since.

I have recently downloaded "The Bible", the mini-series from the History Channel, and the most-watched series in 2013 in the US. I must say that it is refreshing to watch the stories retold. Since they had to compress it to 10 episodes, they had to take liberties and choose which events to highlight. I like the way they stitched together the stories, with a richly historical (versus just Biblical) context. I am just on Ep 6, so I am just about to transition to the New Testament.

A dear friend, a high school classmate, once told me that he stopped being Catholic. He never bothered to engage me in conversation before, because he felt I would not be 'prepared' to listen to him. But I did ask him, finally, about why he stopped. He answered simply. He just couldn't accept a "God" that was so selfish as to demand to be worshipped and praised, or else. Why would a "God" be so insecure?

That got me thinking. I put a lot of weight in his point of view for I respect my friend so much. He is the most intelligent in the batch, yet he has remained so humble and unassuming. Finally hearing him tell me this just made me think. I actually didn't bother to even answer him. I didn't know what to say.

He is right. Even as I watched "The Bible", the stories of a vengeful God wreaking destruction on those who dared worship other deities are plentiful. Why was God so 'human', jealous and insecure, even before He gave us Jesus Christ as a human being?

I began analyzing and rationalizing. (And that is a disclaimer. These are just my thoughts.)

Could this 'jealousy/insecurity' actually be needed then? Did it serve a purpose of making people (the Jewish people) follow more righteous path?

Worshipping and praising God could or should not exist without good works, without justice and righteousness. If one truly believes that God should be worshipped, he/she should also believe in the commandments and laws that God himself created. Requiring His people to always worship and praise him actually meant requiring them to be 'good people', righteous and loving. If He wavered and allowed them to 'worship other gods', then there was no assurance that they would continue to follow His commandments. And God knows (pun intended) what this people may end up doing!

He had to be 'jealous' to make sure that His laws were followed. Moreover, if there was no fear of divine retribution, the people then would have no reason to continue to be 'faithful' to God and the commandments.

But I also note how all this evolved during the New Testament. With Jesus, it was no longer just "don't do this", it was "do it with love." He gave a loving dimension to all that we do. Hence, the greatest commandment became "You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength." I believe that at this time, the Jewish people were 'ready' to follow based on love rather than fear. And this is reinforced by what Jesus said "I have come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it." Fulfilling the law meant getting to the 'spirit' of the law, and that spirit was simply 'love.'

It is no longer jealousy. It is simply integrity. "If you love me, you will do as I say." Following the Lord God will come from loving Him wholeheartedly, with no reservation. And we become good people, righteous and loving, because of our obedience to and love of Him.

Again, these are just my thoughts. This probably how I would answer him when we see each other again, if he feels like listening.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Angelito in Heaven

He was the bunso of 12 siblings, born to poverty and crime. Their father is serving time for drug-related crimes. Their mother died violently, supposedly in the hands of a drug-crazed brother. That horrific incident brought him, and eight of his brothers and sisters to a halfway home, an institution under the care of nuns. He was probably five years old then.

The safe environs allowed them to study and be healthier. Their talents blossomed. Most of them were musically inclined. There was so much hope for them as they were growing up. Angelito, the youngest, was quiet but cheerful. But it seemed he was quite slow in mental development. It must have been because of the way their drunken father beat their mother up when Angelito was still in the womb. But this state didn't prevent him from being active and helpful and being loved.

I met the 6-yr old Angelito when Miggs organized an outreach to their institution. We were going to be the kuya and ate to the children on a field trip. Angelito and Rose, his sister, were fatefully assigned to me as my wards for the day. The bond developed, especially between Angelito and me. He was so malambing, in need of human warmth. It felt good to be able to provide that. From then on, I resolved to visit the institution regularly, to visit Angelito and Rose. That was 10 years ago.

I got to know the rest of Angelito’s siblings. All of them were eagerly looking for a kuya figure. And it wasn't even anything financial. Though from time to time, I’d treat them to Jollibee.

One by one, the siblings had to leave that home as they hit the ripe old age of 18. That was the arrangement with a halfway home. But since they had no parents to go home to, Asilo even worked out that they be provided a unit in a multi-level ‘housing’ owned by the Archdiocese of Manila. Though they all were going to government schools while they were in Asilo, the kids ditched schooling as soon as they got out. They got work and got married. So much for hoping that their lives would be different from their parents.

Eventually, even Angelito had to leave Asilo and stay with his siblings. I gave employment to two of his brothers, Raul and Kim, to help with their costs of daily living. Sadly, they either lacked initiative or drive. They couldn’t even stayed employed for long. They would be absent for long stretches and just reappear. I got fed up and just terminated them.

For about a year, I didn’t hear from them. Until Raul got in touch with me again, to tell me that Angelito had developed throat lumps that wouldn’t go away. He was also growing pale and lethargic. I asked that he be brought to my dad.

At first look, my dad already knew something was terribly wrong with him. He told me to hospitalize him immediately. I accompanied them to PGH, hoping to refer his case to my doctor-friends there. He was confined and diagnosed with leukemia. PGH didn’t have the facility to treat him so he was referred to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. That was in 2012.

In PCMC, Raul, Kim and I were briefed about his situation. Though leukemia is treatable nowadays, it would still cost a lot of money. The doctors asked me if I was up to it. The brothers pleaded with me to help. I told them I would but they would have to do their part and look for other funding sources. Thankfully, they were able to get from PDAF of congressmen, from PCSO.

He would be in and out of the hospital for the next months, undergoing cycles of chemotherapy. In 2013, it looked like he was finally in remission. He gained weight, showed color again. And the lumps disappeared. He still had more cycles to undergo. The brothers were able to get a steady stream of funds for his occasional confinement. My assistance was limited to giving them allowance. I soon took them back to work for the household.

A few weeks back, they told me that Angelito lost a lot of weight rapidly. His stomach was swollen. He was sick with fever and vomiting. They brought him to the hospital immediately. It turned out to be liver failure now. All those cycles of chemotherapy severly strained his organs.

He expired last March 26, 2014 at around 3am. They were calling me but since they were using an unregistered number, I ignored it. But it did cross my mind that it could be them. I woke up at 7am and finally got to answer the phone. It was one of his sisters, crying as she told me that Angelito was no more.

I didn’t even say goodbye. The last time I saw him was in January, during one of his trips to the hospital. I didn’t realize he would be gone so soon. I didn’t even answer the effing phone call.

He died at the age of 17. Raul, who was beside him during the last moments, told me he was already having dreams of paradise, and of a beautiful lady saying hello to him. He also said he didn’t want to die yet. Raul just hugged him and told him we all love him.

He was such a sweet boy. He never complained of his pain, his illness. He was just quiet. He would just smile. People in PCMC, the guards, the nurses, the doctors were so fond of him. They, too, were so sad to know he finally gave in.

Tonight is his ika-siyam na araw. I can only pray for the eternal repose of his sweet soul, and forgiveness for not having done enough, for not having said goodbye.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Re-post: Dating and the Single PLU Survey Results (2008)

Exactly six years ago, I posted results of a survey I conducted among raiders. It was relevant to me then because I was still single. I discovered this again when just yesterday, a comment came in related to that 2008 post. And when I re-read the post, it happily coincided with April Fools' Day.

So I put it up again. And wonder whether the survey results remain relevant.

Question 1: Blind Dates

92% are open to blind dates though quite a few have not experienced it at all.

It seems that not many of us have been on blind dates. by definition from Wiki Weyes:

A blind date is a date where the people involved have not met each other previously. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends or by a dating system.
Blind dates are becoming more commonplace following the rise of the Internet, when people who have met in chatrooms, Instant Messaging or forums finally agree to meet in person. Afterwards, they go to a place where they can have time to talk and get to know one another.

i find it odd that the second paragraph seemingly negates the first one (people involved have not met each other previously). i guess online meeting is not considered as 'having met previously'.)

i believe the common definition of blind dating, being set up by mutual friends, is not very common among PLU's. although by experience, i used to get asked by single PLU-friends to set them up with other single PLUs i know. (that was when i was still 'coupled'). but i didnt really set an actual 'date'. i merely forwarded numbers and just let them do the setting up. would you call this a blind date?

now that i'm single, i'm tempted to do the same to friends - 'uy hanap niyo ako date'. but i remember my own feelings about being 'pressured' do to so. so i wont be pressuring any of you to set me up.

but there is something intrinsically 'exciting' about blind dating (even if he does read braille!) and i think that is what the survey reveals. the eternally optimistic PLU hopes that that blind date will be THE ONE. (or i quote Gibbs: the Effing One). i believe this will change once we get to experience first-hand the date from hell, as so many straight people picture it out to be.

Question 2: Sex on the 1st Date

83% are very open to having sex on the first date, for some, it has already happened
25% would like to delay this though it doesnt always happen.

I must admit that for a moment (not a while, hehehe), i thought this would be a no-brainer. I mean, a PLU refusing to have sex just because its a first date?!? as the survey shows, there are PLU's who would consciously delay gratification sexually because its a first date.

it hasnt been happening to me as much lately. though not because i dont want to, only because i would like to do it comfortably in my own place, not in some hotel or motel room. i have definitely gone out with some hot guys out there i would have gone to bed with right on the first date, had circumstances allowed.

i dont believe much in delayed gratification (this is a Charlotte York way of thinking). nothing changes for me, whether we had sex on the 1st or the 30th date.

Question 3: Multiple Dates

83% are amenable to dating different guys at the same time as long as it remains non-committal

so a lot of PLU's do date different guys at the same time. this brings a smile to cc's face.

i must admit that i was facing some kind of dilemma. after 7 years of being officially off the dating scene (officially, legally, technically, etc.), i'm glad to be back in the 'mercado' in a splenda (i.e. guilt-free) way! and im in no hurry to get involved (magagalit si aura reader!).

but i didnt know whether i should be doing 'serial dating' or 'parallel' multiple dating. dating just one person at a time might raise expectations. at the same time, i dont know how PLU's would react if they find out the guy they are dating is also dating some other people.

but my sense, based on the survey, is that PLU's are a lot more 'relaxed' now in their attitude towards dating. and expressing interest in multiple dating means accepting that they could also be among the date choices of another PLU.

of course, accepting this as a consequence does not take away that 'kurot' in the heart (and the loins) when i will realize that one of the guys i like going out with also likes hanging out with other guys. =(

i guess in that situation, ignorance is bliss!

so thanks to all those who participated in the survey! may we all have the successful blind date that ends up in bed on the 1st date AS we enjoy dating others! =)


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