Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the AE

Luke was staring blankly at the monitor. He had just finished scrolling through his FB and Twitter timelines. He noticed he had some notifications on Linkedin.

He hardly opens Linkedin. He's not looking for another job. He is not filling up any vacancies either. (Plus he's not sure how effective this platform is for recruitment) The few times he does is just to approve requests to be linked. Sure, he could use the network. But he had been getting spam in the inbox from real estate agents. That's what he gets for approving requests based on a cute profile pic. LOL

So here was another one. Cute pic. Cute half-smile. And he looked familiar. One of the guys at the gym, perhaps? He quickly added him to view more details. But this is Linkedin, so all he sees are cv-data. An ad agency account executive. At least the guy's not in real estate. Nor insurance. So he might not be selling anything. He added him up and closed the app. Just another 'contact'.

A few hours later, he saw an mailbox notification from Linkedin. Curious, he opened it and saw a message from "account executive from Makati".

"Hello. I hope you are having a good day."

He replied. "Hello there. Thanks. Hope you are, too."

And that started a message thread.

"Very busy but it's all good. You?"

He was surprised at how casual and 'friendly' this was going. Geesh. This is Linkedin, not Grindr or even Twitter. But that didn't stop him from responding.

"So-so. Not as stressed."

Then Luke got bolder. "You look familiar."

"Really? Did we date before?"

WTF?? Did he really mention 'date' in a professional social media network?

"No. Definitely not. I would remember if I had gone out with you."

"But where would we have met?"

"I think I see you at the gym. You go to Fitness?"

"Nope. Gold's here."

Huh? He swore he sees him at Fitness.

"Never been to Fitness?"

"I have, once or twice. As a guest. But I really work out at Gold's."

"Oh. Okay. I might have mistaken you for someone else. Sorry."

"No biggie."

"Ok. Have a good day."

"You, too."

And that ended that thread. Luke found it puzzling that this guy would immediately assume he was into guys, in Linkedin! He didn't even have much gay friends in that network. He found it actually quite audacious of him.

A few days later, he saw a new message from Sonny, AE from Makati.

"You know Stan? the copywriter?"

"Yeah. Why? Is he a mutual friend?"

"Yes. I think I may have known you through him. In one of the parties."

Luke thought hard. He never recalled meeting anybody remotely like Sonny in any of Stan's parties.

"I'd remember if I did. But maybe, we did. Are you still in touch with Stan?"

"No. We had some falling out."

"Oh okay. Sorry to hear that."

He was getting to think this was pointless until.

"Coffee sometime?"

This has got to be a first: using Linkedin to ask for a date.

"Sure." He still wanted to make it sound professional. "Let's talk about your career potential."

"Thanks. I need that." And Sonny gave his mobile number.

The exchanges over texts changed in character.

"Are you sure we haven't dated?" Sonny texted.

"Yes, I am. I would have remembered. Why?"

"You'd be the type I'd date."

"I'm flattered."

"Are you dating anyone?"

"Yes, actively dating. But not committed to anyone in particular."

"Not interested in relationships?"

"No. Not at the moment." Luke felt he needed to be upfront about this.

"Ok. That's cool."

"Are you looking for a relationship?"

"It's been a while."

"And is that the reason why you sent me that message over at Linkedin?"

"Was I the one who first sent a message? Wasn't that you?"

Luke became pissed. "Look, I don't send messages over at Linkedin. So it was you."

"LOL I'm just teasing. Yes. I thought I liked what I saw."

"You got some balls doing that in Linkedin, kiddo. That's a professional network."

"I know. I took a chance. Besides, I think I've seen you before. So I knew what I was getting into."

"Fine. But it was still one hell of a chance you took."

"Anyway, when do we have coffee?"

"Tuesday. I'll be in Makati. Name the Starbucks nearest your office."

So it was set. Admittedly, Luke was excited, of course, based on one profile pic in Linkedin. He figured that people would be less inclined to be 'photoshopped and filtered' on Linkedin, since it is used for business. So he was betting that the photo matched the real thing.

Luke was 10 minutes early for the date. No, the coffee chat. Luckily, he got a nice seat with a view of all those walking inside the shop. He was drinking his Americano when Sonny walked in. He knew right away. Yup, the photo matched the real thing. The only difference, Sonny was wearing glasses.

Yup, he liked what he saw. Sonny was tall and fair. Muscular even. He had that school boy look, with the glasses and the barong that was excitingly tight at the biceps. Yes, the kid's got the bod. He was wondering why he seemed to be having problems getting a boyfriend.

The initial conversation was light. It centered around work, their common friends, working out. Then, Luke asked "I don't get it why you are single. Choosy much?"

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Please do. It is."

"I just find it hard to look for a guy who'll fit the bill."

"So you are choosy."

"Shouldn't I or shouldn't one be?"

"Well, yeah."

"So what's your excuse for being single?"

"Been there. Not rushing into anything that will just turn either ugly or boring in the end."

"Whoa. So cynical."

Luke laughed. "Well, been through a lot. I just want to have fun."

Sonny suddenly looked away.

"Ok, we've had our coffee. We are obviously looking for two different thinks, Sonny. I guess this means goodbye."

Sonny looked at him. "I haven't been fucked in a while."

Luke suddenly sat up. "I can help with that!" Then he quickly followed it up "But only that, okay?"

"Ok." Sonny conceded. Horniness trumps romance. "When?"

"No time like now. I can take the half-day off."

Sonny paused a bit. "Fine. I'm still on client call. But I don't have a place."

"Follow me." Luke got up and started walking out. Sonny quickly followed.

"Wait up. Let me cover my tracks." And he made a few calls to fix his schedule.

They kept on walking till they got to the gym.

"Wait! That's the gym!" Sonny protested.

"Dead hour, kid. We got the place to ourselves."

"Are you sure?" He was getting nervous.

"Trust me."

Luke walked in and greeted the receptionist. "Need to use the bathroom. Emergency, you know?" He winks at her. "Something I ate. Can I bring him in? He wants to see the gym" He pointed to Sonny.

"Oh, but the sales guys are out. No one can entertain him."

"Don't worry about that. He'll just have a look around as I take care of business. I'll borrow towels, thank you."

Luke is obviously very at home at the gym, Sonny thinks to himself. But still, his heart was pounding like crazy.

They went straight to the locker room.

"Shouldn't I look around, like I am, you know, inquiring?" He asked.

"They wouldn't even notice you. Besides, this is not going to take long."

True enough, there was hardly any other people inside the gym and the locker area. Just a locker attendant and an elderly Caucasian dressing up.

"Let's stuff our clothes here." Luke opened a locker and quickly undressed. "Hurry."

Sonny undressed. Luke saw the nice, trim abs with the Adonis belt prominent. He wetted his lips.

"Follow me. Been here before?"

Sonny shook his head, tied his towel tight and followed.

They crossed the row of showers to get to the dark dry sauna room.

"Hey, are you sure about this?" Sonny was super nervous.

Luke entered the room without even answering. True enough, the room was also empty.

When Sonny's eyes got accustomed to the darkness, he saw Luke sitting on the bench, with the towel just draping over his thighs. "Sit here."

Sonny obeyed. Luke quickly unloosened Sonny's towel and proceeded to grope his crotch, all the while looking at the door and its glass window. He was surprised to feel Sonny's cock all hard so soon. Decent size, he thought. Then he started to jerk himself off.

Sonny was just stiff, in all ways, as Luke was holding both their cocks. Soon, he let go and gave in. He grabbed Luke's face to kiss him. Luke was surprised yet he still opened his lips, but never letting his gaze off the door. Then he pulled away. "Wait. The attendant."

Sonny sat up straight and looked at the window. They saw the attendant looking at the shower stalls before reaching the sauna room. He opened the door and peered inside.

"Hello Sirs. Is it hot enough?"

They hardly noticed the heat before. They only realized they were now profusely sweating. "Yeah, it's fine." The attendant closed the door and walked away.

Luke waited for a while before grabbing Sonny's hand and putting it on his cock. He was still hard. Sonny tried to pull away.

"Come on! He won't be coming back!"

Sonny began stroking the cock as Luke let go of a moan. Then he started pushing Sonny's head towards his dick. Sonny was trying to fight it but he couldn't resist the cock anyway. Yes, it's been a while.

Sonny awkwardly sucked on the meat. He gagged as Luke pushed his face down on the tool. Luke was obviously really into it. He let go of the head and started probing down Sonny's ass. His fingers found the butt hole and was massaging it hard.

He then pulled Sonny away from his cock and stood up. "Stay here. I'll come back." He left as suddenly. Sonny saw him walk towards the locker area. After a minute, he saw him again on the aisle. He signaled from the outside for Sonny to come out and join him inside one of the shower stalls.

Sonny emerged and slowly walked to the cubicle. They were still the only people inside. He heard the shower turn on at the only stall with the curtain drawn. "Luke?" He whispered.

Luke opened the curtain and pulled him in. Then he pushed him to the wall and started kissing him wildly. He embraced him tightly. And his hand squeezed and spanked his butt. Then he turned him around and positioned to fuck him.

"Wait. Rubber!" pleaded Sonny. "Don't worry. I got it." Luke fumbled with the sachet, having a hard time tearing it open. "Hurry"

Finally, he put the rubber on and squeezed some body wash over his cock. He lowered Sonny's hips to get the entry right. "Slowly!" Sonny whispered. But Luke quickly pushed his cock in.

"Fuck!" Sonny shouted. "Easy!"

"Shhh! Shut up!" Luke whispered in his ear.

"You want this, right?"

"Yes." Luke started pumping. Sonny bit his lip to keep from shouting. It was getting painful. Body wash was washing off too quickly. "Please hurry." He didn't bother to jerk off. He was limp. He just wanted Luke to finish off.

With a few more thrusts, Luke finally came. And he withdrew his cock and pulled the condom off.

Then they heard the shout. "Hey! You can't do that here!"

It was the attendant, who was suddenly trying to pry open the curtains. Luke struggled to prevent him from drawing it. "Ok. Ok. Just shut up." He looked at Sonny. He was pale and horrified. He motioned for him to stay put. Luke put on the towel and stepped out of the shower and closed the curtain after him.

"That can get you expelled, Sir!" The attendant was still there. He didn't seem angry.

Luke pulled him towards the locker. "Look, what do you want? Just keep quiet, ok, boss?"

The attendant shook his head. "You shouldn't be doing that here, Sir."

"I know, I know." Luke got to the locker and pulled out some cash, a P500 bill. "Here, just keep quiet, please."

The attendant looked at the money. "I don't need that, Sir. Just don't do that here. Tell your friend to get dressed, Sir." Luke looked behind and saw that Sonny was already behind him.

Sonny kept on muttering. "Are we going to be apprehended?"

"Shut up and just dress up. I'm taking care of this."

Sonny nodded and quickly dressed up. Luke turned his attention to the attendant. "Take this, please. Or you want more?"

"No Sir." The attendant walked away just as Sonny was already dressed
Without saying a word, he left Luke in the locker. Still in his towel, Luke sat down on the bench alone. His pulse was still racing. He suddenly felt weak and tired. He checked on the attendant. He was still there, but now busy with mopping the floor. It looked like he was not going to tell on him.

He dressed up. He looked at his cellphone for messages from Sonny. None. He walked up to the attendant. "Thank you."

The attendant nodded without looking at him. He walked out to the gym area and left the gym. He looked at his cellphone again. Still no message from Sonny. He didn't bother to send him one either. This encounter is best left as is. A close call. Too close. He just got lucky with the attendant this time. Is this his punishment for turning Linkedin into Grindr?

He heaved a final sigh and walked to his car.

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SilverwingX said...

I never tried doing it in the shower cubicles of that gym though I tried it in the Sauna. I visited their gym recently and I didn't like the upgrade.

SilverwingX said...

I never tried doing it in the shower cubicles of that gym though I tried it in the Sauna. I visited their gym recently and I didn't like the upgrade.