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Re-post: Dating and the Single PLU Survey Results (2008)

Exactly six years ago, I posted results of a survey I conducted among raiders. It was relevant to me then because I was still single. I discovered this again when just yesterday, a comment came in related to that 2008 post. And when I re-read the post, it happily coincided with April Fools' Day.

So I put it up again. And wonder whether the survey results remain relevant.

Question 1: Blind Dates

92% are open to blind dates though quite a few have not experienced it at all.

It seems that not many of us have been on blind dates. by definition from Wiki Weyes:

A blind date is a date where the people involved have not met each other previously. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends or by a dating system.
Blind dates are becoming more commonplace following the rise of the Internet, when people who have met in chatrooms, Instant Messaging or forums finally agree to meet in person. Afterwards, they go to a place where they can have time to talk and get to know one another.

i find it odd that the second paragraph seemingly negates the first one (people involved have not met each other previously). i guess online meeting is not considered as 'having met previously'.)

i believe the common definition of blind dating, being set up by mutual friends, is not very common among PLU's. although by experience, i used to get asked by single PLU-friends to set them up with other single PLUs i know. (that was when i was still 'coupled'). but i didnt really set an actual 'date'. i merely forwarded numbers and just let them do the setting up. would you call this a blind date?

now that i'm single, i'm tempted to do the same to friends - 'uy hanap niyo ako date'. but i remember my own feelings about being 'pressured' do to so. so i wont be pressuring any of you to set me up.

but there is something intrinsically 'exciting' about blind dating (even if he does read braille!) and i think that is what the survey reveals. the eternally optimistic PLU hopes that that blind date will be THE ONE. (or i quote Gibbs: the Effing One). i believe this will change once we get to experience first-hand the date from hell, as so many straight people picture it out to be.

Question 2: Sex on the 1st Date

83% are very open to having sex on the first date, for some, it has already happened
25% would like to delay this though it doesnt always happen.

I must admit that for a moment (not a while, hehehe), i thought this would be a no-brainer. I mean, a PLU refusing to have sex just because its a first date?!? as the survey shows, there are PLU's who would consciously delay gratification sexually because its a first date.

it hasnt been happening to me as much lately. though not because i dont want to, only because i would like to do it comfortably in my own place, not in some hotel or motel room. i have definitely gone out with some hot guys out there i would have gone to bed with right on the first date, had circumstances allowed.

i dont believe much in delayed gratification (this is a Charlotte York way of thinking). nothing changes for me, whether we had sex on the 1st or the 30th date.

Question 3: Multiple Dates

83% are amenable to dating different guys at the same time as long as it remains non-committal

so a lot of PLU's do date different guys at the same time. this brings a smile to cc's face.

i must admit that i was facing some kind of dilemma. after 7 years of being officially off the dating scene (officially, legally, technically, etc.), i'm glad to be back in the 'mercado' in a splenda (i.e. guilt-free) way! and im in no hurry to get involved (magagalit si aura reader!).

but i didnt know whether i should be doing 'serial dating' or 'parallel' multiple dating. dating just one person at a time might raise expectations. at the same time, i dont know how PLU's would react if they find out the guy they are dating is also dating some other people.

but my sense, based on the survey, is that PLU's are a lot more 'relaxed' now in their attitude towards dating. and expressing interest in multiple dating means accepting that they could also be among the date choices of another PLU.

of course, accepting this as a consequence does not take away that 'kurot' in the heart (and the loins) when i will realize that one of the guys i like going out with also likes hanging out with other guys. =(

i guess in that situation, ignorance is bliss!

so thanks to all those who participated in the survey! may we all have the successful blind date that ends up in bed on the 1st date AS we enjoy dating others! =)


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Simon said...

So when is the next survey? I sure would like to participate and make history haha :)

aliping_sagigilid said...

Nice, Corporate Closet!