Thursday, April 24, 2014

From Hotel to Hospital

Just when I was getting really into the regimen - the diet, the running, the daily abs workout for 2 months, I get sick. Really sick.

I had a nice Holy Week staycation. Checked-in at Solaire and got a room with a fantastic view of the bay. The weather cooperated to give me two wonderful sunsets, Good Friday and Black Saturday.

The drawback was checking-in. Solaire's staycation promo attracted so many locals. It took me till 5pm to finally get a room. Thankfully, the Front Desk Officer offered me free massage at their spa while waiting. So that eased the inconvenience a bit.

I didn't want to travel by land, air or sea for Holy Week. I knew terminals and highways would be clogged. I just wanted some alone time with my sunset, my book and my wine.

I finished "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Greene. Yes, it is depressing in one way. But I also found it redeeming. Love is love, no matter how much or how little time you have. I am looking forward to the movie adaptation, though based on the trailer, the guy doesn't seem to be as hot as the book makes him out to be.

I got to swim a bit, before the kids and their nannies started coming. Then I got to do my run from Solaire to the Manila Film Center and back. That was at 430pm so it was just HOT and HUMID. I barely made it back. But the scenery was just worth it.

Then I settled in front of the huge windows and just watched the sun set. I had my fave piano music playing, and of course, my bottle of cabernet. I was just transfixed until dusk finally settled all around.

Easter Sunday was spent with c3 (partner) and family. I ate pan-seared tuna for lunch. And until late Sunday night, I was still fine.

When I was all alone, trying to get some sleep that night, I started to feel the indigestion. My stomach kept grumbling. Then I was having heartburn. I barely slept.

Monday morning I was already feeling weak and feverish. I dragged my body to work. But after just an hour in the office, I gave up. I went home to rest. My stomach was still having a mix of grumbling, acid, spasm. And I was constipated and bloated. I couldn't eat at all. All appetite just left. I became weaker.

Tuesday morning became diarrhea day. I knew I had to consult a doctor already. What was supposedly just an outpatient visit became hospital confinement. I was stuck with IV to quickly rehydrate me. I stayed there overnight. I was discharged midday Wednesday, when the doctor felt I was strong enough. She blamed the tuna ("It's always the seafood.") for this 'gastroenteritis' that I experienced.

I am still not 100%. I think my stomach is still irritable. Bowel movement is not normal yet. But at least I am out of the hospital, and off that IV. That just hampered everything.

So after all that 'healthy and fit lifestyle', I feel I am back to square one. I was hoping that bout would have trimmed some flab but no! Sigh. It's still there. I lost muscle mass. And that made me look thin and frail.

The aging body.

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JapaneseAdobo said...

get well 100% very soon CC. :-)