Monday, February 6, 2012

Hectic Sunday

This first Sunday of February was quite hectic. On top of the monthly lectors' meeting, and my Sunday run and massage, I was meeting up with two friends, one for lunch and another for dinner. Both of them are new friends, having met them in the last two to three years. 

One is Pinoy, whom I met through blogging. The other is from Taipei, referred to me by a mutual friend when I visited a couple of years back. 

I'm honored that they continue to keep in touch with me though sparingly, because of everybody's busy lives. And I am guilty as well. 

But when they do want to meet up to keep each other up to speed, I prioritize those meetings. Because they are genuinely nice people. And they are both eye candy, too. LOL. 

So much has transpired in their lives. New work, new jobs. And their circumstances have improved much. Im proud to call them my friends. 

As hectic as the day might have been, I retire to bed tonight happy. I love renewing bonds of friendship. 

I say a little prayer for both of them: Grant them a safe flight going back to their homes. Continue to enlighten them and enrich their lives with love, peacw and happiness. 

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Anonymous said...

60% loading :D

closet case said...

i think 80% now since that time :P