Thursday, January 26, 2012

cc review: Next Fall

I only learned about this play from an FB status update by Miggs. It led me to his blog and got me curious with that photo of two male leads in a romantic pose.

Then, photogenic photographer-friend told me about it. He was wondering where I was. He was expecting me to be there. He thought i would love such plays, intellectual churva. haha

Some bells started ringing when I was told it was a Rep play. I had this idea that Rep was a tad elitist. English language plays or musicals. Played by mestizos and over-staying Caucasians. And true-blue Filipinos whom I felt looked awkward mouthing American or British scripts. I couldn't do 'suspension of disbelief'.

So Saturday afternoon, pc and I caught the matinee over at Greenbelt 1. I like watching matinees. It makes me feel I could enjoy the play and still have the whole night available. :-)

When the light piano background started playing, and the light focused on the sparse stage, i was carried into a different world, the small, tight world of Luke and Adam.

Certain issues resonated with me. But its not the religion thingie. The religion gap is something I always knew was real. Which was why I wanted to have a lover who believed in the same things I did. I found myself smiling at Luke's 'still in the closet' family. The father's homophobic stance was real and authentic.

No, I will not tell you the story. I can only tell you the following things about "Next Fall":

1. I loved it. The script was so well-written. Typical gay wit, funny and cutting. Yet with enough drama and reality.
2. I adored Adam, played by Bart Guingona. I realized that I didn't have to 'suspend my disbelief'. Adam could just as well be of Filipino descent. And the lines he delivered were the best. But also so consistent with his charact er.
3. I enjoyed the entire cast. The characters provided balance and contrast, and tension. (though some could have played better. hihihi)

4. I liked the stage, especially that pull-out apartment foyer. And the window scene with the Chrysler building.
5. I urge you all to watch it. It is not everyday that a serious play revolving around a gay couple is shown here in Manila. If only for that, this should be a must-see. But beyond that, it is a well-written, well-directed, well-acted play. And that's the real reason why this is a must-see.

And yes, I've dropped all my misconceptions about Rep. :-)

pictures courtesy of Jory Rivera Photography.

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Victor Saudad said...

I'd like to see this play... hm.

Anonymous said...

a must-watch play. true, it's rare to have 'gay' plays in the mainstream theater. i also loved the pull-out foyer. cute. and i loved david bianco's legs. LOL!

cc, thanks for watching. i knew that you will love Next Fall.

victor, get tickets at ticketworld.


jetlander said...

Hi CC! my partner and I are scheduled to watch this play this weekend ;)

Justin C. said...

meron pa ba nito sa GB?

jetlander said...

@Justin C until Sunday pa siya

closet case said...

i hope all of you were able to watch and enjoy it!