Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a quickie: insecurities

young friend asks: you still have insecurities, at your age? that's an awfully long while to be carrying it around.di ka ba napapagod? i mean, don't you want to do something about that?

my reply: ok, here's a preview of your life 20 years from now

the insecurities. they dont go away. they remain there for a reason. they are there to keep me grounded. i am humbled by them. and they keep me aspiring.

but the big difference? how i react to them now. i hardly think about them. im reminded of them when im quite selfish or 'attached' to the physical. but i dont dwell on them. i acknowledge and embrace them as my own. but they don't possess me anymore.

it's a big difference for me.

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joelmcvie said...

Love the answer! Puwedeng-puwede ka na nga isalang sa Q&A portion ng Miss U, teh. Gow, gow, gow!

Nhil said...

Right. You'll never really get rid of them but will (or should) eventually learn how to deal with them. (if that even makes sense.)