Sunday, January 1, 2012

first post, 2012

im glad 2011 is over. one of my worst years, professionally. and when i reread that 2011 feng shui book, it actually mentioned that 2011 was going to be a major challenge. i would be worker so much harder than before. but i shouldnt lose heart.

and i didnt. i kept at it. trying to tap into a well of inspiration and drive somewhere deep within. i thought it wasnt there. but it was. and with that i had developed the steely resolve to do a hell of a lot better. yes. they can count 2011 as their yearl. yes. we are downl. but we are not out. far from it. (im practicing my first day of work speech, hehehe)

on a personal note,however, i did pretty well. two major things i have accomplished: to lose enough flab to actually see some abs. and to have started voice lessons. two projects that seemed to have been in the list forever. finally done and written off (well not exactly written off. im still at it.) coincidentally, for both projects, i slackened this december. i havent devoted enough time to practicing singing. and i have not been watching my eating during the holidays. but i wouldnt call them major fail either. i just need to bring both back starting today.

2011 was also good for travel. visited cities i have never see before: seoul, jakarta, bali, capetown, toronto. again, more cities to be 'written off' lol. but the downside, my worst case of insomnia ever. nights of totally no sleep and going to the office as walking dead. ugh. that was bad.

and on a health note, having done that executive check up again despite the schedule problems. done. after six years. but that will be done annually from now on.

finally, projects at the home decor area also accomplished. my attic is full of shelves now. even got the rug there finally. well some other loose ends but i got time for it.

some things i do want to get back doing. reading the daily scriptures. yeah. i used to do that everyday, every morning. should do that again. back to the sensible eating plan. ah yes, ive mentioned that. and getting that electric train set up permanently for tatay.

happy new year, raiders!

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JP said...

Happy New Year, CC!