Saturday, December 31, 2011

ny emos

you can read how the timelines and shoutouts are filling up with some emo lines.  it's year-in-review time.  your 2011 life flashing back at you.  the significant events light up in memory.  some are triumphant.  some are shining moments.  but some painful ones also come to the fore.  life-changing even, for some.  

why can't this be just another day?

because we need to review life from time to time.  we need to stop some time and take stock.  review, analyze, relive.  learn from then move on.  it can't be all just moving forward, even if time since to just have one direction.  our minds and souls move in all ways.  

so new year, birthdays are posts in the highway of life that show us where we are, where we have been.  how far we have come.  how far we have yet to go.  

and even if this seems trivial or perfunctory for others, i believe it serves a purpose.  so we use this time wisely and reflect.  

a happy new year happens when we can look back and say, i've had a good year.


Orange Wit said...

happy new year, CC! :)

charles. said...

One of my best years.
Haffy new year po! :]

Rygel said...

happy new year cc

the green breaker said...

truly. happy new year, kuya cc! :)