Friday, December 2, 2011

insomnia face-to-face

i stared at insomnia face-to-face
it was a staredown
first to blink wins, conversely.
im still up. i couldnt even blink. i lost.

at first, i tried. i really tried. it was classic tossing and turning. worse is that i had irritating itchy throat that made me cough.

then i turned to tweeting. at first, sporadically, in between trying to catch sleep.

next it was warm milk and reading murakami. but i got bored soon. and hungry. so i devoured my left-over sandwich from pancake house.

i tried to schedule a massage at 330am. but therapist would be arriving by 430am. too late, i thought.

i went back to tweeting the few souls still awake at that time. thanks, @ronanmuch, for replying. thank God for night owls.

its past 4am. i drifted to fantasizing. to get my libido up so i could do a decent jerk off.

my favorite fantasy: office sex. a guy in a suit. a closed-door business meeting. turned hot with one look.

no words spoken. nothing passes except oohs and ahhhs. we whip our cocks out from our suits. standing face to face we stroke our cocks. the atmosphere becomes hotter. we loosen our ties. but we still have our coats on.

our pants fall to our ankles as we approach each other, stroking each others cock. he goes down on me. i part my shirt, my tie so it wouldnt bother him as he gives me one fucking hot blowjob.

my turn. i make the desk clear with one sweep of my arm and make him lie there. i suck his cock eagerly, hungrily. and watch him close his eyes and moan.

i wet my finger and put it up his tight ass. i flip him over and look at his nice smooth butt. i slap it and he groans. i open the cheeks wide as i insert my tongue. i smell his manscent. and it turns me on. i keep on licking that hole clean. and his balls. the hair tickles.

i insert one finger. he protests. in vain. i keep on pushing one, then two fingers inside. he groans. i feel his asshole tighten and loosen, alternately, uncontrollably.

im rock hard as i shove my cock inside him. he stifles his moan with his tie. i pound him, drive my cock into him, grabbing his shoulders, pulling his head, biting his ear.

i flip him over. and continue fucking him. i see his large engorged cock, oozing with precum. he is delirious as he holds his legs high up. i get turned on with his shoes and socks floating in the air. i ram it to him. give him all i got. until i come inside. i just keep coming. so much come i pump into him. and i see him furiously jerking off, coming, crying, cursing.

all over his undershit, his cum squirts. i pull out my still-hard cock. and remove the rubber, with so much cum inside.

i looked at the clock on my mobile. 5am. with my saved-up cum on my torso. in 30 mins, my alarm would go off to start my friday. sleeping now won't even help. shit. im not even sleepy.

still no blinking. i dont know how long i will last.


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

kapagod ang gabi mo! ahahahaha. walang tulog at umaksyon ka pa! haggard. hope you get some rest tonight!

closetjj said...

ay, may naalala akez: (NSFW)

joelmcvie said...

Insomnia equals Xerex Xaviera ka pala, hahaha!

JohnM said...

Susme! Oo nga pang Menatplay ang eksena. LOL

Orange said...

i also want that - office sex sounds fun. :)