Tuesday, November 29, 2011

what's there for me to visit in the Philippines

ive been asked this a couple of times from foreigners who don't know as much about the country. and unfortunately, there are still a lot of those. but the question is framed with a seeming intent to visit. so i appreciate the earnestness. so dear raider, if a foreigner, an afam, casually asks you this question, what will you answer?


Pika said...

CWC! Best wakeboarding site!

Anonymous said...

of course...ano pa ba?ang eight wonder of the world!

eh di ako..hehe:D


charles. said...

'Cos Philippines has me. Ganun lang! :p
I'll be waiting for others' answers. I can't think of any.

closetjj said...

because the philippines is the center of marine biodiversity in the world. AWARD!

Lol, but seriously, it's true. In fact they say the Philippines has more diversity on land and sea than any other place on earth. AWARD ulit! What does that mean? We've got the best diving sites here!

Our unique culture too. Our neighbors are either predominantly Buddhists or Muslims so foreigners get to experience a different side of Asia.

Gora na teh, promote na! Seriously, madami nagsasabi na underrated daw ang Pinas...

Orange said...

The Philippines has the most fun loving people in the world. Despite of all the tragedies and problems, we still know how to smile. :)

Ghost said...

"You cannot be told what to see in the Philippines, you must see it for yourself" ;)

ian said...

really depends on what the visitor is into. whenever we have exchange students coming over, usual places/activities we recommend they experience are:
1- crash course on Philippine history thru Carlos Celdran's walking tour of intramuros
2- Ayala Museum visit
3- Boracay
4- Sagada and/or Banaue rice terraces
5- Riding a jeepney
6- Eating balut
7- Tagaytay
8- Mall hopping
9- Manila Bay sunset
10- seafood buffet

a bit tourist-y, yes, but we've no complaints so far.

kiddydoc67 said...


kiddydoc67 said...


jose said...

i follow a certain blogger. his trips and adventures. and i try to go and do the same :)