Thursday, November 17, 2011

cc on c3

ang dami ko ng utang sa mga raiders. ipagpaumanhin. let me attempt to comment on the thoughtful comments on previous blogposts.

victim mode
@ethan h you are right. we both crossed the line. i allowed it to happen. i didnt think of the consequences.

with csw's
@rygel that's pretty unusual, prepaid sex. :-) but i guess it makes it feel less transactional

interview with a vamp
@august whatever happened to the report?
@anonymous i don't know about the growing old with wisdom part. i still make so many stupid mistakes.

midnight snack
@ortigaswanderer im just about to start s02. i really thought it was HBO. hihihi

shifting tastes
haha, my sexplicit post
@ronron sorry na
@closetjj LOL
@carlos keep it hard!
@victor nice!

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ethan h said...

Thanks for acknowledging my comment, and admitting your mistake. Hindsight helps but when in the moment, one can really forget about propriety.