Sunday, October 9, 2011

shifting tastes

i knew i was gay when i desperately wanted to suck cock. must have been high school when i truly became uber-conscious of the cock. compelled even.

giving head was the ultimate for me. to be able to feel the stiffness, the silkiness inside my mouth. to taste the veins of an engorged penis. to let my tongue play with the head, the helmet. and consequently, i developed preference for size and even for color, the pinkish hue of caucasian dick, due to availability of white porn.

and as i became sexually active, i was finally able to indulge in the delights of giving head. and i also began to enjoy receiving it as much. 69 became a favorite number. the sensation from both ends was just exquisite. and even as i have tried the top and bottom of it, oral sex was still tops for me. (huh?)

being able to see cock became a preoccupation for me. the side glances at urinals. the locker rooms and wet floors. even the outline on a tight-fitting pair of jeans was enough to send my pulse racing. i could and would imagine how it would feel to go down on some particularly nice piece of meat.

lately, i noticed that the pull of cock is less on me. id still look, if given the opportunity, if it is worth a glance. but that oral compulsion has died down considerably. what i do notice though, is that i have been looking at butts more often. my eyes are just drawn immediately to nice big mounds of assflesh. which is unusual for somone who is not into anal sex, much. it is just such a big turn on to see and feel a smooth bubble butt.

my sexual fantasies have shifted. i actually dont have as much. but when i do, it will be about receiving good head. i can't help but remember the times i had a great blowjob. it is not so much the actual skill of blowing but the circumstances that just leave me so horny. some of them happened in good old fitness steam rooms and saunas. there was this is one guy rabbed my cock from underneath my towel, as i was seated on the 2nd level bench. and as he tstroked me to full erection, he gently started sucking. with eyes closed. enjoying my meat. another time was at the sauna of a spa. he knelt down in front of me and refused to let go of my dick even as i was about to come. he swallowed each and every drop. (im getting a hard on just writing about it.)

so that's where my interests lie these days. i wonder where they would be in a few months or years.

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RoNRoNTuRoN said...

na escandalo ako habang nagbabasa. chos! ahahaha. :D

closetjj said...

naku huh, nag-water ang aking pukelya sa post na to! hihihi...

Carlos Corpuz said...

a hard on as u were writing.. a hard on while we are reading. lol

Victor Saudad said...

I like tush-to-mush.