Monday, October 24, 2011

cc archives: Doo wah doo wah… the boy from new york city March 27, 2007

that's an 80's tune by the Manhattan Transfer! i'm starting my trip down memory lane with this boy (actually gel siya) from new york. i still get kilig reminiscing how we met...

picture this... one warm afternoon during the holidays... i decided to do some work and some surfing in one of the cafes along Morato. i brought my ehem new macbook ehem to the place and started surfing (free wifi raw). i had difficulty trying to access the network using the mac o/s. so i switched to windows and i had no problem.

in comes a really, really good looking chap, in jeans, knitted short-sleeve shirt with collar, rubber shoes. he looked so neat and mabango! and really good looking (did i mention that na?). sat near my table on the ground floor of the coffee shop. took out his mac and started working. i thought this would be my lucky day. it was just him and me there. KASO, he changed his mind and went to the 2nd floor. hmmp. tough luck.

after a few minutes, came down stairs looking at me. and asked me how i was able to connect. asus, i was getting tongue tied trying to explain how. he came closer to figure out what i was doing. mabango nga! eventually sat down beside me, tried to do some hammering on the keys... to no avail. he thanked me and went back up. INIS. i forgot to mention that he had a nice American accent, tunay po.

managed to forget about him and work for an hour where i was. after i was done, i packed my things and went to the 2nd floor to use the rest rooms. okay, okay, i really didnt HAVE to use the rest rooms BUT i felt i wanted to check up on him (the good neighbor that i am).

and he looked at me as I was coming up the stairs. I smiled and asked him whether he was able to connect. and he smiled and said he was fine. thanked me for asking. i went to the loo, came out and he was still there, typing away. across him was the water jug. i drank so many glasses, trying to see if i could muster enough courage to talk to him. i caught him looking at me from time to time. And finally, he opened up the conversation. HAY SALAMAT. i must have looked like i was already drowning he had to save me.

sat beside him and did some chit-chat. he's pinoy but based in new york, having been in the U.S. since he was 10. he was vacationing here because his sister got married recently. he was working out where i was working out. and that was where he was going after.

he asked me how far my place was... twice. and when i told him it was like 10mins away, he suggested that we go to my place. just like that. so upfront! so exciting!

brought him to my place and yes, got to know him in the biblical sense. that was so great! he looked great (did i mention that previously?) , he had a great fit body and wore no underwear (hihihi). he was intelligent and successful in new york (i confirmed that eventually).

felt like i was in a romantic movie, my version of 'falling in love' (meryl and robert de niro). for them it was a book store, mine was a coffee shop with the technological accessories!

we saw each other one more time before he left for the U.S. told me i could always stay with him in NY. we managed to exchange a few emails but lately, almost no communication.

which may be better in the long run because this one is JOWA material. and Lord knows i don't need one right now...


Anonymous said...

harharhar...was this really an old post? How come I can't recall this? Nakakatuwa at nakakatawa. Maybe you should bookmark your favorite entries. It would be fun to read again your personal best.


closetjj said...

i really admire guys who can make the first move. but i would have to learn how to do it eventually. para ma-experience ko din yung ganung thrill, hihihi...